True Love X 2: Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Prequel #1

True Love X 2: Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Prequel #1

by Michael Campbell

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If you loved Bound, you'll want to know how Tom & Kate and Ginger & Jacqueline got together. But True Love X 2 is a lot more than two love stories!
This book is for those who want thrills and intrigue in their complicated romances——and don't mind some darkness, too. While it has both heterosexual and bisexual romance, there is also drug use leading to murder, an assault, a killer getting a shot at redemption, that same killer botching it, a broken marriage, and a widow who finds the love of her life on the day of her husband's funeral. 
The Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers Series' characters are casually kinky and there's lots of intermingling, but the sex is incidental, not the driving force behind the narratives. In True Love X 2, most of it isn't terribly explicit——though some sure is——as it is more than anything, the set up to a dark psychological thriller. You might find a few of the scenes hot enough to dog-ear the page, but you'll be disappointed if you're looking for erotica.
Here you'll find the cast of Bound's backstories. You will meet Michael Turner in his final days and see how he interacts with Charley Hale, Sal, and Jimmy Connelly. Discover how Tom came to be Tom in the middle of the night in 1995. Learn how Ginger went from Jacqueline's employee to partner, when they met Marcus and Theo, and how Stella weaseled her way into their lives. 
True Love X 2 DOES NOT HAVE A CONCLUSIVE ENDING. This is a significant revision of The Family Trust Book 1. 

Verified Purchaser Reviews of the TFT Books:
Julius Z: "there are some hilarious moments…"
Debra Wilson: "Absolutely worth reading if you like dark stories. I loved it."
Brandon: "Well-written, intelligently crafted, dark drama."
Alex James: "A Great book. It made me laugh out loud."
Gregg Early: "The writing is tight and the characters are believable… A fun story with enough intrigue, sex and relationship dynamics mixed in to make it fresh." This would translate very well to the screen."
?: "The story is well written… Readers will love the fact that the setting really comes across powerfully and in ways readers can picture it...beautifully described."
V.E.: "The Family Trust Book a unique book with a hefty mix of sex, deception and questionable morals. With some dark moments, over the top silly episodes, plenty of intrigue and a little mystery, this book has a lot going for it."
mint tea: "There are some adult situations and strong language in this one, so it isn't for the faint of heart. There are also a lot of laughs and jaw-dropping moments as well…"
Sky Rae: "Campbell's novel is well written and engaging." "While the novel is well written, I did find that some of the situations - the violence, sexuality, vulgarity - were a bit too intense for me… It has the feel of a Tarantino…sort of story. If that's your thing, you'll enjoy this one."
Grady Harp: "Michael's writing style falls into the psychological thriller genre but it is much more than a suspense filled epic." "Enormously humorous at times." "Engrossing and entertaining, crude and strange- it all works very…well."

All of Michael Campbell's books feature strong women as primary characters. The books are racy but there is a sometimes subtle, sometimes in-your-face feminism throughout them. It's meant to be instructive because smarter men mean safer women and a better world.

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BN ID: 2940155570813
Publisher: Michael Campbell
Publication date: 04/23/2018
Series: Wicked Dark Boston Thrillers
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I am a father, educator, ex-academic, and now, fiction author who writes sexy thrillers for adults that will make you think, laugh out loud, and might turn you on. Because they are packaged in a way that will appeal to men, it can be hard to spot sometimes, but everything I write has a feminist conscience. Smarter men mean safer women and a better world. 
The books I love most are fast-paced, gripping thrillers with lots of twists and strong women characters. That’s why I try to fill mine with gritty, hard-boiled leading ladies who can kick your ass and men who model the confidence and humility necessary to overcome all the sexist garbage we’re taught and learn from the strong women in our lives. Still, I’m only just able to spot some of the sexism in my own thinking and work. 
It’s fun to mess around with gender-role stereotypes (Tom all but wears an apron and frets when the ladies aren’t well fed), in particular. This can sometimes come across as patronizing, though. Note that the gangsters, spies, and other underworld types I choose for villains are almost always men, and when they are women, such as Stella, they’ve been misled or lied to—by men—and they’re not all bad. When it comes to violent crime, the statistics back me up on that, but it’s still sexist.
I love the noir tradition of pushing a flawed, everyday person into the role of perpetrator. Or, having the heroine make the same stupid mistake that you or I would in a given situation and then have to work her way out of it.
Another thing you’ll notice in my writing is that the protagonists are often searching in untraditional places for a sense of home and family, of belonging to something bigger than them.
In the near future, I'll be working more on crime noir with the Wicked Dark Boston Thriller Series, a sci-fi saga about Kika the Hunter, heir to the throne of Ios, an Amazon planet, who must rectify her faith with the imminent harvesting of Earth for slaves, and an Odyssey-inspired epic that starts with the truth of what I saw with my own eyes on August 12th, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA. That one is wreaking havoc with my blood pressure, but it's a story that needs to be told and fiction is the only way it will have a prayer of cutting through the noise.

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