Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics

Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics

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Visual Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics is organized by presenting symptom - "scalp swelling," "lumps on face" - and present a table of differential diagnoses, with corresponding images placed side by side for comparison. It's an incredibly user friendly, easy-to-read format, and provides physicians a way to approach their patients, rather than presenting them paragraphs of dense clinical information.

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ISBN-13: 9781469889450
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health
Publication date: 09/17/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 512
File size: 206 MB
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Table of Contents

1General Appearance1
1General Appearance3
2Scalp Swellings in Newborns11
3Newborn Physical Findings: Facial Lesions16
4Abnormal Head Shape22
5Hair Loss28
6White Specks in the Hair35
7Lumps on the Face40
8Red Eye49
9Swelling of/Around the Eye57
10Discoloration of/Around the eye65
11Pupil, Iris, and Lens Abnormalities71
12Misalignment of the Eyes79
13Abnormalities in Ear Shape and Position87
14Ear Swelling93
15Ear Pits and Tags99
16Ear Canal Findings105
17Tympanic Membrane Abnormalities110
18Nasal Bridge Swelling119
19Nasal Swelling, Discharge, and Crusting125
20Mouth Sores and Patches133
21Focal Gum Lesions139
22Discoloration of the Teeth145
23Oral Clefts and Other Variants150
24Tongue Discoloration and Surface Changes157
25Swellings Within the Mouth163
26Throat Redness169
27Neck Masses and Swelling177
28Abnormal Chest Shape187
29Breast Swelling and Enlargement193
30Chest Lumps198
31Abdominal Midline Bulge207
32Enlarged/Distended Abdomen213
33Curvature of the Back221
34Midline Back Pits, Skin Tags, Hair Tufts, and Other Lesions227
35Nail Abnormalities235
36Arm Displacement241
37Arm Swelling246
38Hand Swelling253
39Finger Abnormalities259
40Fingertip Swelling265
41Newborn Physical Findings: Lower Extremity Abnormalities270
42Leg Asymmetry275
43Leg Bowing and Knock Knees281
45Knee Swelling293
46Foot Deformities301
47Foot Swelling307
48Foot Rashes and Lumps313
12Genital and Perineal Region319
49Female Genitalia-Variations321
50Penile Abnormalities329
51Penile Swelling337
52Perineal Red Rashes345
53Perineal Sores and Lesions351
54Vulvar Swelling and Masses359
55Scrotal Swelling365
13Perianal Area and Buttocks371
56Perianal and Buttock Swelling373
57Perianal and Buttock Redness379
58Imperforate Anus384
59Newborn Physical Findings: Skin Abnormalities391
60Facial Rashes399
61Diffuse Red Rashes407
62Red Patches and Swellings413
63Linear Red Rashes419
64Focal Red Bumps425
65Raised Red Rashes431
66Vesicular Rashes439
67Nonblanching Rashes445
68Scaly Rashes451
69Fine, Bumpy Rashes459
70Hypopigmented Rashes464
71Hyperpigmented Rashes471
72Bullous Rashes477

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