Undaunted: Blood Bond: Parts 7, 8 & 9 (Volume 3)

Undaunted: Blood Bond: Parts 7, 8 & 9 (Volume 3)

by Helen Hardt


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Breaking into a cemetery isn’t anything Dante Gabriel ever thought he’d do, but he has no choice. He must recover his father’s body so he can claim his estate. Help arrives from two unexpected sources, but their plan is interrupted.

Erin Hamilton’s best friend is a wolf shifter. The man she loves is a vampire. His father is a ghost. She can deal with all of that, but new worries have surfaced. The missing doctor has returned to the hospital, and his strange actions are disturbing...but not as disturbing as the odd dreams that begin to plague her. She finds comfort and love in Dante’s arms, even as he slowly begins to change.

More secrets are revealed, and Dante and Erin recruit his cousin and her brother to help them find the missing women and discover the secrets of the Vampyre Texts, even as external forces work against them. But as Dante develops some unusual abilities and the darkness targeting him becomes more menacing, he must proceed, undaunted.

Editorial Reviews

Sassy Little Book Nerd

"Hot as hell, fireworks, all consuming, passionate, and in some scenes, damn right dirty!"

Two Darlin' Dolls and a Book Review

"An intense and sexy series."

Reading is our Satisfaction

"This instalment was packed full of everything mystery, twists, turns, passion and more questions that I need answering."

Amuse Me Books

"If you enjoy paranormal fiction with a splash of suspense, romance, and intrigue the Blood Bond Saga is the series for you."

Kirkus Reviews

In this erotic thriller sequel, a New Orleans vampire and his human lover struggle to understand their enigmatic but undeniably strong bond. Dante Gabriel and Erin Hamilton's first time together culminates in her consenting to the vampire biting her neck and consuming her blood. But coming out of her euphoric haze, Erin is disconcerted by the full realization that her lover is a vampire. Though she steers clear of "the V word," she can't deny their mutual allure. This, according to Dante, is a blood bond, an occurrence so rare that information on it is scarce. The Vampyre Texts may explain it, but Dante's grandfather Bill hasn't yet finished the translation. But why has it been so long since anyone has translated the ancient tome? That's just one of the countless mysteries challenging the couple. Erin, for one, has bite marks on her thigh and doesn't know where they're from, which likely means a vampire—most assuredly not Dante—has attacked her. There are also patients disappearing from University Hospital, where Erin, an emergency room nurse, works. She connects the missing patients by blood: They're B positive, the same type the hospital keeps running out of. And though she's trying to accept that vampires exist, Erin soon encounters more of the supernatural, including ghosts and, maybe, werewolves. Dante, meanwhile, is still recovering from his decade of captivity, courtesy of a female vampire known only as the queen. Her voice is constantly in Dante's head, insisting she retains control of him. As in the preceding novel, Hardt's (Unchained, 2018, etc.) second installment, though split into three parts, is one cohesive story. In fact, this book picks up immediately following the earlier one, carrying over mysteries ranging from Erin's inexplicable bite marks to the still-unknown queen. The couple's relationship shows unmistakable progress: While the first book teased their inevitable sex, Dante and Erin now face entirely new hurdles post-coitus. The most striking example is Bill's claim that if their blood bond is broken, both will die. The author's simple, concise prose sets an impressive pace. Succinct but descriptive details make periodic scenes in the ER exhilarating, as Erin and fellow nurses or doctors need to make quick decisions. Similarly, brevity during the explicit sex scenes amps up passion: The two are so desperate for each other that they typically forgo foreplay, leading to a fair share of thrusting and animalistic growling. The story grounds much of the supernatural elements, making the highlighted romance more believable. Dante, for instance, stresses that vampire myths are generally baseless (vamps are born and can't transform humans by biting them). And, like others of his kind, he is akin to humans. It's consequently amusing when this vampire hero doesn't seem to believe in ghosts. Along with spirits, Hardt adds numerous mysteries in the second volume and leaves quite a few questions unanswered. Nevertheless, there's some resolution (for example, the fates of Dante's father and uncle, who vanished while searching for their abducted relative) and plenty of material for the third book. An electric, often tantalizing installment enhances this vampire series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642630480
Publisher: Waterhouse Press LLC
Publication date: 12/18/2018
Series: Blood Bond Saga Series , #3
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 58,234
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.20(d)

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