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Tubular Structures XIII / Edition 1

Tubular Structures XIII / Edition 1

by Ben YoungBen Young

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Tubular Structures XIII contains the latest scientific and engineering developments in the field of tubular steel structures, as presented at the 13th International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS13), Hong Kong, 15 – 17 December 2010. The International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS) has a longstanding reputation for being the principal showcase for manufactured tubing and the prime international forum for discussion of research, developments and applications in this field. The Symposium presentations herein include one invited ISTS Kurobane Lecture together with all the technical papers.

Various key and emerging subjects in the field of hollow structural sections are covered, such as: special applications and case studies, static and fatigue behaviour of connections/joints, concrete-fi lled and composite tubular members and offshore structures, stainless steel and aluminium structures, earthquake and dynamic resistance, specifi cation and standard developments, material properties and structural reliability, impact resistance and brittle fracture, fi re resistance, casting and fabrication innovations. Research and development issues presented in this book are applicable to buildings, bridges, offshore structures, entertainment rides, cranes, towers and various mechanical and agricultural equipment.

Tubular Structures XIII is thus a pertinent reference source for architects, civil and mechanical engineers, designers, steel fabricators and contractors, manufacturers of hollow sections or related construction products, trade associations involved with tubing, owners or developers of tubular structures, steel specification committees, academics and research students all around the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780415584739
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/17/2010
Pages: 760
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x 4.60(d)

Table of Contents

ISTS Kurobane lecture

Life extension of fixed platforms
N. Zettlemoyer

Bolted joints

Behaviour of I beam—SHS column steel joints with hollo-bolts: An experimental study
A.C.B. Mesquita, L.A.P. Simões da Silva & S. Jordão

Static resistance of bolted circular flange joints under tensile force
M. Couchaux, M. Hjiaj & I. Ryan

Joint rotation behaviour of bolted endplate connections to flowdrilled RHS columns
A.Y. Park & Y.C. Wang

Validation of an FE model for an experimental blind-bolted moment-resisting connection to concrete filled hollow section
A. Al-Mughairi, W. Tizani & J.S. Owen

Study on the initial stiffness of blind bolted T-stub connections
Z.Y. Wang, W. Tizani & Q.Y. Wang

Static strength of joints

Improving the ductility of welded connections in rectangular hollow sections
L.H. Teh & G.J. Hancock

Evaluation of numerical investigations on static behaviour of slender RHS K-gap joints
O. Fleischer, R. Puthli & J. Wardenier

Elastic axial rigidity formula for multi-planar CHS X-joints and its effect on the behavior of single layer ribbed domes
L.J. Jia & Y.Y. Chen

Strength of RHS K-joints in brace members with holes required for truss hot-dip galvanizing
C. López-Colina, M.A. Serrano-López, J.J. Del Coz-Díaz, G. Iglesias-Toquero & J. González-Martínez

Static behaviour of complicated multi-planar tubular joints—A case study in Guangdong Science Center
Y.B. Shao, Y.F. Jin, J.C. Zhang, Z.H. Qiu, S.P. Chiew & S.T. Lie

Strengthening T-joints in thin-walled tubular structures
A. Shaat, J. Aguilera & A. Fam


Cyclic test and analysis on CHS stiffened connections to box section girders with different details
W. Wang, Y.Y. Chen & B.D. Zhao

Experimental study on overlapped CHS K-joints under cyclic loading
X.Z. Zhao, X.B. Xu & Y.Y. Chen

Seismic performance evaluation of steel tubular columns under cyclic bidirectional loading
I.H.P. Mamaghani

Cyclic elastoplastic analysis of steel tubular braces
I.H.P. Mamaghani

Crack damage of multi-story CFT frame under strong ground motion
K. Goto & M. Saisho

Numerical study on displacement response of electric truss-columns under earthquake loads
L. Wang, J.H. Zhu, A.Z. Zhu & H.P. Zhu

Behavior of external diaphragm connection of CHS column with H-shaped beams
W.N. Sui & Y.Y. Chen

Cyclic testing of hollow structural sections for seismic applications in low to mid-rise moment frames
J. McCormick, M. Fadden & J. Buison


Buckling analysis of cold-formed RHS frames using Generalised Beam Theory
C. Basaglia & D. Camotim

Eccentric cleat plate connections in hollow section members in compression
T. Wilkinson, D. Stock & A. Hastie

Bearing capacity of hollow flange beams with web penetrations
T. Wilkinson, M. Judd, M. Popplewell & J. Salhini

Local buckling limits of tubular sections in bending and compression
A.M. Gresnigt, C.A. Willemse & S.A. Karamanos

Buckling response of submarine pipelines under combined tension and bending
S.F. Gong, H. Deng, L. Yuan & W.L. Jin

Stainless steel & aluminium

Column tests of concrete-filled aluminium tubular sections
F. Zhou & B. Young

Analytical solution for residual stresses in cold-formed stainless steel circular hollow sections due to cold bending
W.M. Quach & C. Cai

Recent research on stainless steel tubular structures
L. Gardner

Compression resistance of aluminium stub columns using Continuous Strength Method
M. Ashraf & B. Young

Residual stress pattern of stainless steel SHS
M. Jandera & J. Machacek

Effects of different adhesive and FRP on strengthening of stainless steel tubular structural members
S.M.Z. Islam & B. Young

Oval hollow sections

Numerical study on the ultimate strength of elliptical stub columns
N. Silvestre & L. Gardner

Slenderness limits for EHS and OHS subject to bending using the RHS approach
X.L. Zhao, A. Kernot, J.A. Packer & T. Haque

Biaxial bending and compression of elliptical hollow sections
T.M. Chan, J.M. Abela & L. Gardner

Instabilities in elliptical hollow section members
K.H. Law & L. Gardner

Numerical modelling of concrete-filled stainless steel elliptical hollow sections
D. Lam & X. Dai

Experimental studies of elliptical concrete-filled tube columns
N. Jamaluddin, D. Lam & J. Ye

Compression members of cold-formed steel oval hollow sections
J.H. Zhu & B. Young

Applications & case studies

PREON—The flexible standard in hall construction
O. Josat

Glazed atrium roof shopping center Cotroceni Park, Bucharest
M. Eekhout, N. Eekhout, L. Weber & M. Venhuizen

Structural design of the Spanish Pavilion for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai
J. Martínez Calzón, C. Castañón Jiménez, J.M. Ding, X. Zhao & H.H. Sun

Manufacture and construction of the Spanish Pavilion for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai
M.Y. Fang, J. Martínez Calzón & C. Castañón Jiménez

The architecture of tubular footbridges
L.J. Sanz Balduz, J.L. Abadía, J.R. León, M. Bolea, J. Arruga & M. Rivera

Diversity of design for welded joints of hollow profiles in shell structures
J. Müglitz & C. Seidel

Specification & code development

Enhanced proof strength after cold process of fabrication of non-linear metallic profiles—Comparison of two predictive models for hollow sections
B. Rossi & J.P. Jaspart

Background of the new RHS joint strength equations in the IIW (2009) recommendations
J. Wardenier, G.J. van der Vegte, J.A. Packer & X.L. Zhao

Production standards for cold-formed hollow structural sections
J.A. Packer & S.P. Chiew

Design tools for hollow section joints
K. Weynand, J. Kuck, R. Oerder, S. Herion, O. Fleischer, O. Josat & M. Schneider

Material properties of cold formed tubular sections with high yield strength steels
K. Ochi

Structural integrity

Study of the damage on tubular steel structure after 30 years in service
Å. Petersen, P. Decosemaeker & M. Lefranc

Modern design method using NIDA for scaffolding systems
Y.P. Liu & S.L. Chan

Structural integrity assessment of tubular structures containing weld defects
S. Cicero, R. Lacalle & R. Cicero

Fitness for service assessment of tubular structures using the FITNET FFS Procedure
S. Cicero, F. Gutiérrez-Solana & R. Cicero

Application of Small Punch Test for the characterization of welded joints of tubular structures
R. Lacalle, S. Cicero, J.A. Álvarez, B. Arroyo & F. Gutiérrez-Solana

Fatigue & fracture

Fatigue performance of enhanced partial joint penetration welds for tubular joints
P. Marshall, X. Qian & Y. Petchdemaneengam

New S-N curves for details in bridges with steel truss tubular superstructure
A. Nussbaumer, S. Herion, M. Veselcic & R. Dietrich

Comparison of approaches for fatigue design of different tubular joint types
F.R. Mashiri, X.L. Zhao, Z. Xiao, P. Dong & L.W. Tong

Fatigue strength of truss girders made of Very High Strength Steel
R.J.M. Pijpers & M.H. Kolstein

Failure assessment of a cracked circular hollow section T-joint including the effect of crack-front constraints
X. Qian, Z. Ou & S. Swaddiwudhipong

Assessment of brittle fracture from defects using toughness scaling model
T. Iwashita & K. Azuma

Experimental investigation on stress concentration factors for diamond bird beak T-joints
L.W. Tong, D.Q. Yan, Y.Q. Liu & X.L. Zhao

Fatigue resistant truss connections with thick walled chords
I. Mangerig, R. Wagner & N. Romen

Fatigue behavior of welded CHS joints of large dimensions
I. Mangerig, N. Romen & R. Wagner

Design and fatigue assessment of a stinger
N. Ermolaeva, Y. Yu & L. Zhao

Influence of welding residual stresses on stable crack growth in tubular K-joints under compressive fatigue loadings
C. Acevedo & A. Nussbaumer

Crane runways made of hot-rolled mannesmann steel hollow (MSH) sections
S. Herion, O. Josat, C. Dittmann, P. Sunder, O. Fleischer & J. Dechent

Numerical and experimental plastic collapse loads and CTODs of a cracked square hollow section (SHS) K-joint
S.T. Lie, B.F. Zhang, T. Li & Z.M. Yang

Composite construction

Moment capacity of concrete filled double skin tubes
X.L. Zhao & A. Choi

Parametric studies of behaviour of composite beam-column end plate connections subjected to low-probability, high-consequence loading
O. Mirza & B. Uy

FE analysis of composite tubular K-joints subjected to static loading
Q.Y. Song, L.H. Han & X.L. Zhao

In-plane creep behaviour of concrete-filled steel tubular arches
Y.L. Pi, M.A. Bradford & W.L. Qu

Strength design against in-plane failure of concrete-filled steel tubular arches
Y.L. Pi, M.A. Bradford, C.Y. Liu & Y.Y. Wang

Inclined, tapered and STS concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) stub columns under axial compression
L.H. Han, Q.X. Ren & W. Li
Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns with a square outer tube and a circular inner tube: Stub column tests
T. Yu & J.G. Teng

Experimental investigation on tubular columns infilled with ultra-high strength concrete
J.Y.R. Liew & D.X. Xiong

Recent developments on design of composite columns in Hong Kong
K.F. Chung & C.K. Chan

Experiment investigations of stress concentration factor of concrete-filled tubular T joints
J. Chen, J. Chen & W.L. Jin

An experimental study of rectangular concrete filled tubular (CFT) columns with high strength concrete
D. Hernández-Figueirido, J.M. Portoles, M.L. Romero & J.L. Bonet

Effect analysis of suspender damage on through concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge
H. Chen, W. He, B. Wang & L. Huang


Experimental evaluation of steel dual tube column system for fire protection
M.B. Wong & J.D. Wang

FE analysis of self-consolidating concrete filled double skin tubular columns subjected to fires
H. Lu, X.L. Zhao & L.H. Han

Fire resistance design of concrete-filled double skin tubular (CFDST) columns
H. Lu, X.L. Zhao & L.H. Han

Structural performance of extended end-plate connections between tubular steel members in fire
O. Salem, G. Hadjisophocleous & E. Zalok

A numerical study of the fire behaviour of high strength concrete filled tubular columns
A. Espinos, M.L. Romero, A. Hospitaler & C. Ibañez

Fire design of external semi-rigid composite joints
P. Schaumann & O. Bahr

An experimental study of structural behaviours of CHS T-joints subjected to brace axial compression in fire condition
M.P. Nguyen, T.C. Fung & K.H. Tan

Numerical models and parametric study on ultimate strength of CHS T-joints subjected to brace axial compression under fire condition
M.P. Nguyen, K.H. Tan & T.C. Fung

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