Visions of Deliverance: Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Visions of Deliverance: Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean

by Mayte Green-Mercado


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In Visions of Deliverance, Mayte Green-Mercado traces the circulation of Muslim and crypto-Muslim apocalyptic texts known as joferes through formal and informal networks of merchants, Sufis, and other channels of diffusion among Muslims and Christians across the Mediterranean from Constantinople and Venice to Morisco towns in eastern Spain. The movement of these prophecies from the eastern to the western edges of the Mediterranean illuminates strategies of Morisco cultural and political resistance, reconstructing both productive and oppositional interactions and exchanges between Muslims and Christians in the early modern Mediterranean.

Challenging a historiography that has primarily understood Morisco apocalyptic thought as the expression of a defeated group that was conscious of the loss of their culture and identity, Green-Mercado depicts Moriscos not simply as helpless victims of Christian oppression but as political actors whose use of end-times discourse helped define and construct their society anew. Visions of Deliverance helps us understand the implications of confessionalization, forced conversion, and assimilation in the early modern period and the intellectual and theological networks that shaped politics and identity across the Mediterranean in this era.

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ISBN-13: 9781501741463
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Publication date: 01/15/2020
Pages: 330
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About the Author

Mayte Green-Mercado is Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers University–Newark. She has published articles in Medieval Encounters and the Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient.

Table of Contents

Note on Transliterations and Citations
1. Christian Visionary or Muslim Prophet? Re-Creating Identities in Late Spanish Islam
2. The Return of Muslim Granada: Prophecy and Martyrdom in the Alpujarras Revolt (1568-1570)
3. Ottoman Rome: Apocalyptic Prophecies in the Mediterranean (1570-1580)
4. "The Grand Morisco Conspiracy": Prophecy and Rebellion Plots in Valencia and Aragon (1570-1582)
5. Prophetic Fabrications of a Morisco Informant: Gil Pérez and the Moriscos of Valencia
6. Prophecy as Diplomacy: The Moriscos and Henry IV of France
Appendix A: First Prognostication of the War of Granada
Appendix B: Second Prognostication of the War of Granada
Appendix C: Third Prognostication of the War of Granada
Appendix D: Prophecy of Fr. Juan de Rokasiya
Appendix E: Account of the Scandals That Will Take Place at the End of Times in the Island of Spain
Appendix F: Prophecy of St. Isidore
Appendix G: Plaint of Spain
Appendix H: Muhammad's Prophecy about Spain

What People are Saying About This

Michael A. Ryan

"This is an innovative study, one that is sorely needed in the broader study of the premodern Apocalypse, which tends to be largely Christian-centered. This work is a major contribution to scholarship in its argument, broadly, but specifically in its focus on Iberia and on apocalyptic expectations in the Morisco communities."

Ben Ehlers

"Visions of Deliverance is of high quality, based on extensive research and clearly written. It utilizes both inquisitorial records, heretofore the main source for our understanding of the Moriscos, as well as the aljamiado literature to make a strong case for the importance of prophecies in shaping and defining an unstable Morisco population."

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