Wagon Wheels A Rollin

Wagon Wheels A Rollin

by Daisy Belle Catherine Brown Pier Ackley, Joseph Pierre (Introduction)


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Daisy Bell Catherine Brown was only eight years old in 1880, when her physician father, her mother, grandmother, siblings and other relatives decided to join the wagon train in May Day, Kansas, and head for Oregon on the Old Oregon Trail.Wagon Wheels A'Rollin', which she began writing seventy-two years later when she was eighty years old. In her lifetime she married three times: First to David Pier, at the age of sixteen, to whom she bore eight children. When he died, she married Al Goldsby, and after his death, Charles Ackley, whom she also outlived. She died at the age of ninety-three. Daisy saw it all, from a wagon train crossing the plains to astronauts in space. She tells how it was on the American frontier, when men were men and women were glad of it.

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ISBN-13: 9781583487334
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/1999
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

Table of Contents

Book 1
1.The Early Years3
2.The Duck Drowning Episode5
3.Mud Dick7
5.Miss Carrie Morse11
6.Chase and Greeley14
7.May Day17
8.Janie's Necklace19
9.Decision: The Oregon Trail22
10.Dix's Timber25
11.Wagon Wheels A'Rollin'27
12.Beatrice to Hastings, Nebraska30
13.Father's Violin33
14.Prairie Fire36
15.Uncle Tom Holds a Pow-Wow39
16.We Leave Emmett Behind42
17.The Toll Bridge46
18.Fort Laramie and Beyond49
19.Our Horses Are Stolen54
20.Little Joey's Ant Hill64
21.Winter in Summerville68
22.Dodging Bullets73
23.Finding Kinfolk77
24.Meeting the Columbia80
25.The Boat to Vancouver83
26.About Tumwater88
Book 2
1.The Old Barnes Place94
3.Sisters Leave the Nest101
4.The Next Generation105
5.School Days113
6.First Job119
7.Tumwater Commerce123
8.Dave and Daisy Wed127
9.A Real Home131
10.Another Move135
11.Delphi's Origins140
12.Teaching Oxen145
13.Mary Docia Adams Brown, 1840-1894147
14.Hazardous Chores153
15.Another Move, Another Baby159
16.Holding the Fort165
17.Moving to Endicott169
18.Wild Horses174
19.Susie "Finds" Queenie183
20.Ferrying the Columbia188
21.Traveling a Nonexistent Road192
22.Crossing the Cascades198
23.Enter: Clarence Leonidas Pier208
24.Driving Old Doll217
25.The Hundred Year Stub226
26.The First Chick Leaves the Nest232
27.Ivy, the School Marm236
28.Eli Thomas Brown, 1868-1909239
29.Music, Mumps and Blasting243
30.Another Wedding247
31.Following the Jobs250
32.Mack's Escort Service258
33.North to Alaska266
34.Rough Sailing270
36.Cordova Diary276
37.More Cordova Diary293
38.Home Again304
39.Retracing Old Tracks311
40.Son Tom is Killed320
41.Losing Dave323
Old Age Ahoy326

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