Turtle Town, The Inner Puka

Turtle Town, The Inner Puka


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Snap Shell is back in the new spin-off series by the author of Iggy the Iguana!

The first book in the Turtle Town Series, The Inner Puka, is about Snap Shell, a box-shell turtle from Texas, who must find his place among a society of surfing sea turtles along California's southern coast.

Snap Shell has waited his whole life to follow his dream of becoming a real surfer. When his father is transferred to California, Snap gets the chance to embrace the much sought after waves of the West Coast while facing the challenges of a new culture full of turtle trends and stereotypes. Snap Shell sets on a quest to not only face his greatest desire, but also to overcome the external and cultural differences of being the only turtle in town who walks on his hands and feet and has to wear flippers to swim. With the help of a mysterious mentor of mythological proportions, Snap Shell learns that he is "bound to an ancient day of the turtles, a time long diminished like the traditions that once bound the inner puka of one's life to a great species." Along his journey of self-acceptance, Snap discovers his "inner puka," which represents the true self and the soul of a turtle. Soon, the cliques of sea turtles begin to realize that there's more to this box-shell turtle than what meets the eye, provoking them to unveil Snap's secrets.

While confronting the challenges of a new social environment, Snap Shell faces the harsh expectations of a father who has been living in fear since the death of Snap's mom. Snap is forced to search for answers about his family's past, discovering that his story actually began on these same beaches that he dreams of conquering today. Along the way, Snap gains the support of an odd assortment of sea-life, including a philanthropic French hermit crab named Herbert, a mute starfish who acts as a voice of reason and comic relief, and a lizard named Trekker who uses technological tools to defeat the sea. As Snap struggles to face competition with a bully named Lucas the Leatherback, who represents the definition of surfing excellence, he must also confront an unexpected dilemma with his closest turtle friend on the coast, Tula, who previously warned him that nothing is as it seems in California.

Although at times he has felt that everyone has turned their shells on him, Snap soon realizes that he might have the power to bring all of the animals on the beach together and stop the stereotypical gossip surrounding the California scene. After the Surf Barrel Competition, he ultimately receives his true prize, a deeper understanding of life as he reconnects with his father. Snap learns to overcome his fears while discovering that his greatest strengths do not lie in gaining trophies or fitting in, but within the courage to be different.

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ISBN-13: 9780981805467
Publisher: LongTale Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2011
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

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