Upon a Moonlight Kiss: Poetry About Love to Spark Romance in Married Couples from a Real Mans Man

Upon a Moonlight Kiss: Poetry About Love to Spark Romance in Married Couples from a Real Mans Man

by Joshua Cintron, Priscilla Zamora


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Best Anniversary Gifts for Her If You Want to Express Love, Not Mushiness

Just like you enact your God given right to protect her and your family, by whatever means possible, you must enact your God given right to a strong marriage and happily fulfilled wife.

Your right to protect her heart.

As a real man’s man, you know it’s your duty – even if it’s not in your nature.

So how do you protect her heart from the fear, loneliness and worry she experiences when she doesn’t feel the strength of your love?

How do you show her you need her in the deepest depths of your soul, when none of the words you say ring loudly enough to express your appreciation and care?

The words within these pages give her exactly what she needs from you.

What she craves.

Upon a Moonlight Kiss makes your job as her knight in shining armor far, far easier, helping even the most practical wife tingle with happiness

Without the embarrassment of coming across as mushy, fake, or over the top.

Inside you’ll find 82 romantic poems about love that allow you to quickly, easily and naturally express your appreciation, passion and desire.

Exactly what she needs to feel like you think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, even if you can’t quite express the words she needs to hear.

Give Her All the Love She Craves, Without Reading a Single Romantic Poem Aloud

Maybe you’re still too embarrassed to read these love poems aloud. Maybe you’re the quiet type, or you’re afraid she’ll laugh and walk away.

We understand. You don’t need to read this poetry for married couples out loud. It’s for her, not you (although you can certainly gain ample inspiration when you want to charm her into giving you what you want).

Just hand it to her in a beautiful gift bag and say the words her heart wants to hear,

“I know I don’t do a good job of telling you or showing you how much I love you every day. I found this book of poetry that expresses how I feel. I want you to read it anytime you doubt my love for you, and know you’re more beautiful to me today than ever before.”

It’s that simple.

And if it works for you like it’s worked for the 1000’s of men who’ve come before you, she’ll mist up, smile and glow. Not to mention get her thinking about how she’ll respond later that night. Because when she knows you love her, without doubt…when you can melt away all those worries about whether you still find her attractive by moonlight, you unlock a whole new world of intimacy and passion – yes, the kind you crave.

Don’t let another year pass without expressing exactly how you feel. Pick this up. Hand it to her. Read it yourself. Show her you'll do whatever it takes to protect her heart and make her feel loved by giving a gift that makes her heart sing (and keeps you out of trouble for a long, long time).

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ISBN-13: 9780985895150
Publisher: Sayspire Media
Publication date: 03/25/2017
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Josh is a RENAISSANCE man of sorts, holding titles of Adjunct Professor, Budget Analyst, Contract Development Manager, blogger, author, indie publisher and freelance writer.

By day, he hops into an '07 Accord, once dark as the night sky but nearing the grey of an overcast day now, and onto the 405 South toward LAX.

His subconscious mind drives him as his eyes fade into a sea of red lights of an LA morning; his mind wandering the playground of his imagination.

He arrives to a place where his military career began, giving 8.5 hours to the light brown modular boss of a desk.

He applies his skill and education of financial analysis to bring home the bread needed to survive the millionaire-type Cali lifestyle. He, of course, is no millionaire. Monetary riches don't drive him anymore.

[FREEDOM] to do what HE wants, when HE wants - that's what [DRIVES] him now.

By night, when he escapes the metal hamster wheel he's ridden in for DECADES, he lays down on his queen-sized bed (his beautiful partner by his side), flips open his ACER laptop, presses his right index finger on the mouse pad, moves the cursor to the Brave icon in the task bar and clicks the blue squared-three-lined icon in the bookmarks bar.

There, in the blank canvas of a document like a kid, mid-stride trying to get to his swim trunks before leaping from the side of the concrete pool and into cannon ball form; he is EXCITED, writing about romantic love, passion, life, dreaming, thinking and imagination through the literary forms of prose, essays and short stories.

His passion for dreaming is INFECTIOUS.

All he wants to do now, CREATE literary pieces that INSPIRE and MOTIVATE - that move the thermostat of passion in others.

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