Understanding Suicide's Allure: Steps to Save Lives by Healing Psychological Scars

Understanding Suicide's Allure: Steps to Save Lives by Healing Psychological Scars

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This book explains why suicide can be alluring to a person aiming to stop his or her traumatic pain—whether its source is bullying, sexual assault, war combat, or other PTSD-invoking events—and details approaches that can prevent suicide.

Suicide has been a taboo topic in Western culture. The mere mention of suicide sparks reactive responses that include medical, moral, spiritual, and religious debates. As a result, the authors open an important discussion here, offering an honest and non-judgmental examination of the many aspects involved in the nature of suicide, explaining that above all, people need to learn how to support those struggling with suicidal thoughts or to intercept their own suicidal thinking. The book also includes an extensive review and evaluation of the many available mental health treatments.

Special consideration is given to military suicides. U.S. soldier suicides exceed one per day and continue to rise in all military branches, while veteran suicide rates are even higher, averaging 17 per day. Communities, families, veterans, and service members are in need of tools and insights for coping with, navigating, and exposing the suicidal attitudes affecting many current and former members of the military.

  • Incorporates academic research, media coverage, and the authors' personal experiences
  • Includes topics associated with forms of suicide not widely addressed in other books, including evolutionary psychology, traumatic brain injury, prescription drug side-effects, and shamanism
  • Addresses suicide in the general population as well as within the cadre of some of the nation's newest veterans—those who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars

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ISBN-13: 9781440862557
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/13/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 343
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About the Author

Stanley Krippner, PhD, is a member of the American Association of Suicidology and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

Linda Riebel, PhD, is on the faculty of Saybrook University and conducted a psychotherapy practice in San Francisco and Berkeley for 25 years, specializing in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Debbie Joffe Ellis, PhD, is on the adjunct faculty at Columbia University Teachers College, where she teaches Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Comparative Psychotherapies.

Daryl S. Paulson, PhD, is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, a counselor specializing in trauma-associated disorders, and president/CEO of BioScience Laboratories, Inc.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Acknowledgments xi

To the Reader xiii

When the Crisis Is Global: Coronavirus and PTSD xv

Section I The Allure of Suicide 1

Chapter 1 Who Is Attracted by the Allure of Suicide? 3

Chapter 2 Suicide Is Complicated 10

Chapter 3 The Pioneer of Suicidology and What He Found 16

Chapter 4 Suicide among Minorities 21

Chapter 5 The Most Beautiful Alluring Demon I Have Ever Known 28

Those Who Survived: William Styron 34

Chapter 6 Dreams, Nightmares, and Suicide 36

Chapter 7 Mental Illness and Suicide 42

Chapter 8 Teenage Suicides 48

Chapter 9 Physician-Assisted Suicide 52

Those Who Survived: Colin Wilson 57

Section II Suicide in the Military 59

Chapter 10 Daryl Paulson's Story 61

Chapter 11 Hard-Earned Insights from Combat Experience 67

Chapter 12 The Parking Lot Suicides 73

Chapter 13 An Integrative Treatment of PTSD 77

Those Who Survived: Jimmy Stewart 84

Section III Sexual Assault and Suicide 85

Chapter 14 Two Cases of Sexual Assault 87

Chapter 15 Sexual Assault Can Lead to Suicide 93

Chapter 16 Sexual Assault in Churches and Faith Groups 98

Chapter 17 Sexual Assault in the Military 104

Section IV Bullying 109

Chapter 18 How Bruno Was Bullied to Death 111

Chapter 19 Bullying and the Vulnerable 115

Chapter 20 Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders 120

Chapter 21 Preventing Bullying 126

Section V Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD 131

Chapter 22 The Three Dangers 133

Chapter 23 Treating Depression 139

Chapter 24 Deconstructing Anxiety: A New Way of Dealing with Suicidality 143

Chapter 25 Evaluating Treatments for PTSD 150

Those Who Survived: Bobby Grey 156

Section VI Other Groups at Risk 159

Chapter 26 Suicide on the Land: The Farmer's Dilemma 161

Chapter 27 Spirit Sickness and Soul Loss 166

Chapter 28 Suicide among Indigenous Peoples 171

Chapter 29 Children, the Elderly, and the Sleep-Deprived 176

Section VII How Professionals Understand Suicide 181

Chapter 30 Two Views of Suicide from Evolutionary Psychology 183

Chapter 31 Suicide as a Public Health Issue 186

Chapter 32 The Archetypes of Suicide 191

Chapter 33 Why Mythology Is Personal u 196

Chapter 34 The Psychophysiology of Suicide 202

Chapter 35 The Rational Emotive Approach to Suicidal Thoughts 206

Chapter 36 Beyond the Personal Self: Transpersonal Models 213

Chapter 37 Systems Approaches to Understanding Suicide 219

Those Who Survived: Maria 224

Section VIII Prevention 227

Chapter 38 Preventing Suicide 229

Chapter 39 REBT and Suicide Prevention 234

Chapter 40 Resilience Training and Suicide Prevention: Did It Work? 240

Chapter 41 Skills for Self-Regulation 246

Chapter 42 Building a Better Teenage Brain 250

Chapter 43 Preventing Suicide behind Bars 258

Chapter 44 Spirituality as a Path away from Suicide 262

Those Who Survived: The Sister Who Lived 267

Section IX Healing 269

Chapter 45 Achieving Self-Empowerment 271

Chapter 46 Deal with PTSD Nightmares First 275

Chapter 47 Nightmare Dream Revision and Lucid Dreaming 282

Chapter 48 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 287

Chapter 49 Narrative Exposure Therapy 292

Chapter 50 Time Perspective Therapy 296

Chapter 51 How TPT Saved Jamie from PTSD 300

Chapter 52 Nature's Gift 305

Chapter 53 Psychedelics Old and New 310

Chapter 54 Vine of the Spirits 316

Those Who Survived: Saved by the Vine 322

Section X Turning the Tide 323

Chapter 55 Turning the Tide 325

Index 335

What People are Saying About This

Larry Dossey

"Suicide is one of the most shocking events on the canvas of human existence. It often comes as a surprise not just to loved ones, but to healthcare professionals as well. In Understanding Suicide's Allure, Krippner and colleagues disclose the known facts surrounding suicide, which are substantial—and which, if acknowledged, could greatly diminish the frequency of this tragic event. Understanding Suicide's Allure is a landmark book in our understanding of suicide and will be of inestimable value to professionals and laypersons alike. This remarkable book is, in short, a lifesaver."

Deirdre Barrett

"Understanding Suicide's Allure is an excellent new resource for dealing with this tragic human dilemma. Krippner and colleagues bring their considerable collective wisdom to an accessibly written volume backed by research and clinical experience. It clearly describes approaches ranging from Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and PTSD nightmare rescripting to physiologic relaxation procedures and relevant medications. This book will be equally helpful for clinicians and for suicidal individuals and their families. Highly recommend!"

Christopher Ryan

"Engaging, insightful, and crucially important, Understanding Suicide's Allure is Stanley Krippner and his co-authors at their very best. Their combined decades of research and profound expertise in the human condition deepen our understanding of this difficult and nuanced topic."

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