Uncommon Sense: The popular misconceptions of business, investing and finance and how to profit by going against the tide

Uncommon Sense: The popular misconceptions of business, investing and finance and how to profit by going against the tide

by Mark Homer

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How would you like to succeed in business and master investment by profiting in untapped areas that the masses know nothing about?

Uncommon Sense guides you to unique, little-known and commonly misunderstood strategies that generate lasting revenue and sustained results by going against the tide.

In this book you'll discover:
- How to asses real value, understand the hidden motives of the media and see through hype.
- Real business investing models such as hybriding and super-specialisation which will enable you to invest securely and profitably.
- Understand the popular misonceptions, schemes, traps and truths which part you from your money - and learn how to defend yourself against them and secure lasting wealth.

Essential reading for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs, Uncommon Sense provides a balanced, insightful and inspiring toolkit for making smart decisions in investing and business.

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ISBN-13: 9781473657700
Publisher: John Murray Press
Publication date: 01/12/2017
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 312 KB

About the Author

Mark has bought over 350 properties for himself, his business partner Rob Moore, his family & his investors since 2003. He is a systems and spreadsheet geek and has developed a complex, secret algorithm that takes all human error out of buying residential, commercial and multi-let property.

He has commented and been referenced in almost all major publications including BBC Radio, The Independent, the FT, The Wall Street journal, as well as co authoring the UK'S 4 Best Selling Property Books.

Mark has been an entrepreneur investor since the age of 15, setting up many small businesses through University, and continually saving, re-investing and compounding money using laws of wealth that he now teaches to tens of thousands of people.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

About Mark Homer xv

Abbreviations used in this book xvii

Part 1 The concept

1 The uncommon sense philosophy 3

2 Business, investing and finance: how to profit by going against the tide 7

3 The signs that the lemmings are about to walk off the cliff 11

4 When it's easy to sell, it may smell 15

5 'Priced in' and 'real value' 19

Part 2 Popular misconceptions

6 Most assets make no money 23

7 'Alternative' investments 29

8 Who is already 'investing'? 35

9 A note on trust and scepticism 39

10 Uncommon sense 'gut feeling' 45

11 Media hype 49

12 Misconceptions, mistakes and lessons in business 55

13 Misconceptions, mistakes and lessons in finance 75

14 Misconceptions, mistakes and lessons in investing 85

15 What really works in business, finance and investing 95

16 Challenges we all face in business, finance and investing 99

17 Time saving versus time investing 105

Part 3 Strategies and tactics

18 Four overriding strategies for investment 111

19 Regulated versus unregulated investing 115

20 My investing strategies 119

21 Profiting by going against the tide 125

22 The success (and profit) strategies I live by 133

23 How to set up, grow and scale your business 137

24 Hybridizmg and super-specialization 149

Part 4 Additional resources

25 Publications and resources I respect and those I reject 155

26 Which type of investor/entrepreneur are you? 163

27 The three stages of self-development in business 167

Afterword 171

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