Turban Renewal: A Tribute to Sam the Sham

Turban Renewal: A Tribute to Sam the Sham


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The flood of artist tribute albums is pretty loathsome -- too much piggybacking on someone else's creative coattails just to get heard -- but Turban Renewal shapes us more like it, from the name to a dedication to Mattie and Hattie. Take one obscure but deserving artist, assemble the right bunch of in-with-the-out-crowd suspects cum fans, and let 'em loose on the songbook. It may have prompted Rhino to get its Pharaohization best-of compilation out on CD a couple of years later -- but Turban Renewal shows even more clearly how distinctive Sam the Sham himself really is. See, he may be eternally linked with '60s garage punk now, but Sam came out of the rhythm & blues, and even those monolithic riff tunes had a lightness and swing to the rhythm, because the players were coming up with black music (and Tex-Mex R&B, in Sam's case) as a big part of their listening diet. That light feel is missing in action here -- it's almost all rock thud, bash and crash down below in the rhythm section -- and nobody comes close to matching Sam's vocal charisma or charm, either. There are plenty of worthy performances here -- it's just that the tracks mostly capture one element of Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs' essence, and the rest escape them. There are solid efforts in the faithful vein (Homer Henderson, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Untamed Youth, and the ever-reliable Fleshtones, although their take on "Medicine Man" captures the exuberance with more of a ? and the Mysterians feel). Others plug into R&B from a guitar-heavy, neo-New York Dolls angle with varying degrees of success: the Devil Dogs, John Felice, Swingin' Neckbreakers; Ranch Hounds, with their storming take on "Greenwich Grendel," and the Naughty Ones' solid R&B groove with harmonica and sax. Ben Vaughn's accordion-driven "Grasshopper" gets the charm, Ray Loney's "I Couldn't Spell !!*@!" catches the slyness, and the two power pop outings are surprisingly good (The Brood and the Vacant Lot's backing harmonies and drum drive on "How Do You Catch a Girl"). Plenty of crash and burns, too, from the merely unmemorable -- Chiflados del Ritmo, Flat Duo Jets -- to badly misconceived -- Great Gaylord's unfunny "Deputy Dog," Nine Pound Hammer's totally wrong Ramones-blast through "Oh, That's Good," or Hasil Adkins doing a one-rockabilly-wildman-band thrash on "Wooly Bully." Can't say anything on Turban Renewal really cuts the originals, but it's stronger overall than it sounds at first listen, and probably gave a lot of these bands a cool cover version for their live sets. Tell you the best thing about it, though -- it'll send you scurrying off to track down that Rhino Sam the Sham compilation. And, damn, that sucker will sure sound good.

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Release Date: 07/29/1994
Label: Norton
UPC: 0731253023422
catalogNumber: 234

Album Credits

Performance Credits

A-Bones   Track Performer
Hasil Adkins   Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Track Performer
Roky Erickson   Yells
Flat Duo Jets   Track Performer
Fleshtones   Track Performer
Lyres   Track Performer
Doug Sahm   Voices
Ben Vaughn   Guitar,Vocals
John Jorgenson   Drums
Scott McCaughey   Organ,Bass,Tambourine,Vocals
Billy Miller   Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals
Peter Zaremba   Organ,Vocals
Rudy Grayzell   Vocals
Untamed Youth   Track Performer
Vacant Lot   Track Performer
Brood   Track Performer
Teisco del Rey   Guitorgan
Javier Batise   Bass
Bruce Bennett   Guitar,Vocals
Kurt Bloch   Organ
Mike Buck   Drums,Vocals
Albert Caiati   Drums,Background Vocals
Rick Coraccio   Bass,Background Vocals
Kristine Cummings   Organ
John Felice   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer,Yells
Tad Hutchinson   Drums
Aldo Jones   Bass
Mark Korpi   Guitar,Maracas,Vocals
Roy Loney   Vocals
Handsome Dick Manitoba   Vocals,Track Performer
Bill Milhizer   Drums,Vocals
Rocky Morales   Tenor Saxophone
John Reed   Guitar
Ted Roddy   Harmonica,Bongos,Vocals
Dexter Romweber   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Sangster   Guitar
Andy Shernoff   Bass,Maracas,Vocals,Yells
Speedy Sparks   Bass,Vocals
Keith Streng   Guitar,Vocals
Joey Vincent   Drums,Vocals
Shaggy   Guitar
Naughty Ones   Track Performer
Nine Pound Hammer   Track Performer
Devil Dogs   Track Performer
Pat DiNizio   Background Vocals
Gary Moon   Bass
Ranch Hounds   Track Performer
Swingin' Neckbreakers   Track Performer
Jeff "Monoman" Conolly   Organ,Vocals
Jack Hickey   Guitar
Dave Amels   Organ
Deke Dickerson   Guitar,Vocals
Miriam Linna   Drums,Maracas,Vocals
Peter Linzell   Baritone Saxophone
Casper Rawls   Guitar,6-string bass
Dave Wesselowski   Bass,Percussion,Vocals
Joe Nick Patoski   Vocals
Janie West   Drums
Fifi   Guitar
Hentchmen   Track Performer
Teengenerate   Track Performer
Nat Brewster   Drums
Chris Horne   Guitar,Vocals
Jezebel   Guitar
Lonesome Bob   Vocals,Shaker,Cardboard Box
Gus Cordovox   Accordion,Vocals
Palmyra Delran   Guitar,screams
Pete Ciccone   Guitar,Vocals
Victor Arroyo   Drums
Steve Baise   Bass,Vocals
Matt Bartholomy   Bass,Background Vocals
Vince Brinicevic   Drums,Vocals
Caiata   Drums,Background Vocals
Alberto Chevez   Background Vocals
Rockin' Thunderbolt Enocky   Guitar
Dan Diego Fortez   Guitorgan
Fabulous Andy G.   Guitar,Vocals
Puffy Longshot   Guitar
F. Clarke Martty   Drums
Lynn Petezell   Baritone Saxophone
George Sulley   Bass
Ruyter Suys   Background Vocals
John Szymanski   Organ,Harmonica,Vocals
Jackie T-Bird   Drums
Mike Tchang   Guitar
Bill Waldron   Drums,Background Vocals
Blaine Cartwright   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Cush   Organ,Bass,Vocals
Lars Espensen   Tenor Saxophone
Ken Fox   Bass
Javier Batiz   Bass
Alberto Chavez   Background Vocals
Asch Gregory   Organ
Batman Perez   Background Vocals
Shoe   Drums
Homer Henderson   Vocals,Track Performer
Tom Jorgenson   Bass,Vocals
Philippe Marcade   Vocals
Jim Janota   Drums
Crystal Light   Drums
Betsy Mitchell   Bass
Senders   Track Performer
Chris Raymond   Drums
Philip Macade   Vocals
Fink   Guitar,Vocals
Doak Short   Percussion,Vocals
Chris Handyside   Drums,Vocals
Rockin' Jelly Bean   Bass
Ned Brewster   Drums
Germano Brix   Guitar
Tina Buck   Percussion,Vocals
Crow   Drums
Little Richard Elizondo   Vocals
Lara Espinoza   Tenor Saxophone
Lorenzo Estefan   Vocals
Great Gaylord   Vocals
Ginga Moon   Bass
Tim Purrier   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Rager   Organ
Rockin Jelly Bean   Bass
C. Cruz Rojas   Background Vocals
Michael Sweetman   Saxophone
Wild Bill Thompson   Guitar
Mighty Joe Vincent   Drums,Vocals
Marcus "The Carcass" Natale   Bass

Technical Credits

A-Bones   Producer
Hasil Adkins   Contributor
Diamond Head   Producer
Roky Erickson   Contributor
Fleshtones   Producer
Ben Vaughn   Producer
Billy Miller   Producer
Untamed Youth   Contributor
Vacant Lot   Producer
Brood   Contributor
Teisco del Rey   Contributor
Bruce Bennett   Producer
Mike Buck   Producer
Albert Caiati   Engineer
John Felice   Contributor
Bruce Hathaway   Engineer
Jay Hudson   Engineer
Dave Kirkpatrick   Engineer
Handsome Dick Manitoba   Contributor
Andy Shernoff   Producer,Contributor
Speedy Sparks   Producer
Conrad Uno   Producer,Engineer
Nine Pound Hammer   Producer
Devil Dogs   Contributor
Nau   Contributor
Ranch Hounds   Producer,Contributor
Swingin' Neckbreakers   Contributor
Jeff "Monoman" Conolly   Producer
Mike Mariconda   Producer
Hentchmen   Producer
Jezebel   Contributor
Lonesome Bob   Contributor
Greg Talenfeld   Engineer
Michael Vazquez   Engineer
Palmyra Delran   Contributor
Dave Schmitt   Producer
Pete Ciccone   Artwork
Caiata   Engineer
Paul Daughtery   Engineer
Richard Julio   Producer
Mike Caiati   Engineer
Drew Friedman   Artwork,Cover Design
Mike Vasquez   Engineer
Senders   Producer
Fink   Producer
Chiflados   Producer
Mister Diamond Head   Producer
Mister Eno Moto   Engineer

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