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Two Centuries of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Documentary Record / Edition 1

Two Centuries of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Documentary Record / Edition 1

by Stephen ValoneStephen Valone


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Valone has selected 71 documents that have either defined America's place in the world or reflected a significant episode in the history of U.S. foreign affairs. Each selection is prefaced by brief introductory remarks, that place the document in context, and is followed by a short list of suggested readings for those interested in pursuing the topic further. Designed primarily to supplement a one-semester introductory level course covering U.S. diplomatic history from its origins to the present, this collection can, because of the large number of 20th century documents, also be used in a variety of upper-level undergraduate courses in U.S. history.

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About the Author

STEPHEN J. VALONE is Associate Professor of History at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York. He is the author of A Policy Calculated to Benefit China: The United States and the China Arms Embargo, 1919-1929 (Greenwood, 1991).

Table of Contents


Treaty of Alliance with France

George Washington's Neutrality Proclamation

George Washington's Farewell Address

Thomas Jefferson's Inaugural Address

The Louisiana Purchase

James Madison's War Message to Congress

The Monroe Doctrine

Indian Removal

The Democratic Party Platform of 1844

Manifest Destiny

Abraham Lincoln's Blockade Proclamation

Suspension of the Monroe Doctrine

Reassertion of the Monroe Doctrine

The Influence of Seapower on History

McKinley's War Message to Congress

The Teller Amendment and Cuban Resolutions

McKinley Takes the Philippines

The Platt Amendment

The Open Door Notes

The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

Woodrow Wilson and Latin America

Wilson Renounces Dollar Diplomacy

Wilson and U.S. Neutrality

Wilson's War Message

The Lansing-Ishii Agreement

The Fourteen Points

The Covenant of the League of Nations


The Washington Conference Treaties

The Kellogg-Briand Pact

The Stimson Doctrine

The Good Neighbor Policy

The Neutrality Acts

The Ludlow Amendment

Roosevelt's "Quarantine" Speech

Roosevelt and U.S. Neutrality

Roosevelt's Fireside Chat on National Security

The Lend-Lease Act

The Atlantic Charter

Roosevelt's Request for Declaration of War against Japan

Declaration of Four Nations on General Security

The Yalta Agreements

The Potsdam Agreements

The Long Telegram

The Truman Doctrine

The Marshall Plan

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The China White Paper


The Korean War

Eisenhower and Guatemala

The Domino Theory

The Eisenhower Doctrine

The Bay of Pigs

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Clark Clifford and the Reappraisal of U.S. Policy towards the War in Vietnam

Lyndon Johnson's Post-Tet Address to the Nation


The Nixon Doctrine

The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty

Carter's Human Rights Foreign Policy

The Panama Canal Treaty

The Carter Doctrine

Reagan and the Soviet Union

Reagan and the Evil Empire

The Reagan Doctrine

The Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty

The Shattering of the Eastern Bloc

The New World Order

The End of the Cold War


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