Understanding Biblical Gender Equality: Women and Men in Marriage, the Home, and the Church

Understanding Biblical Gender Equality: Women and Men in Marriage, the Home, and the Church

by Hope Abigail Freeman


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Covers these Topics:

Titus 2, Gen 3, Eph 5 & Submission - NT instruction for wives to willingly submit replaces OT "he shall rule over you"

1 Cor 14:34-35 Silence in the Churches - Scholarly research 1 Cor 14:34-35 is a gloss, evidence of internal inconsistencies caused in the Bible by it

Gen 3 Desire - Debunking "desire" means "desire to control or devour", history of "desire" translations, the words "teshuqa" and "teshuba"

1 Cor 11:1-16 Heads and Coverings - Analogy of heads and bodies in the NT, Christ head of each person, Jewish tradition of Sotah in relation to legal divorce grounds, shorn heads, the public disgrace Joseph would not inflict upon Mary

Eph 5 Marriage, Submit Yourself - Hupotasso, Affirming submission of wives to their own husbands, limited by morality, conscience, callings of God, equal authority over each other's body in marriage

Eph 5 Marriage, Love Your Wife - What Love Is Not from 1 Cor 13, love does not seek it's own way dynamic, study of 1 Pet 3:7

Eph 5 Marriage, Love and Submit - The "one flesh" dynamic

Gen, The First Marriage - Why God had Adam name all the animals, meaning of "help meet" or "ezer kenegdo", creation story reveals the nature and needs of husband and wife

Gen, First Marriage Problems - Examination of singular and plural "you" in Genesis 1 and 3, "spiritual multiplication" & "paternal spiritual lineage"

Gen, First Marriage Problems Cont' - What really happened in Genesis, the first lie

Gen, Setting a Pattern of Marriage Problems - How the serpent deceived Eve, the woman's new name, leaving the garden, the rest of the story of Adam and Eve per Job Lessons from the First Marriage Symbolism of Christ in the feminine in the Bible, authority & equality in the family structure

1 Tim 2, Female Teachers etc - Holy Spirit gives gifts, women as apostles (Junia), prophets, teachers (Priscilla), Thorough analysis of 1 Tim 2 using the oldest known manuscript, The Codex Sinaiticus, The double negative negation of "ouk _ oude", we must first learn in order to teach, responsibility placed on the church for women to learn, lack of restrictions placed upon women teaching

Pause for a Rom 13 Study - Fresh look at Romans 13, John 19:11-12, 1 Pet 2:12-16 giving clarified meaning

Humanity's History - First man-made authority structures: polygamy, slavery, concubines, consistency of being declared righteous by faith not works across the OT & NT

Jesus, Women & the Law - God's original intent, God's compromise with Moses on divorce, Law as a Schoolteacher which could make no one perfect

1 Pet 3, Actions Louder Than Words - Debunking false views, esp. wives "suffering in silence" in abusive marriages, Matthew 18 in marriage, Deploring the incorrect handling of domestic abuse by some Christians, The right of Christian women to seek help for domestic abuse from specialists and legally, Avoiding divorce, hope and healing available in Jesus Christ

1 Tim 3, Female Deacons etc - Servant-leadership structure of the early NT church, Anointing of church-elected qualifying servant-leaders out of the body as elders and deacons, gifts of administration, Junia the female apostle and Phoebe the deacon, The gender-neutral language of qualifications for elders, female deacons in 1 Tim 3, monogamy clause "of one wife husbands" in polygamous culture, single men and women not excluded

Truth of the Church's History - Early church was egalitarian, perversion of the original structure, 2000 years of false teaching, Republic of the US led to Christian women regaining lost freedom and equality, deplorable state of much of the world and church in regards to rights for women

Many Who Are Last Will Be First - God will set things straight in Heaven, servant-leadership, Love others as yourself, treat them as you want to be treated, without partiality or regard to race, gender, class

In Conclusion: Biblical Gender E

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