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Voice, Speech, and Language in the Child: Development and Disorder

Voice, Speech, and Language in the Child: Development and Disorder

by J.A.M. MartinJ.A.M. Martin


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This volume is one in a series of monographs being issued under the general title of "Disorders of Human Communication". Each monograph deals in detail with a particular aspect of vocal communication and its disorders, and is written by internationally distinguished experts. Therefore, the series will provide an authoritative source of up-to-date scientific and clinical informa­ tion relating to the whole field of normal and abnormal speech communication, and as such will succeed the earlier monumental work "Handbuch der Stimm­ und Sprachheilkunde" by R. Luchsinger and G. E. Arnold (last issued in 1970). This series will prove invaluable for clinicians, teachers and research workers in phoniatrics and logopaedics, phonetics and linguistics, speech pathology, otolaryngology, neurology and neurosurgery, psychology and psychiatry, paediatrics and audiology. Several of the monographs will also be useful to voice and singing teachers, and to their pupils. G. E. Arnold, Jackson, Miss. F. Wincke1, Berlin B. D. Wyke, London Since it was their chatter which prompted the question. this book is dedicated to Sarah and VickY; to Peter who provided some of the answers; to Dorothy in gratitude; and to Him who in the beginning was the Word. Preface These pages are the long-delayed product of questions prompted by the sponta­ neous chatter of my two daughters when they were little. It was only possible to begin to explore these unformed thoughts through the repeated kindness of medi­ cal friends who allowed me to record their new-born children.

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ISBN-13: 9783709170441
Publisher: Springer Vienna
Publication date: 03/20/2013
Series: Disorders of Human Communication , #4
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1981
Pages: 211
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

1. Attachment, Interaction and Communitive Behaviour.- The Neonatal Period.- Mother to Child.- Child to Mother.- Early Opportunities for Interaction.- The Infant’s Recognition of the Face.- The Smile.- Patterns of Interaction.- Mutual Gaze.- Modulation of Interaction.- Facial Expressions and Their Part in Interaction.- Interaction and Emotional Development.- The Elaboration of a Communication System.- Awareness of Strangers.- Separation and the Objects of Attachement.- Communitive Behaviour.- Interrelation in Activity.- 2. The Emergence of the Objective World. Sensory Processing and Motor Activity.- Sensory and Perceptual Development.- Vision.- Visual Perception.- Visual Behaviour.- Hearing.- Frequency of Sound Stimulus.- Duration of Sound.- Hearing Behaviour.- The Perception of Speech and Speechlike Sounds.- Motor Development.- Control of the Position and Movement of the Head.- Touch, Reach and Grasp.- The Use of the Hands.- 3. The Emergence of the Objective World. The World Made Sensible.- The Object.- Space.- Cause and Effect.- The Nature of the Child’s Environment.- Imitation.- Play.- 4. Vocal Behaviour and the Origins of Speech.- The Cry.- Early Vocal Behaviour.- Terminology.- The Recorded Material.- Chronological Sections of Vocal Behaviour.- 5. The Early Development of Language.- The One Word Utterance.- The Meanings of Words.- The Holophrase.- Speech Acts.- The Nature and Purposes of Language.- Interaction with Mother.- The Child’s Understanding of the Spoken Word.- Two and Three Word Utterances.- 6. Deficit and Delay in the Development of Spoken Language.- Prevalence of Disorder.- The Nature of Society’s Response.- The Emotional Effect of Impaired Communication.- The Detection of Delay.- The “Cause” of Delay and Disorder.- The Antecedents of Disorder.- The Nature of Developmental Delay.- The Pattern and Extent of the Disability.- The Child’s Speech and Language.- Assessment.- The Approach to the Child.- The Child’s Unterstanding of Speech.- Method of Scaling Disability.- 7. The Antecedents of Disorder. Reception and Comprehension.- Hearing.- The Nature of the Handicap.- Hearing Disorder in the Absence of Loss.- Impaired Auditory Processing and Speech Perception.- Sequential, Auditory Memory.- Auditory and Sequential Memory in the Deaf.- Cognitive Function.- The Relation Between “Intelligence” and Language Attainment.- Mental Handicap and Intelligence.- Language Characteristics in the Mentally Handicapped.- Play and Cognitive Deficit.- The Importance of Pretend Play.- Elements and Classes: Categorization.- Directed Attention.- Cognitive Dysfunction and Verbal Comprehension.- Case Report.- 8. The Antecedents of Disorder. Voice, Speech and Language.- Voice.- Case Reports.- Speech.- The Tongue.- Neuro-Motor Dysfunction.- Spoken Language.- Case Report.- Phonological Disorder.- Language Production.- Case Report.- Familial and Hereditable Factors.- 9. The Antecedents of Disorder. Communication.- Case Report.- Parents.- The Child.- Patterns of Disordered Interaction.- Case Report.- Mutism of Emotional Origin.- Case Report.- Hearing Loss.- Mental Handicap.- The Nature of Language Production.- References.

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