Vol II: From Reconstruction to the Present

Vol II: From Reconstruction to the Present

Paperback(New Edition)

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Opposing Viewpoints[Registered] in American History are anthologies of primary documents from America's past. Assembled in two volumes, Volume 1: From Colonial Times to Reconstruction and Volume 2: From Reconstruction to the Present, these writings discuss important and controversial events, personalities, movements, and ideas from the nation's history. Each volume presents more than eighty original sources in which men and women of various classes and professions express their opinions on the issues of their times. The writings are arranged in a pro/ con format, creating a running historical debate on specific topics within each era. Opposing Viewpoints[Registered] in American History offers students the opportunity to interpret history for themselves by studying original documents on the debates that forged our present social, political, and economic structures.

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ISBN-13: 9780737731873
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 10/04/2006
Series: Opposing Viewpoints in American History Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 935,011
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword     xi
Rebuilding After the Civil War (1865-1895)
Chronology     1
Preface     4
Reconstruction and the New Social Order in the South
Reconstruction Should Be Harsh (1865)   William Mason Grosvenor     7
Reconstruction Should Be Lenient (1866)   Herman Melville     8
The Ku Klux Klan Is a Terrorist Organization (1870)   Albion W. Tourgee     10
The Ku Klux Klan Is a Peacekeeping Organization (1872)   John Brown Gordon     12
The Gilded Age: Industrialization and Labor Conflicts
Concentrations of Wealth Harm America (1883)   Henry George     14
Concentrations of Wealth Help America (1889)   Andrew Carnegie     17
The Organizing of Labor into Unions Is Dangerous (1886)   Henry Clews     20
Labor Unions Are Essential (1894)   Samuel Gompers     22
A Populist Prescription for Social Reform (1892)$dPeople's Party Platform of 1892     23
A Social Darwinist View of Social Reform (1914)   William Graham Sumner     25
The Progressive Era (1895-1920)
Chronology     27
Preface     30
Jim Crow and Black Response
Blacks Should Stop Agitating for Political Equality (1895)   Booker T. Washington     33
Blacks Should Strive for Political Equality (1903)   W.E.B. Du Bois     34
Racial Segregation Is Constitutional (1896)   Henry B. Brown     37
Racial Segregation Is Unconstitutional (1896)   John Marshall Harlan     39
American Empire
America Should Retain the Philippines (1900)   Albert J. Beveridge     42
America Should Not Rule the Philippines (1900)   Joseph Henry Crooker     45
Progressive Era Reforms and Issues
Child Labor Should Be Abolished (1906)   Edwin Markham     48
Child Labor May Be Beneficial (1883, 1906)   Thomas L. Livermore$dNorth Carolina mill worker     50
American Women Should Have the Right to Vote (1909)   Julia Ward Howe     52
American Women Should Not Have the Right to Vote (1909)   Emily P. Bissell     55
Hetch Hetchy Valley Should Be Preserved (1912)   John Muir     58
Hetch Hetchy Valley Should Be Dammed (1913)   Gifford Pinchot     59
The Federal Government Should Regulate Trusts: Roosevelt's New Nationalism (1910)   Theodore Roosevelt     61
The Federal Government Should Oppose Trusts: Wilson's New Freedom (1913)   Woodrow Wilson     63
World War I and the League of Nations
America Should Enter World War I (1917)   Woodrow Wilson     66
America Should Not Enter World War I (1917)   George W. Norris     69
War Dissenters' Freedoms of Speech and Assembly Must Be Preserved (1917)   Robert La Follette     71
War Dissenters' Freedoms of Speech and Assembly Must Be Limited (1917)$dOutlook     73
The United States Should Join the League of Nations (1919)   James D. Phelan     74
The United States Should Not Join the League of Nations (1919)   Lawrence Sherman     76
Prosperity, Depression, and War (1920-1945)
Chronology     79
Preface     82
Social and Cultural Issues of the 1920s
The Department of Justice Is Defending America from Communist Subversion (1920)   A. Mitchell Palmer     85
The Department of Justice Is Violating Constitutional Freedoms (1920)$dNational Popular Government League     87
H.L. Mencken Critiques America (1922)   H.L. Mencken     89
A Critique of H.L. Mencken (1928)   Catherine Beech Ely     91
Prohibition Is a Success (1924)   John Gordon Cooper     93
Prohibition Is a Failure (1926)   William H. Stayton     94
The Great Depression and the New Deal
Self-Help Is the Best Response to Unemployment (1932)   Henry Ford     96
Self-Help Is Not Enough (1932)   Charles R. Walker     98
America Needs a New Deal (1932)   Franklin D. Roosevelt     101
Roosevelt's New Deal Would Destroy America (1932)   Herbert Hoover     104
Redistributing America's Wealth Would Solve the Depression (1934)   Huey P. Long     106
Long's "Share-Our-Wealth" Plan Is Impractical (1935)   Hamilton Basso     107
World War II
The United States Should Give Lend-Lease Aid to Great Britain (1940)   Franklin D. Roosevelt     108
Lend-Lease Aid Will Drag the United States into War (1941)   James F. O'Connor     111
The Internment of Japanese Americans Was Justified (1944)   Hugo Black     115
The Internment of Japanese Americans Was Not Justified (1944)   Frank Murphy     116
Using the Atomic Bomb Against Japan Is Justified (1945)   Harry S. Truman     119
Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan Was Immoral (1945)   Christian Century     120
The Cold War Abroad and at Home (1945-1989)
Chronology     123
Preface     126
Rise of the Cold War
America Should Seek Peace with the Soviet Union (1946)   Henry A. Wallace     131
America Should Contain the Soviet Union (1947)   George F. Kennan     133
Communist Subversives Threaten America (1950)   Joseph R. McCarthy     137
McCarthyism Threatens America (1950)$dThe Tydings Committee     138
America Should Send a Man to the Moon (1961)   John F. Kennedy     141
America's Race to the Moon Is Misguided (1962)   Carl Dreher     143
The Struggle for Civil Rights and Equality
Racial Segregation in Public Schools Is Unconstitutional (1954)   Earl Warren     145
The Supreme Court Should Not Interfere in Southern Racial Practices (1956)$dThe Southern Manifesto     148
Blacks Should Strive to Be Part of the American Dream (1961)   Martin Luther King Jr.     149
Blacks Can Never Be Part of the American Dream (1963)   Malcolm X     153
American Women Need an Equal Rights Amendment (1970)   Margaret M. Heckler     156
An Equal Rights Amendment Would Be Harmful (1970)   Myra Wolfgang     158
The Turbulent Sixties
America Is Fighting for a Just Cause in Vietnam (1965)   Lyndon B. Johnson     160
America Is Not Fighting for a Just Cause in Vietnam (1967)   Eugene McCarthy     162
Riots Are Mob Criminal Acts (1966)   Richard M. Nixon     164
Riots Are Social Revolutions (1967)   Tom Hayden     166
America's Youth Must Lead a New Revolution (1962, 1968)$dStudents for a Democratic Society     169
Student Rebellion Leaders Are a Disgrace (1969)   K. Ross Toole     172
From Nixon to Reagan
Executive Privilege Protects a President's Private Communications (1973)   Richard M. Nixon     174
A President's Executive Privilege Is Not Absolute (1974)   Warren Burger     176
America Is Facing a Crisis of Confidence (1979)   Jimmy Carter     178
The American Spirit Remains Strong (1980)   Ronald Reagan     181
The End of the Cold War
The Cold War Was a Great Victory for the United States (1992)   John Lewis Gaddis     184
The Cold War Was Not a Great Victory for the United States (1993)   Wade Huntley     187
New Challenges After the Cold War (1991-Present)
Chronology     190
Preface     192
Domestic Challenges
America Must Reform Its Health Care System (1994)   Bill Clinton     195
America's Health Care System Does Not Need Government Reform (1993)   Fred Barnes     196
President Bill Clinton Should Be Impeached (1998)$dHouse Judiciary Committee     199
Clinton's Impeachment Is Not Justified (1998)    Jerrold Nadler     201
Gay Marriage Must Be Banned (2003)$dFirst Things     203
Gay Marriage Should Not Be Banned (2006)   Jamie Raskin     205
National Security, Terrorism, and Iraq
America Must Use Military Force Against Iraq to Liberate Kuwait (1991)   George H. W. Bush     207
War Against Iraq Is Unnecessary (1991)   Arthur Schlesinger     208
America Must Wage War Against Terrorists (2001)   George W. Bush     210
America Must Seek Alternatives to a Military Response to Terrorism (2001)   Joyce Neu     213
President George W. Bush Is Abusing the War Powers of His Office (2006)   Elizabeth Holtzman     215
The President Needs Broad Wartime Powers to Protect the Nation (2006)   John Yoo     217
Index     220

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