Unusual Biblical Methods

Unusual Biblical Methods

by Oasis Mission


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(Workbook to accompany UBM ministry lab) Yahweh created some very unusual methods to enact His desires in creation. Unusual to us, that is. Of course, Yahweh does not need any of these unusual methods from His people in order to accomplish the task. Yet He has chosen to involve His people in these works. All too often we choose not to participate. Some methods are left to the shepherds to perform, thinking there is no role for the flock. Some methods have been abandoned by shepherds, leaving the flock ignorant of its participation. Some methods are simply too unusual for us to feel comfortable participating in. This lab seeks to recover the idea that Yahweh wants all of His people to participate in the methods He has chosen to accomplish His works. To some degree these methods are certainly unusual, but they should not be uncommon. Using the laboratory equipping philosophy, we hope to mobilize you into making Yahweh's unusual methods a common part of your everyday life.

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