Using Your White Light Angels to Find Your Life's Purpose

Using Your White Light Angels to Find Your Life's Purpose

by Mariah the Light Source


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This book gives humans a deeper perspective of why our souls were created and what our purpose is on earth.

It also helps us to understand that by using our own natural gifts and talents, we can help change the world and bring about peace on earth. This book answers some deep-rooted spiritual questions: Do "bad" people have angels too? How does life and death affect my life's purpose?

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ISBN-13: 9781452550350
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/07/2012
Pages: 96
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Using Your White Light Angels to Find Your Life's Purpose

By Mariah


Copyright © 2012 Mariah The Light Source
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5035-0

Chapter One


Every single human on the planet has a purpose in life or a reason for being here. We are all here to teach, learn, and help each other so that we can all grow and evolve spiritually. All of us were born with natural gifts, talents, and abilities that we were meant to have so that we can share them with the world and help others with their spiritual evolution as well. We were born to make an impact in the world, using our own special gifts, talents, abilities, and personalities. Humans have the ability to make an impact on the world regardless of how long we live. The way we come into this world, the way we were raised, and even the way that we leave this world also make an impact and pertain to our life's purpose. Knowing your life's purpose isn't just about finding a career that you could be happy doing. It's also about knowing what your gifts, talents, and abilities are so that you can realize exactly how you have already impacted the world and how you can continue to do so in the future. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Let's say that you want to build a house from the ground up, but you have never built a house before and you don't know where to begin. You will need a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, an architect to design the house, an expert in building permits, a foundation specialist, an excavation crew to dig the hole for the house, a roofer and a landscaper, just to name a few. Why would you need all of these people just to build a house? Because without the assistance from experts with the skills, abilities, and talents to build a house, your dream home could end up looking like an outhouse from the 1800s. In short, we need other humans to help make our lives better and more fulfilled.

We need attorneys to help us with legal issues, we need doctors to help us with medical issues, we need police officers to help protect us, we need comedians to help make us laugh, we need people who are good at directions to do the navigating, and we need sensitive and nurturing people to help us feel comforted. Every single human on the planet is vitally important in the world because EVERYONE has a unique skill, talent, and ability that someone else needs – NO ONE is insignificant. I meet too many people every day who tell me that they feel like losers in their lives because they don't feel successful or they are working at a job they don't like and they feel like they are not achieving their life's purpose. I am here to let everyone know that all people have already been achieving their life's purpose in certain ways and they probably never knew it. In college, I used to work clerical jobs as a telephone call center operator. I did not enjoy it at all. The job did not pay very well, I had to deal with screaming customers on a regular basis, and the call center typically had quotas to meet, such as handling so many calls per hour and not staying on the phone with each customer more than four minutes on average. I felt like a factory worker on many days.

Some of the gifts and talents that I have pertain to problem solving and conflict resolution. I used my gifts and talents at that job to listen to what problem the customer had and thoroughly review the customer's account regardless of how long I was on the phone. About 99.9% of the time, I was able to correctly pinpoint the problem and fix it. Not only was the customer very satisfied, I received many responses from customers stating, "I have called on this same issue five or six times and you were the only one who figured out what was wrong and finally fixed it."

I knew that even though I did not relish working as a call center operator, I was using my gifts and talents to help other people and I was making a difference in people's lives.

I think that we humans (myself included) want to feel like our life is important to the functioning of the world because of our egos. Our egos want the accolades for a job well done, or positive feedback from people that our work helped to change their lives, or achievement awards to show everyone as proof that our life means something. I am here to tell everyone that all of our lives mean something to the world even if we don't get the ego strokes to prove it. Ever since I began doing angel readings, I have noticed that the angels' work is frequently thankless, yet they keep on loving us, guiding us, and protecting us unconditionally without complaint. Do you want to know why? They are not human and they don't have the egos that humans have. If you think about it, if we all were to push aside our human egos and just focus on spreading our gifts, talents, and natural abilities throughout the world unconditionally and without complaint (just as the angels do), then we all would have fulfilled our life's purpose and we all would have made a huge impact in the world.

In fact, I feel (and my angels agree) that if EVERYONE just performed the simple task of giving their own natural gifts, talents, and abilities to the world unconditionally and without complaint, then our world would have no hunger, no poverty, no deficit, no war, no crime, no environmental issues, and no suffering. We would all be giving to each other. We would all be working together and taking care of each other's needs as one big human family. At least that is the ultimate spiritual evolution that we are all working towards.

Chapter Two


I think it is safe to say that we all want a career where we can utilize our gifts, talents, and abilities, one that pays well and one where we can enjoy getting out of bed every day. After reading this book, you will have the ability to find your life's purpose according to what type of angels are assigned to you. You will also be able to put that information to use to pursue the career that is perfect for you.

Before you move on to read the following chapters, I need to give everyone some career prerequisite information first. I would like to educate everyone on what a career actually is. Many of us seem to think that a career is a regular nine-to-five, W-2 income job with health and dental benefits and a retirement plan. We also tend to believe that a career is a "practical" or "recession proof" job that will never let us down. Those concepts are actually the incorrect definition of a career. The concept that we need to be in a "practical" or "recession-proof" job comes from friends, family, and society drumming fear into us. The general message that ends up coming across to us is, "Don't go after the career that you are passionate about because it is not going to support you in life." We also get the message, "You need to cling tightly to a job that you don't really enjoy because it's a stable paycheck with benefits." These messages teach us that we need to settle for less than we deserve in life (happiness and fulfillment) and that the Universe will not support all of our earthly needs if we try to pursue the career of our soul's desire. They further teach us the fear that if we dare let go of our security-blanket job to pursue our soul's desire, we might fail – then what will happen to us? Our fear ends up creating a number of "what if" situations in our minds, such as, What if I can't make ends meet? What if I let go of my group health insurance plan and some major medical issue happens to me?

These fears are the main reason we don't pursue a career towards our life's purpose. Our soul already knows what our life's purpose is; we just need to release the fear in order to trust what our soul has known all along. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

A female client came to me for an angel reading one day at a spirit fair – let's call her Sue. The only thing Sue said to me when she sat down for a reading was, "I am worried about my son." I immediately got a message from her angels that her son was feeling very scattered and confused about his direction (his life's purpose). I told this to Sue, and she nodded and told me that I was right on the money but she wanted to know why he was this way and what he could do about it. The message I got from her angels was that her son has a creative talent like writing, music or art. Sue responded, "Yes, my son has always loved to write stories." I further received the message from her angels that her son is only confused about his life's purpose because friends, family, and society are trying to get him to pursue a more "practical" job and his soul knows that is not what his life's purpose is about. Sue responded by saying, "Yes, I have been trying to get him to become a nurse and he keeps fighting me on the issue." I explained to Sue that if his talent is in the area of writing, then that is the area he needs to be pursuing, not nursing. If his soul is here to bring the gift of writing to the world, then the Universe will make sure that all of his needs are taken care of. As he pursues his talent, he will not need a "practical" job like nursing to rely on. Sue was happy with that answer and said she was going home to help her son pursue his talent in writing.

I completely understand that friends and family have their heart in the right place when they convince their loved ones to pursue a "practical" job. Also, I am definitely not trying to knock the practical, W-2 income jobs. I just don't want anyone to pigeonhole themselves by thinking, "I'm looking for my career, what W-2 income job should I go into"? A more accurate definition of a career is a job that utilizes your natural gifts, talents, and personality, a job that earns enough money to pay for ALL of your earthly needs (food, clothing, shelter, car, etc.) as well as many of your earthly wants, and a job that makes you feel happy and at peace in your life. If you had a job that fit this definition, then your soul would be happy and you would be able to let your true light shine in life. This type of career is not always found in a traditional W-2 income job. Sometimes you have to create your own career. Let me give you an example of what I mean. A client at one of my fairs came to me for help on deciding what he should do as a career. The client was a tattoo artist by profession and he wanted to do more with his artwork than just perform cookie-cutter artwork for people. He wanted to have more freedom to be creative with his artwork.

This client had a Jophielite angel assigned to him (where his art gift comes from) and a Razielite angel assigned to him (where his gift to dissect a person mentally and understand their true personality or soul comes from). The message that I got from his angels is that he has the gift of figuring out the details of a person's soul and then painting or drawing what he sees. I informed him that his angels want him to paint and draw the unique beauty of everyone's soul for them to see. The client was happy with this and said he will try it out.

The only reason the client was confused about what do with his art was that he did not realize that he could create his own career based on his gifts and talents. He was thinking that his career had to be more traditional.

Keep in mind that angels are not stupid about humans and their earthly needs. Angels know that we need to pay rent or mortgages, utilities, childcare, etc. They know that we can't always jump ship from our current steady paychecks in order to go after our soul's desired career and expect the money to instantly roll in. They know that our desired careers may take a little bit of time to build a client base, build a reputation in the community, and become well known. The only thing that angels expect from us is that we begin to get the ball rolling in the direction of our desired career.

To get the ball rolling, you may need to do some research in the areas where your gifts and interests lie. Start researching, inquiring, and gathering information about the areas that you are being pulled to the most. Your angels will guide as you research, so pay attention to their messages (you will learn about angel messages in later chapters). Once you find a career or create a career that lights you up inside and gives you angelic confirmation that tingles all over, then you have found your life's career.

Once you have found your soul's career, start pursuing it. If your soul's career involves starting your own business and you cannot afford to leave your current job just yet, then just start the business on a part-time basis. As it grows bigger and bigger you will be able to let go of your current job and make the transition to your soul's career full-time.

If your soul's career involves education or training, then you can research schools that will work around your current job and look into financial aid opportunities. If we are trying to pursue our soul's career, then our angels will lead us to find the help we need.

Now let's talk about benefits with our soul's career. Some of the careers that we will find will not be associated with a traditional W-2 income job and may not have health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, etc. What do you do in this situation? You ask your angels for assistance! Remember what I said earlier – if you are pursuing your soul's desired career, then the Universe will make sure that all of your earthly needs are taken care of. It's what I like to call being on the "Universal Benefits Plan." Anytime you need help with an earthly need, just ask your angels and the help will be provided. Let me give you an example. A client of mine has always wanted to pursue his own business as an interior decorator. This was rather risky for my client since he has several preexisting health conditions that have prevented him from obtaining an affordable, individual health insurance plan. He always held tightly to his faith that his angels and the Universe would provide all of his earthly needs if he pursued the career that he was meant to pursue. He did lots of research and networked with a variety of people for suggestions on what to do. His angels spoke through one of the individuals that he networked with and led him to information about state-assisted health insurance. In the state where my client lives, there is a health insurance plan for any in-state residents who need affordable health insurance but cannot obtain their own.

The state required that the resident must have been denied coverage from two or more commercial insurance companies before he could apply for this state coverage.

The state coverage was basically a health insurance plan for which the state pays part of the premium and the resident pays the other part. My client now has full health insurance and prescription coverage at an affordable rate. His earthly needs were taken care of for him to pursue his soul's career of starting his interior decorating business.

Having retirement benefits if your soul's career is not a W-2 income job is achievable as well. You can contribute to an IRA through a local bank, you can buy gold, silver, and platinum, and you can also buy land as an investment towards your retirement. An investment advisor can certainly give more information to self-employed individuals about how to invest for retirement.

Once everyone knows that their earthly needs will be taken care of, then they can let go of any fears they may have about going after their soul's desired career.

Chapter Three


In order to use your angels to find your life's purpose, you must learn a little bit about what these angels are and how they perform their tasks. Angels are non-human beings of pure white light, created to help, guide and protect humans and lead them to their greater good in life. Contrary to the popular television show Touched by an Angel, angels can never be embodied as humans in the same way that cats can never be dogs and dogs can never be cats. Angels are one entity and humans are another. Angels do have the ability to influence humans with angelic tasks. For example, a woman gets into a car accident on a deserted road and needs help. She does not know how to get help when no one else is around and there is no phone. The angels, who are not able to help her physically, will try to find a human nearby who can help. They find a state police officer about five miles away, and they urge him to patrol down the deserted road the woman is on. The police officer does not know why he suddenly has the urge to drive down this deserted road when he normally does not patrol that area. He follows the urge and heads down the road. To his shock and surprise, he sees the woman with the wrecked car and calls on the radio for an ambulance to come quickly. The woman is saved and she thanks the officer for saving her life and calls him her angel. True, the police officer performed an angelic act, but it was the angels who led him to the woman to help her. While angels can never be human, they can certainly influence humans to perform angelic acts. Humans are the physical bodies for angels to work through to help spread love and peace on earth. If a human has performed an angelic act in your life, then I guarantee an angel has been the source of that act. I think that it is great to give gratitude to the human who performed the angelic act, but you should also give some thanks to the actual angels who influenced the human.


Excerpted from Using Your White Light Angels to Find Your Life's Purpose by Mariah Copyright © 2012 by Mariah The Light Source. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Your Life's Purpose....................1
Finding a Career That Involves Your Life's Purpose....................6
What Are Angels?....................14
Life and Death – How Do They Affect Your Life's Purpose?....................19
Guardian Angels and Their Archangel Group....................25
Understanding the Angel Groups Assigned to You....................43
What Kind of Angels Are Assigned to You?....................48
Discovering Your Own Intuitive Gifts....................54
How to Recognize Angel Messages....................63
Do 'Bad' People Have Angels and a Life Purpose?....................71
How Our Life's Purpose Pertains to the World and Our Spiritual Evolution....................77

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