Waiting for Willa

Waiting for Willa

by Kristen Proby

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Waiting for Willa

From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes the newest installment in her beloved Big Sky Series...

Max Hull left Cunningham Falls a long time ago. Thanks to his killer instincts and business smarts, he's come back to town richer than anyone's wildest imagination. Now he's closer to his family, living in his dream home, and at the top of his career—it sure looks like he has it all.

All but one thing. And she's not interested.

Willa Monroe and Max were childhood sweethearts. She daydreamed about their wedding day and named their children, but Max's dreams were bigger than her. After high school, he left her behind without another word. Now, Willa is a single mother and a successful business owner, and the heartbreak of losing Max was a very long time ago.

She's moved on.

But when he walks into her shop and back into her life, suddenly it feels like no time has passed at all. He's as handsome as ever, and more charming than she remembered. Once he makes friends with her son and turns his attention on her, how long will she be able to resist him?

And does she really want to? Sometimes you do get a second chance at first love.

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BN ID: 2940161638002
Publisher: Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Series: Love Under the Big Sky Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,528
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About the Author

Kristen Proby is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the self-published With Me in Seattle series. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Waiting for Willa 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Awww, what a wonderful feel good story! The characters are relatable, the problems realistic and the joys & trials of family life right on point. The tricky subject of taking a chance on love together after a tragic loss (her husband/his best friend) while honoring the memory of the loved one was handled beautifully. Full of heart, emotion & more than one misty-eyed moment, this second chance romance may just be my favorite Big Sky book!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
On man, Proby does it again. Loved everything about this book. Willa was an amazingly strong character. Alex was the best, so funny. But Max was simply the best.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
BBBGirlsBlog 9 months ago
Ah, back to Montana for Willa. I just love the way Kristen writes and this book is no exception. Willa lost her husband while pregnant with their son and has stayed single for eight years. Her first love, and best friend to her husband comes back to Cunningham Falls after becoming very successful. This book was just a feel good book, I just love how Kristen was able to make you feel what happened to Willa and how she can overcome her fears to move on and let her heart love again. Reviewed by: Paige R.
dnd517 9 months ago
For me, Waiting for Willa was a book I absolutely could not wait for. It is about rekindled love between two high school sweethearts. We are first introduced to Max in the very swoon worthy book Falling For Jillian and for some reason he always stuck with me. Now Max finally gets his girl. Max and Willa are high school sweethearts who decide on different paths in life. Max leaves the tiny town of Cunningham Falls and Willa decides to stay. Max goes on to build a substantial fortune and Willa marries Cary, Max's best friend in high school. On a trip home to visit friends and family, Max and Cary go skiing where Cary is involved in an accident and dies leaving behind his 22 year old pregnant wife. Fast forward 9 years when Max has decided to move back to Cunningham Falls to be closer to his family. He and Willa start spending time together and things grow from there. How will Willa's son react? Can Willa get over her thoughts that Max is responsible for Cary's death? Can Max? Like all of Kristen's books, Waiting for Willa is a book you just can't wait to sink into while wrapping yourself in a blanket and drinking a cup of tea. It is relatively low conflict and an easy read. It also provides mention of beloved characters from other books, providing the awesome benefit of catching up with their lives.
queenzany 9 months ago
Kristen Proby is one of the few writers that I consider one click for purchasing. Just like withWaiting for Willa! Which .is a passionate, full of depth, soul and overflowing with such love storyline. That instantly falls into steps with Kristen Proby writing style. Wrapping you in the cocoon of love, heart, and. All while the emotional undertones are piercing me, with every word radiating off like they have their own radio frequency to slice you and embed into your thoughts. Raining in you till you don’t want to leave this storytelling word ever again!!! Seriously can I live just live in Waiting for Willa! Which? I don't care if I broke down a little I just need some more time with Max and Willa.
JWright57 9 months ago
Book 3 in the Big Sky Series and this is the book I have been waiting for, I have wanted a bit more from Max from the first time I met him back in book 1 and Kristen Proby did not disappoint this book was everything I expected and more. Max and Willa have history and the relationship that stated back in high school was always complicated what started as sweethearts turned into enemies and now years later they are both in their hometown. Max may have been her first love but he broke her heart when he left her behind and headed off to college and by the time he was ready to come back for her she had moved on or had she ....... eight years on it’s time to try and out the past behind them and at least become friends. A sweet emotional love story with a couple you can’t help loving and throughout this story I found myself wishing and hoping Willa and Max got the HEA they so deserved. This book is about second changes, forgiveness and fate, it’s certainly an emotional read but it’s a story that captivated me and once I started I couldn’t put it down so my advice is make sure you have time to finish what you start with this must read romance. I love this series and I love this authors style, her characters feel like friends and her small towns feel like home so once again another great read from this very talented author. I would like to say that this book can be read as a stand-alone but I feel you would get so much more from it if you have read the previous books.
bbarneybooks28 9 months ago
As soon as Kristen Proby introduced her readers to Max Hull and Willa Monroe, I wanted to know everything about their lives, and I needed to understand what happened to turn these childhood sweethearts into enemies. It’s clear that these two characters share a long history, but without their perspectives, the only thing I could ascertain is that whatever occurred to send them in opposite directions was something that redefined their lives, fracturing any connection they once shared, and ultimately destroying any chance these two had at rebuilding a love that was lost when Max left Cunningham Falls to pursue his dreams. In Waiting for Willa, Proby finally tells Max and Willa’s story - their past, their present, and hopefully, their future. As soon as readers are made aware of what went down between them at two extremely pivotal times in their lives, everything becomes clear…all the pieces come together to illustrate why Willa is a single mom of an 8 year old and why Max has kept his distance from not only Willa but his hometown as well - the place where his family lives and their roots are planted. I can’t imagine the depth of Willa’s pain and grief due to a series of events that she had no control over. But somehow, she persevered, and she’s finally at a place to forgive and move forward, despite how difficult it has been for her. Proby does a fantastic job of illustrating who Willa is at her core and how deeply she loves and how willingly she sacrifices for those who mean everything to her. I understand her hesitancy when Max comes back to Cunningham Falls; stirring up the past causes overwhelming emotions, but it’s more than clear as Willa and Max spend more and more time together, just how close these two once were and how strong their feelings were for each other. They have a ease with each other…a bond that was built on a foundation of love and commitment and while there a fair amount of cracks in that foundation, the chasms could be repaired, at the right time and with the right amount of patience and hope. It’s amazing all that Max has accomplished at his age; he’s extremely intelligent and hard working, which are two qualities that will not only allow him to continue to grow professionally but will also give him a second chance to make things right with the love of his life, the one girl who got away - Willa. I loved so many things about this story - the camaraderie among previous main characters and Willa and Max; the insight into past heroes and heroines’ happily-right-nows; Willa and Max’s backstory; Max’s relationship with Willa’s son, Alex. All plot lines that occur in Waiting for Willa merge together so flawlessly and create such a vivid and complex tale that is romantic, emotional, and heartfelt. Because Proby constructs multifaceted characters and provides a comprehensive and concrete look into their lives, nothing feels up in the air at the end because all of the loose ends have been explored and brought full circle. Kristen Proby’s Big Sky’s series has all of the qualities that I’ve come to love about contemporary romance, and because Cunningham Falls is a small community, it’s so easy to feel like a part of their family, hoping each and every one of them find the love and hope they need. 4.5 Poison Apples
mamalovestoread22 9 months ago
When their days in high school came to an end Willa Monroe thought her and her high school sweetheart Max Hull were going to get their happily ever after underway, but Max did the unthinkable and walked away. He wanted something that didn't involve sticking around Cunningham Falls, he had big plans for himself, and he thought Willa would follow him. But her idea of "what's next", was completely different and it wound up costing him everything. In one fall swoop he lost his girl and a big portion of the future he had in mind. So he left, headed to college, and hoped she would change her mind about things, and she did, just not the way he thought. She wound up moving on, and started a different future for herself altogether, and that stung more than a little. Losing her has haunted him for years now, and he'd give anything for a second shot. Little does he know his second chance at love is about to come knocking... Waiting for Willa is a heart-wrenching tale of forgiveness, second chances, and learning to let go of old wounds. When a wedding brings these two back into each others lives, it's obvious that the love they once shared is still there lingering in the shadows, all they have to do is find the courage to let it back in. But that proves to be a little harder than anticipated because they both have past wounds to deal with and it holds them back a little, but once they start to deal with that it becomes evident their love and attraction is very much still alive!! This wonderfully crafted tale had me flying through the pages until the wee hours of the morning, once I met these characters I just could not let them go, I had to know what was in store for them! I highly recommend you get your hands on this one, Ms. Proby's beautiful words will penetrate your heart and leave it forever moved! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
dms2115 9 months ago
Waiting on Willa by Kristen Proby is 5 star Top Pick of 2019...... Yes I am staying that in February... but I loved, love this one. It is a true is a MUST CLICK... Ms Proby delivers pure romance and passion and deep emotions and well just WOW all the way around I am going to write this review revealing NOTHING more than the blurb because TRUST me... you are going to want to live this story as Ms Proby masterfully tells it! I will say this book is likely best appreciated after reading Charming Hannah and Kissing Jenna because there is some great tension between Max and Willa that has the reader WANTING more about them and their past (oh because yes this is a second chance romance) There is a history between Max and Willa we know NOTHING of the how or why other than they dated prior. Max isn't so much more than a self-made wealthy man ...... this is NOT a book about a millionaire swooping into save the day or wooing a woman with his money. This is a man opening his heart to single mom who is a small business owner. His gestures are about making her life easier and ensuring she knows he wants to be apart of the life her and Alex (her son) have made for themselves in Cunningham Falls. Ms. Proby THANK YOU for writing adults who behave like adults no childish games no unnecessary drama. This is a story about two people (ok well maybe three since Alex Willa's son is as it should be an integral part of this story) make LOVE work! Waiting for Willa was everything I hoped for an then some ... Max oh MAX.... Ms. Proby bravo I hope we get so much more of this town and the characters who feel so much like coming home ps I hope Sebastian hangs around Cunningham Falls and that we get a story for him soon! pss Take the time to read the author bio in this one.. it is a great lesson about life and chasing your dreams!
Teewee125 9 months ago
What a beautiful story about never forgetting your first love. It's taken 9 years for Willa and Max to be reunited. Even then she still feels guilty. One for still loving Max even after all these years especially being married to Cary during that time. Max never stopped loving Willa even when she asked him to leave her alone when Cary died. Max also feels guilty being with Willa because of Cary. But it has been 9 years since his death and its time to move on. Cary would want Willa to be happy and Max is the perfect man for her. Max develops a great relationship with Alex. Such a beautiful bond these two now have. This story was such a beautiful and true love story. Written with so much emotion. Written with patience and understanding. You relate with these characters and feel everything they are going through. A loving and heartwarming 5 star read.
gromine49 9 months ago
OMG it is wonderful! As soon as I received it on my Kindle, I stopped whatever I was doing to read. Max and Willa are a wonderful couple and even though there is some sadness it was too wonderful for words.
BookAngel_Emma 9 months ago
While I love Kristen Proby’s Big Sky series and the people who make up the heavenly Cunningham Falls; Waiting for Willa is a lot to wrap your head around. Or should I say it was for me because of the history between Willa and Max as well as Willa’s deceased husband, Cary. For me, Max and Willa should have always been a couple, written in the stars, soul-deep bond, type of relationship stemming from their high school days. Be that as it may, Max had to prove himself and make something more of his life, so he set off to college ready to take the world by storm and leaving Willa in the process. In his naivety or maybe arrogance, Max truly believed Willa would be waiting for him when he returned to take her with him. However, in the meantime, Max’s best friend, Cary, has been spending quality time with Willa and they have become very close. So close in fact that they settle down in Cunningham Falls together. Instead of feelings of betrayal, you would expect from Max, he blames himself for the loss of Willa and wishes the happy couple well while unable to truly move forward himself. Willa has a number of abandonment issues which were exasperated by Max’s departure; Cary seemed like a safe and secure option for Willa who wanted nothing more than to carve a place for herself in the hometown she adores. While she may not have had the intensity of emotion where Cary was concerned she did love him and her world was torn apart when he died. So much so she lashed out at the closest person, Max, creating an abundance of negativity between the pair. As we already know, time helps heal wounds and dull the pain of loss. Luckily Willa’s friendship with Jenna (Max’s sister) did not suffer because of their differences, and it is because of this friendship and the tight social circle within Cunningham Falls that Willa calls a truce between herself and Max. With the reconciliation comes a flood of passion that was never quite extinguished merely suppressed in their time apart. Unfortunately, because of their tangled history the path to happily ever after is a difficult one, especially for Max as he has been carrying a weight of guilt and regret on his shoulders for a very long time. I adored the inclusion of Cary within the narrative whether it was via reminiscing or visits to his memorial. It was this factor that helped navigate the tangled mix of emotions the situation creates. I will say, Willa’s son, Alex completely stole my heart
MelissaB 9 months ago
I'm obsessed with second chance romances and this book fed my addiction completely! The blurb INTRIGUED me, the Prologue....pulled on the HEARTSTRINGS, the story CONSUMED me and the Epilogue was EVERYTHING!!!! Willa and Max's story was filled with heartache, loss, forgiveness and ALL THE FEELS!!! I am head over heels in love with this read and a little boy that gave this story a little something extra. What do you do when you realize the one person you left behind is the love of your life you just can't let go? Buy the book and find out.
KaliMcQuillen 9 months ago
Willa has had her heart broken before by Max and she's not looking to have it broken again. When Max comes back into town and is staying there he makes it known he wants a second chance. Will Willa be able to open her heart again to her first love? After all, he left her once before because he wanted the lights of a big town and that's not her kind of place. Max is trying to show Willa that everything he's ever wanted is actually there in his hometown because that's where her and her son Alex is. Will he make a believer out of her? Loved that he never looked at Alex other than a friend and then a son. He was able to open his heart to both Willa and Alex and now he just needed to make sure that Willa let him all the way back in again. Sweet second chance romance.
Theresakerch-28 9 months ago
The wait is over Willa and Max are a great couple, this is a second chance book that I could not put down. Willa is trying to raise her child as a widow and Max is trying to give Willa her space since she told him too. But when you live in a small town that’s not very easy especially when all your friends are close. Kristen Proby did not disappoint with this great book. I live this series and this is the book that I was waiting for. I highly recommend reading.
MireleDouradoPauly 9 months ago
Some people are worth waiting for! 4.5 stars I always love this author's stories and characters. They are sweet, funny, they deal with every day problems and they melt our heart. And this book wasn't different. This is a standalone, that is also a part of the Big Sky series, and now we learn more about Willa and Max's story. It's a second chance romance for more than one reason. Once high school sweethearts, they parted ways when Cunningham Falls became too small for Max. It broke both Max and Willa's hearts, but that needed to happen, so they could grow, meet other paths in their lives, and then be ready for one another. It was necessary that Willa got married to their best friend so she could have Alex, not only an amazing kid that was Willa's world, but also someone for Max to love deeply. And that he did. When they meet each other again, after so many years, their feelings were still there. They were only dormant for that long period. And as they started spending more time together again, their feelings are even stronger, they are wiser, and they are in the right place at the right time, finally. They have some guilt to let go and they needed to deal with the grief they still felt, but they were together, being one another's support, and they were getting closer and closer to become a new family. And that is exactly what the three of them deserved (Willa, Max and Alex). They fought, they disagreed, they talked, they learnt, they broke down their walls, they let the other in, they loved, they cherished and they protected. They waited. And it was oh so worth it.
Honolulubelle 9 months ago
Favorite Quotes: I just had to have an eight-year-old show me how to drive a car. Is it too early for wine? He looks at you like you’re a new computer… And that’s pretty great, because he loves his computers. Oh, honey, this isn’t drama. Have you seen The Bachelor? That’s drama. I want you to know that I like you. I respect you. And if you hurt my sister, my brother is the chief of police, I have more money than God himself, and I can make your death look like an accident. “Why didn’t you call me when he asked?” “We were having sex at the time,” I say with a laugh. “Um, we need to change your proposal story. That can’t go in People magazine.” My Review: I enjoyed this cleverly amusing second chance romance, it was a pleasant and snappy read with crisp writing and fun and an entertaining plot. The characters were lovable and highly appealing and even included a curious child with a cute puppy. The storylines were relevant, engaging, and well balanced with healthy servings of levity and heart squeezes with a refreshingly low level of conflict and angst. This is only my second exposure to the lovely Kristen Proby, with both experiences being top-rate. I excitedly perused her impressive listing and just realized I am extremely late to the party with Goodreads listing sixty-eight books to her credit.