Turmeric: Nature's Miracle Healer: Fact or Fiction?

Turmeric: Nature's Miracle Healer: Fact or Fiction?

by Penelope Ody




Turmeric has been used medicinally in South Asia for over 4,000 years, and now its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are being examined to develop treatments for a host of illnesses, from diabetes and cancer to Parkinson’s and heart disease. Here Penelope Ody provides an encyclopedic history of turmeric and its therapeutic role. From its cultivation to its traditional use in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to its centrality to the Asian diet (along with a wide range of recipes, as Ody is always aware that it is as a spice that most people will consume turmeric). Turmeric has been a traditional herbal remedy for centuries and this book investigates its suitability for 21st-century stresses, separating the hysteria about its benefits from a realistic evaluation into how it can help to improve every reader’s health.

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Publication date: 03/01/2019
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About the Author

Penelope Ody is the author of The Holistical Herbal Directory, Chinese Medicine Bible, and The Complete Medicinal Herbal

Table of Contents

1 Fashionable hype … and confusion 1

A note of caution 6

2 Meet the plant and its traditional uses 8

Many sorts of Curcuma 11

Turmeric traditions 13

Turmeric as cosmetic 16

Traditional Indian medicine 18

Traditional Chinese medicine 21

Western herbal approaches to turmeric 23

3 Focussing on the curcuminoids 25

Chemical extras 27

Patenting the extracts 32

4 Extracts and supplements 35

Curcumin C3 Complex® 35

Longvida® 36

Meriva® 37

Theracurmm® 38

BCM-95® 39

NovaSOL®Curcumin 40

Aceronon ACTIVE (now Turmeric+) 41

CurcuWIN® 41

MetaCurcumin 43

Cavacurmin® 44

Turmipure™ 44

Dosages 45

All sorts of supplements 47

5 Curcumin vs turmeric 51

Which is best? 52

Turmeric side effects 54

Some legalities 56

Personal preferences 56

6 All sorts of uses: fact or fiction? 58

Turmeric as anti-inflammatory 59

Turmeric as anti-oxidant 60

Turmeric as anti-microbial 61

Turmeric for the digestion 62

Turmeric for the liver 63

Turmeric and diabetes 65

Turmeric and cholesterol 66

Turmeric for neurological diseases 68

Turmeric and eye problems 70

Turmeric and cancer 71

Turmeric and viruses 72

Turmeric for skin disorders 73

Turmeric for cardiovascular problems 75

Turmeric for good health 75

7 Spice up your menu 78

Turmeric drinks 79

Turmeric in curry powder 83

Turmeric in cooking 85

Potent curry herbs 92

8 Turmeric for all 98

Appendix 1 Ayurvedic approach to food and herbs 103

Appendix 2 Traditional Chinese Medicine 107

Appendix 3 Making turmeric cream or ointment 111

Notes and references 113

Glossary 129

Postscript 133

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