Wait for Me

Wait for Me


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Release Date: 12/11/2015
Label: East River Records
UPC: 0852665454809
catalogNumber: 1007


Disc 1

  1. That’s What I Like About You
  2. I Like You
  3. Mister Mary Blues
  4. If You Want Me Baby
  5. Wait for Me
  6. Coney Island Baby
  7. Sweet Mama Blues
  8. Every Little Thing
  9. Big Fat Gal Lester
  10. Cotton Mill Girl
  11. Sadie Lee Blues
  12. Little Annie
  13. I’m Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me
  14. Arlena
  15. Red Headed Baby
  16. Under a Texas Moon
  17. Oh, Johnny, Oh
  18. Careless Love
  19. Charming Betsy
  20. Brown Mama Blues
  21. Red Rose of Texas
  22. The Girl That Lived on Polecat Creek
  23. She Could Toodle-Oo
  24. Sweet Nora Shannon

Disc 2

  1. Selling My Pork Chops
  2. Short Dress Gal
  3. Trembling Bed Springs Blues
  4. Women Wear No Clothes at All
  5. Electrocuted Blues
  6. Get Off With Me
  7. Kidder Cole
  8. Skirts Slatz
  9. Stir It Now
  10. Won’t You Come Over to My House?
  11. That Naughty Yodel
  12. Want My Blacl Baby Back
  13. Sinful to Flirt
  14. In Kentucky
  15. Yo Yo
  16. Love My Stuff
  17. When Lulu’s Gone
  18. Warm It Up to Me
  19. You Ain’t The One
  20. Come On in Here Mama
  21. Liquor Store Blues
  22. Rabbit Blues
  23. I’ll Take It Now
  24. If It Looks Like Jelly Shakes Like Jelly It Must Be Gelatine

Disc 3

  1. Bed Slats
  2. Lookin’ Good But Feelin’ Bad
  3. Goodbye Forever, Darling
  4. Gonna Find Mysel a Brand New Sweetie
  5. Field Mouse Stomp
  6. You’ve Had Your Way
  7. Nobody’s Darling
  8. Going to Your Funeral in a Vee Eight Ford
  9. St. James Infirmary
  10. The Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn’t Whistle
  11. I’ve Been Hoodooed
  12. I Learned About Women From Her
  13. Get Your Head Trimmed Down
  14. Can’t Anybody Tell Me Blues
  15. Too Long
  16. Down in the Willow
  17. You Know You Done Me Wrong
  18. I’m Gonna Tell You in Front So You Won’t Feel Hurt Behind
  19. House Cat Mama
  20. Mistreated Blues
  21. Hard-Headed Blues
  22. When the Women Get in Power
  23. She’s More to Be Pitied Than Censured
  24. I’ve Been Blue Ever Since You Went Away

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leroy Carr   Piano,Vocals
Bo Carter   Fiddle
Sam Chatmon   Guitar,Vocals
Cow Cow Davenport   Piano,Vocals
Memphis Minnie   Guitar,Vocals
Buddy Moss   Guitar,Vocals
Charley Patton   Guitar,Vocals
Henry Townsend   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Acuff   Fiddle,Vocals
Jimmie Rodgers   Guitar
Josh White   Guitar
Sol Hoopii   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Sam Harris   Guitar
Sam Jones   Vocals
Julia Lee   Vocals
Jack Teagarden   Vocals
Fats Waller   Vocals
Harry Reser   Banjo
Tampa Red   Guitar
Bill Carlisle   Guitar,Vocals
Clifford Gibson   Guitar,Vocals
King Bennie Nawahi   Slide Guitar
Hambone Willie Newbern   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Vinson   Guitar,Vocals
Riley Puckett   Guitar,Vocals
Wade Mainer   Banjo,Vocals
Curley Weaver   Guitar,Vocals
Goebel Reeves   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Wilkins   Guitar
Teddy Bunn   Guitar
Ishman Bracey   Guitar,Vocals
Mary Butler   Vocals
Lonnie Chatmon   Fiddle
Bill Cox   Guitar,Vocals
David Crockett   Guitar
Coley Jones   Mandolin,Vocals
Charley Lincoln   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie McCoy   Mandolin
Miller   Mandolin,Vocals
Monette Moore   Vocals
Yank Rachell   Mandolin
Will Shade   Harmonica
Stuff Smith   Vocals
Marco Washington   String Bass
Joe "Jackson Joe" Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Hazel   Vocals
Black Bob   Piano
Charlie McCoy   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Fate Norris   Banjo
Joe Roberts   Vocals
Bert Layne   Fiddle,Vocals
Bascom Lamar Lunsford   Banjo
Walter McKinney   Vocals
Richard Trice   Guitar,Vocals
Wesley Wilson   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Peg Leg Howell   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Mapp   Harmonica
Clell Summey   Slide Guitar
Coot Grant   Vocals
Ralph Anderson   Piano
Sam Theard   Vocals
Minnie Wallace   Vocals
Four Wanderers   Vocals
Daddy Stovepipe   Guitar,Harmonica
Robert Cooper   Fiddle
Henry Allen   Trumpet
Sam Morgan   Cornet,Vocals
Ferman Tapp   Banjo,Vocals
Welly Trice   Guitar,Vocals
John Estes   Guitar,Vocals
Harold   Guitar
Mississippi Sarah   Vocals
Jim Towel   Vocals
Clay Everhart   Banjo
Harry McDaniels   Guitar
Walter Couch   Fiddle
Slim Mays   Guitar,Vocals
Lester "Pete" Bivins   Guitar,Vocals
Bonson Couch   Banjo
Slim Barton   Guitar
Henry Starr   Piano,Vocals
William McTell   Guitar,Vocals
Willard Hodgin   Banjo,Vocals
Elmer Elliot   Fiddle,Vocals
Lake Howrad   Guitar,Vocals
Ruben Puckett   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals
James Ferraro   Ukulele,Vocals
Harry Volpe   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Barrett   Autoharp
Amy Barrett   Vocals
Walter Pichon   Piano,Vocals
Jessie Brock   Guitar,Vocals
Forest Larkin   Piano
Bob Larkin   Fiddle,Vocals
Willie Fugate   Banjo
Jerome DeBord   Vocals
W. L. “Rustic” Water   Vocals
E. B. Owens   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Brooks   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Robert Crumb   Cover Graphics
John Heneghan   Producer,Liner Notes

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