Violet & Beaumont

Violet & Beaumont

by Abby Rupert Baus


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Can a pony and a butterfly be best friends? Of course they can! Be swept into nature with Violet and Beaumont as their unique friendship unfolds. They’ll learn the meaning of true friendship when Beaumont migrates south and Violet learns that even if you’re small, you can still do big things!
So trot or fly along with Violet and Beaumont and smile, laugh, and learn all about their heart-warming story. And who knows, maybe if you take the time to be quiet and listen you might just discover a new friendship has been waiting for you too!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684013005
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Pages: 38
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Abby Rupert Baus resides in a little gem of a town in Central Pennsylvania where the locals smile and say hi as they pass by, historical charm abounds, and the coffee shop knows her order by heart. She enjoys all things with a creative flair and is an amateur chef, gardener, photographer, musician, interior decorator, and whoopie pie connoisseur. She graduated from a notable, fine arts college with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a music minor. After teaching for six years in the private school realm, Abby took her teaching skill set outside the classroom and into the fitness world. Teaching private yoga sessions allows her to express herself through music and movement, and she also finds fulfillment in helping her clients stay physically and mentally balanced and healthy.

Abby loves being a fully caffeinated, all-hands-on-deck, Pinterest-fueled wife and mom by day, but at night, lets her fingers and imagination run wild on her laptop keys. Bringing her creative dabblings to the literary world has completed an important part of her life’s puzzle. As a true believer that childhood should be safe, special, and joy-filled, Abby delights in filling a sometimes not-so-beautiful world with light and hope. She uses her background to sprinkle her books with teachable moments, and always writes to empower her readers to follow their hearts and dreams. Abby roots for th underdog and hopes her stories will speak to your soul, making you feel right at home whether you’re a child or young at heart.

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