Under Lincoln's Hat: 100 Objects That Tell the Story of His Life and Legacy

Under Lincoln's Hat: 100 Objects That Tell the Story of His Life and Legacy


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What is the oldest artifact linked to Abraham Lincoln? What does a poem written when he was just a schoolboy say about his character? Taking its cue from The History of the World in 100 Objects, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum have selected 100 items from their extensive and rare collection that will give readers an intimate glimpse into the turning points of Lincoln’s life and presidency. From a page taken from his sum book, to the gloves Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated, these objects reveal a sense of the man and his times in a fresh and immediate way. Handsomely designed, with more than 125 photographs visually complimenting the text, Under Lincoln’s Hat will be a gorgeous book and a great gift for anyone interested in one of the most iconic figures in American history.

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ISBN-13: 9781493038978
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,150,920
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, which has presented the Lincoln legacy to more than 4 million visitors since April 2005.

Carla Knorowski is the CEO of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation and writes a regular column for the foundation’s magazine, “Four Score and Seven.” A former managing director of the Chicago Humanities Festival, she earned her PhD in public policy and political science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been recognized as a Point of Light by President George H. W. Bush and the Points of Light Foundation.

Table of Contents

Preface Louise Taper ix

Introductions James M. Cornelius, PhD Carla Knorowski, PhD x

About the ALPLF and the ALPLM xiii

Part 1 Family Man

1 Fanning the Flame: Mr. Hazel's Student 2

2 Father and Son: Craftsman in Wood, Craftsman in Word 4

3 "For Fools to Read": A Page from Lincolns Cypher Book 6

4 A Solid Dock, A Boat Adrift: The Step-Family, Part I 8

5 Equal under God's Eyes: The Step-Family, Part II 10

6 The "Fatal First": Letters to a Confidant 12

7 The Bond of Holy Matrimony: A Little Slip of Paper 14

8 Spoons over Time: The Fleeting Nature of Life 16

9 A. Lincoln: Immortal Name, Immortal Man 18

10 "Dear Mary": Abraham Writes to His Wife 20

11 "My Dear Husband": Mary Writes to Abraham 22

12 Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Man: Lincoln Odds and Ends 24

13 "I Give You My Heart": Mary's Diamond Pendant 26

14 Remnants from the Second Term: The Family's Private Service 28

15 Unlucky Thirteen: Mary Lincoln, Forger 30

16 "3 Years, 10 Months, and 18 Days": The Life and Death of Eddy Lincoln 32

17 Science or Faith?: The Mystery of Abraham Lincoln 34

18 A Birthday Invitation: Willie Lincoln Turns Seven 36

19 At Home in Springfield: A Father and His Sons 38

20 Family Keepsakes: Locks of Love and Affection 40

21 The Little Soldier: Tad's Toy Cannon and Company K Photo Album 42

22 Calm in the Storm: The Missing Son 44

23 Mansion Politics: "Shoe Tad's Horse" 46

24 Some Plank, Some Boy: Tad Builds a Stage 48

25 A Dutiful Son: Robert Lincoln's Notes on Burning Letters 50

Part 2 Attorney

26 A Map of the Man: The Map of Huron 54

27 Caught, Red-Handed: Lincoln on the Attack 56

28 An Embarrassing Mistake: Lincoln Apologizes 58

29 Lincoln from A to Z: A Well-Worn Bill-Book 60

30 Working like a Donkey: Lincoln's Law Office Book 62

31 Objects of Time: The Lincoln Clocks 64

32 The Power of Baldwin's Pen: Flush Times for Abraham Lincoln 66

33 Bullock's Addition: Lincoln Represents Aunt Maria 68

34 Reflections of the Man: Mr. Lincoln's Mirror 70

35 Peace-Making Lawyer: The Non-Litigious Lincoln 72

Part 3 Wordsmith

36 Bass-Ackwards: Spoonerisms of an Unkempt Frontier 76

37 Little Pamphlet, Big Effect: The "House Divided" Speech 78

38 Correcting History: Lincoln Edits His Biography 80

39 "The Better Angels of Our Nature": First Inaugural Desk and Inkwell 82

40 Lincoln's Longest: The Conkling Letter 84

41 "Shall Not Perish": The Gettysburg Address 86

42 Compiling History: Edward Everett's Notebook 88

43 Letter to Mrs. Amanda Hall: Hopes and Principles for Wartime America 90

44 "Mortality": Lincoln's Favorite Poem 92

45 "A Heap of Jokes": Wiggo Meets the Whittier 94

Part 4 Candidate

46 Dirt under His Nails: Lincoln Breaks the Prairie 98

47 "Under the Veil": The "Black" Republican 100

48 Lincoln and Hamlin: The Campaign of 1860 102

49 Lincoln, the Candidate: Building a Bridge 104

50 "Abraham Lincoln, Union Forever": A Soldier Campaigns for Lincoln 106

51 Quiet Ambition: Lincoln Assesses the Numbers 108

52 The Shaken, Shaking Hand: The Right Hand of Lincoln 110

Part 5 President and Commander-In-Chief

53 The Face of the Presidency: The Man behind the Masks 114

54 A Historic Memento: Abraham Lincoln's Briefcase 116

55 From Sea to Shining Sea: Lincoln Builds a Railroad 118

56 "Out of Many, One": The Presidential Dinner Service 120

57 War's Grisly Reminder: The Surgical Kit 122

58 Hierarchy Trumps Democracy: The Attorney General's Opinion 124

59 Sarcasm and Strategy: Lincoln Removes Little Napoleon 126

60 Gallantry in Action: Medals of Honor 128

61 The New York Draft Riots: Lincoln Holds His Ground 130

62 The Storms of Heaven and Battle: "Honor to the Soldier and Sailor" 132

63 The Gold Hoax: Howard Strikes Again 134

64 Symbol of the American Presidency: The Presidential Seal 136

65 In Defense of the Union: Lincoln's Greatest Weapon 138

66 The "Magnificent Success": Lincoln's Penultimate Note to Grant 140

67 The Power of His Axe: An Iconic Symbol of an Iconic Man 142

68 Holding Hands across Time: The Great Emancipator and the Bull Moose 144

Part 6 Emancipator

69 A Little Scrap of Paper: The Definition of Democracy 148

70 "A Worthy Man": A Recommendation for William Johnson 150

71 One National Home: The Emancipation Proclamation 152

72 Commemorating History: The Emancipation Proclamation Pen 154

73 "Our One Common Country": Slave-Free 156

74 From Struggle to Souvenir: The Thirteenth Amendment 158

75 Chaos of a Collapsing Rebellion: A Cotton Permit Is Issued 160

Part 7 Martyr

76 Love-Struck and Cold-Blooded: Lincoln's Assassin 164

77 A Night at the Theater: Our American Cousin 166

78 Backstory of a Chair: The Ford's Theatre Rush Seat 168

79 Grim Yet Cherished Reminders: A Fateful Night 170

80 A Presidential Pocket: Its Final Contents 172

81 Valiant but Failed Efforts: A Somber Keepsake 174

82 Awaiting Her Cue: Laura Keene's Date with Destiny 176

83 Shock and Awe: The New York Daily News's Report 178

84 Wanted Alive: The Hunt for the Conspirators 180

85 Fragment of a Funeral: The Pink Marble Square 182

86 The Only Print: Gurney Takes a Photo 184

87 Soothing Melodies: The Lincolns "Take the Music" 186

88 Rest in Peace? Lincoln's Funerary Remnant 188

Part 8 Icon

89 An Innovative Spirit: Abraham Lincoln-Patent Holder 192

90 Quintessentially Lincoln: The Hat That Defined the Man 194

91 Tall in the Saddle: The Duke of… Lincoln? 196

92 Out of the Traveling Dark Room: Mathew Brady's Equipment Box 198

93 Thomas Nast and Peace: The End of an Era 200

94 "Even the Boldest Held His Breath": The World Loses a Leader 202

95 Amusements for the Young: The Parlor Monuments Game 204

96 A Martyr's Monument: Building the Lincoln Tomb 206

97 Lincoln in Your Pocket: Memory in Bronze 208

98 Sculpting Lincoln: Daniel Chester French's Maquette 210

99 Patriotic Artist: Borglum Sculpts Lincoln 212

100 The Better Angels of All Continents: Global Lincoln 214

Acknowledgments 216

Gift Acknowledgments 217

Index 219

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