Voices from the Holocaust: First-hand Accounts from the Frontline of History

Voices from the Holocaust: First-hand Accounts from the Frontline of History

by Jon E. Lewis




Voices from the Holocaust follows the whole history of the “Shoah,” from Hitler’s rise to power to the Nuremburg trials. But while the beginning stages of the Holocaust are discussed in detail, it is, of course, the later years of the atrocities that are focused on; the exterminations and death camps of “The Final Solution” take center stage. This intense and important collection of firsthand accounts tells the story from the perspective of the people who were there, and were witnesses—on both sides of the horror.

There have been untold numbers of works studying the Holocaust in every imaginable way, but this anthology of eyewitness testimonies to the horrors is remarkable for its depth and thoroughness. You will be able to see firsthand all the terrible acts that went on during this horrific time in our history. While some of the eyewitnesses are well-known, such as Anne Frank, Primo Levi, and Heinrich Himmler, the book also includes recollections of camp inmates, SS Totenkopf guards, and the British soldiers who liberated Belsen. This is history seen not from the objective distance of a scholar or historian, but directly by those on the front lines. Shocking, powerful, and personal, Voices from the Holocaust retells history, written by those who were there.

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ISBN-13: 9781620870631
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 09/01/2012
Pages: 432
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About the Author

Jon E. Lewis is a historian and writer, whose books on history and military history (including SAS and Survivor) are sold worldwide. He is also editor of many Mammoth Book of... anthologies,
including the bestselling On the Edge and Endurance and Adventure.
He holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in history. His work has appeared in New Statesman, the Independent, Time Out, and the Guardian.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Part I SPARK 1

The Nazis and the Jews in Germany, 1933-1938

Part II FLAME 45

The Holocaust 1939-19 January 1942

Part III ASH 121

The Final Solution, 20 January 1942-1946

ENVOI: The Nuremberg Trials 259

Appendix: Estimated Number of Jews Killed in the Final Solution 272

Bibliography 275

Sources and Acknowledgements 278

Index 283

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