Up! [International Version]

Up! [International Version]

by Shania TwainShania Twain


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When Up! was released in November 2002, Shania Twain revealed in one of many promotional interviews that she writes far more songs than can fit on her records and that she hides any personal, introspective songs she pens, not even playing them for her husband and collaborator Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Now, this is certainly a psychological quirk worth exploring, but it also suggests why Twain's albums are such brilliant pieces of mainstream pop. Anything that doesn't fit the mold is discarded, so the album can hum along on its big, polished, multipurpose hooks and big, sweeping emotions. This is Super-Size pop, as outsized and grandiose as good pop should be. And, unlike the work of most pop divas, where the subject matter is firmly about the singer, none of the songs on Up! are remotely about Shania Twain, the person -- let's face it, she's never faced a situation like "Waiter! Bring Me Water!," where she's afraid her guy is going to be stolen away by their hot waitress. No, these songs have been crafted as universal anthems, so listeners can hear themselves within these tales. Just as cleverly, the songs are open-ended and mutable -- always melodic, but never stuck in any particular style, so they can be subjected to any kind of mix and sound just as good. (Indeed, Up! was initially released in no less than three different mixes -- the "Red" pop mix, the "Green" country mix, and the "Blue" international mix; sometimes the differences in mixes were so slight, it sounded like nothing was changed, but each mix revealed how sturdy and melodic the structure of each of the 19 songs was, and how they were designed to sound good in any setting.) True, the sheer length of the album could be seen as off-putting at first, since these 19 tracks don't necessarily flow as a whole. Then again, part of the genius of Up! is that it's designed as a collection of tracks, so the album is durable enough to withstand years on the charts, producing singles with different textures and moods every few months. Time revealed Come on Over as a stellar pop album, and the same principle works for Up!. Upon the first listen, singles seem indistinct, and it seems like too much to consume at once, but once you know the lay of the land, the hooks become indelible and the gargantuan glossiness of the production is irresistible. In other words, it's a more than worthy follow-up to the great mainstream pop album of the late '90s, and proof that when it comes to shiny, multipurpose pop, nobody does it better than Shania Twain. [An International Version of the CD was also released.]

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Release Date: 03/11/2011
Label: Edge J26181
UPC: 0008817031620
catalogNumber: 703162
Rank: 40988

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Shania Twain   Primary Artist
Paul Franklin   Pedal Steel Guitar
Paul Leim   Drums
Brent Mason   Electric Guitar
Mauro Pagani   Voices
Jonathan Yudkin   Mandolin,Violin,Cello
Ulhas Bapat   Santoor
Donnell Leahy   Fiddle
Angus Leahy   Fiddle
Doug Leahy   Fiddle
Erin Leahy   Fiddle
Cory Churko   Slide Guitar,Soloist
Michel Gallone   Choir, Chorus
Madhu Dhumal   Shenai
Diamond Duggal   Bass,Bouzouki,Guitar,Mandolin,Percussion,Keyboards,Synthesizer Guitar,Coral Sitar
Rakesh Chaurasia   Flute
Sunil Das   Sitar
Sanjay Vyas   Tabla
Simon Duggal   Bass,Percussion,Keyboards,Tabla,Darbouka
Chintoo Singh   Rabab

Technical Credits

Shania Twain   Composer
Bob Bullock   Engineer
Robert John "Mutt" Lange   Composer
Brian Masterson   Engineer
Mauro Pagani   Contributor
Arthur Stead   Pre-Production Arranger
Gavin Greenaway   String Arrangements
Sherri Manning   Booking
Cory Churko   Pro-Tools
Kevin Churko   Programming,Engineer,Contributor,Construction,Numerical Editing
Paolo Iafelice   Studio Manager
Diamond Duggal   Producer,Contributor
Serena Scuderi   Booking
Caitriona Walsh   Orchestral Manager
Simon Duggal   Producer,Contributor,drum programming
Denis Fernandes   Engineer

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