Truckers, Kickers, Cowboys Angels: The Blissed-Out Birth of Country-Rock , Vol. 7: 1974

Truckers, Kickers, Cowboys Angels: The Blissed-Out Birth of Country-Rock , Vol. 7: 1974

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The final volume of Bear Family's seven-part country-rock history Truckers, Kickers, Cowboys Angels: The Blissed-Out Birth of Country-Rock concludes the story of the rise of country-rock by illustrating ways rock worked its way into mainstream country, while mainstream rock embraced the sunny vibes of California cowboy music so thoroughly it no longer seemed country. Of these two trends, the latter doesn't get as much space on this double-disc volume devoted to the music of 1974-1975. It's there in the Doobie Brothers' mellow "Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)" and the Outlaws' railroad-train twang "There Goes Another Love Song," plus the laid-back boogie of the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, who sound like a lither Eagles on "Trouble in Paradise." All this pales in comparison to the rise of Waylon and Willie. These long-haired outlaws started to take over Nashville -- it's hard to mistake how Hank Williams, Jr. and Charlie Daniels, two veterans, decided to remake themselves in their image -- and their shadow is cast elsewhere, evident in the rise of Kinky Friedman, Billy Swan's back-to-the-'50s rock & roll, Larry Jon Wilson's pungent redneck funk, and even Doug Sahm, who formed the first version of the Texas Tornados and then bowed out of the Austin competition with "Cowboy Peyton Place." Elsewhere, Guy Clark released his classic "Desperados Waiting for a Train" and "L.A. Freeway," Hoyt Axton settled into the '70s hangover of "When the Morning Comes," and the last recordings of Gram Parsons are heard. Parsons died in 1973, the year covered in the previous volume, but "Brass Buttons" appeared in 1974 and provides a nice counterpart to the equally wistful Willie tune "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," the song that closes this set and series. "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" gave Nelson his first number one single and, in doing so, provided the triumph not just for outlaw country but country-rock, proving how these cosmic cowboys changed American music for good.

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Release Date: 09/04/2015
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 5397102173677
catalogNumber: 5027594
Rank: 88803


Disc 1

  1. Return of the Grievous Angel
  2. Life’s Greatest Fool
  3. Crooked Judge
  4. Building Fires
  5. Long Time Gone
  6. Cajun Moon
  7. When the Morning Comes
  8. After the Fire Is Gone
  9. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
  10. Stoned at the Jukebox
  11. Willie Jones
  12. Mule Skinner Blues
  13. Mother Nature’s Way of Saying High
  14. Ohoopee River Bottomland
  15. L. A. Freeway
  16. Ripplin‘ Waters
  17. Border Town
  18. Tell Me What You Want (And I’ll Give You What You Need)
  19. I Can Help
  20. There Goes Another Love Song
  21. Bloody Mary Morning
  22. Brass Buttons

Disc 2

  1. Trouble in Paradise
  2. Knoxville Girl
  3. From a Silver Phial
  4. Runways of the Moon
  5. In My Hour of Darkness
  6. Sweet Desert Childhood
  7. Southbound
  8. Something’s Wrong With the Beaver
  9. Slowin‘ Down
  10. E.E. Lawson
  11. Wait a Minute
  12. Lover Please
  13. We Had It All
  14. Railroad Man
  15. Mississippi, You’re on My Mind
  16. Cowboy Peyton Place
  17. Desperados Waiting for a Train
  18. Boulder to Birmingham
  19. Wild Wicked Woman of the West
  20. Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard
  21. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Rowan   Guitar,Vocals
Clarence White   Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Hoyt Axton   Guitar,Vocals
Guy Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Rodney Crowell   Background Vocals
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle
Emmylou Harris   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Chris Hillman   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Waylon Jennings   Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bill Keith   Banjo
Kris Kristofferson   Background Vocals
Willie Nelson   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Dottie Rambo   Background Vocals
J.J. Cale   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Clark   Guitar,Vocals
Rita Coolidge   Background Vocals
Gram Parsons   Vocals
John Prine   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bonnie Raitt   Vocal Harmony
Linda Ronstadt   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Doug Sahm   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Wallace   Acoustic Guitar
Jesse Winchester   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Pete Carr   Dobro,Guitar,Background Vocals
Tracy Nelson   Vocals
Jesse Ed Davis   Guitar
Amos Garrett   Guitar
Gene Parsons   Drums,Vocals
Skip Battin   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
James Burton   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Guitar (Electroacoustic)
Randle Chowning   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Rick Cunha   Acoustic Guitar
Dick Feller   Guitar
Donnie Fritts   Vocals
Mac Gayden   Guitar
Steve Gibson   Guitar
Lloyd Green   Steel Guitar
Richard Greene   Bass,Fiddle,Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Tom Johnston   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Lee   Drums,Vocals
Dennis Linde   Acoustic Guitar
Augie Meyers   Vox Organ
Panama Red   Guitar,Background Vocals
Henry Paul   Guitar,Vocals
John Reid   Acoustic Guitar
Patrick Simmons   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Swan   Organ,Vocals,Background Vocals
Sammi Smith   Background Vocals
Jim Glaser   Vocals
Sue Richards   Vocals
Rick Vito   Slide Guitar
Tompall Glaser   Background Vocals
Richie Furay   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Russell   Background Vocals
John McEuen   Banjo,Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Reba Rambo   Background Vocals
Jim Gordon   Drums
Ben Keith   Steel Guitar
Mickey Raphael   Harmonica
Bill Kirchen   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Ron Cornelius   Electric Guitar
Dan Penn   Background Vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow   Steel Guitar
Oscar Underwood Adams   Mandolin
Ritchie Albright   Drums
Ava Aldridge   Vocals
Atwood Allen   Rhythm Guitar
Jack Barber   Bass
Bruce Barlow   Bass
Jeff Baxter   Steel Guitar
Barry Beckett   Piano,Keyboards
Ben Benay   Guitar,Harmonica,Jew's Harp
Lea Jane Berinati   Background Vocals
Byron Berline   Fiddle
Hayword Bishop   Drums
Ginger Blake   Background Vocals
John Boylan   Acoustic Guitar
Buddy Brayfield   Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Peter Bunetta   Drums
Buddy Cage   Steel Guitar
Paul Cannon   Electric Guitar
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
Pat Carter   Guitar
Steve Cash   Harmonica,Percussion,Vocals
Tommy Cathey   Bass
Charlie Daniels   Banjo,Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Chip Young   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Johnny Christopher   Acoustic Guitar
Roger Clark   Drums
Vassar Clements   Fiddle
Charles Cochran   Piano
Chuck Cochran   Piano
Tommy Cogbill   Bass
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Jim Colvard   Bass,Guitar
Roger Crabtree   Harmonica
Tom Crain   Guitar,Vocals
Sammy Creason   Drums
Randy Cullers   Drums
Glen D. Hardin   Piano,Electric Piano
John Dawson   Guitar,Vocals
Terry Dearmore   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Shane Keister   Piano
Lance Dickerson   Drums,Vocals
Donny Dolan   Drums
Dave Doran   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Spencer Dryden   Drums
Kelly Dunn   Organ
Fred Edwards   Drums
Si Edwards   Percussion,Drums
Bobby Emmons   Piano
Paul English   Drums
Chris Ethridge   Bass,Vocals
Jimmie Fadden   Guitar,Harmonica,Accordion,Vocals
Billy C. Farlow   Harmonica,Vocals
George Frayne   Piano
Gib Guilbeau   Fiddle,Vocals
Dick Glasser   Vocals
Duke Goff   Bass
Emory Gordy   Bass
Jeannie Green   Background Vocals
Ron Grinel   Drums
David Grisman   Mandolin,Background Vocals
James William Guercio   Guitar
John Guerin   Drums
Eddie Guzman   Timbales
Jeff Hanna   Acoustic Guitar,Steel Guitar,Vocals
John Harris   Keyboards
Warren Hartman   Keyboards
Roger Hawkins   Drums
Jack Hicks   Dobro
Russ Hicks   Acoustic Guitar,Steel Guitar
Joel Scott Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Hinton   Guitar,Background Vocals
Ginger Holladay   Background Vocals
Mary Holladay   Background Vocals
Milt Holland   Percussion
David Hood   Bass
Michael Hossack   Drums
John Hughey   Steel Guitar
John Inmon   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Johnson   Guitar
John Kahn   Bass
David Kemper   Drums
Jerry Kroon   Drums
Russ Kunkel   Drums
Joe Lala   Percussion
Leo LeBlanc   Steel Guitar
Lenny LeBlanc   Bass,Vocals
Bernie Leadon   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro
Chuck Leavell   Piano
Mike Leech   Bass
Lester   Fiddle,Mandolin
Kenny Malone   Percussion,Drums
Jerry McGee   Guitar
Bucky Meadows   Guitar
Ralph Mooney   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Farrell Morris   Percussion
Wayne Moss   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Guitar (Electroacoustic)
Larry Muhoberac   Piano
David Nelson   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Newell   Banjo,Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gary P. Nunn   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Frank O'Keefe   Bass
Ron Oates   Keyboards
Ronnie Oldham   Piano,Keyboards
Spooner Oldham   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bill Payne   Piano
Jody Payne   Guitar,Mandolin
Herb Pedersen   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro,12-string Guitar
Perkins   Dobro,Guitar,Steel Guitar
Ray Pohlman   Bass
Frank Poindexter   Dobro,Background Vocals
Walter Poindexter   Banjo,Background Vocals
Tiran Porter   Bass,Vocals
George Rains   Drums
Tomás Ramírez   Saxophone
Billy Ray Reynolds   Guitar
Johnny Rivers   Vocals
Johnny Sandlin   Bass
Timothy B. Schmit   Vocal Harmony
Randy Scruggs   Guitar
Buddy Skipper   Percussion,Horn,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
George Soulé   Vocals,Background Vocals
J.D. Souther   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Bee Spears   Bass
Andy Stein   Fiddle,Saxophone
Stray Straton   Bass,Background Vocals
Henry Strzelecki   Acoustic Bass
Eddie Struzick   Vocals
Tommy Talton   Acoustic Guitar
Hughie Thomasson   Guitar,Vocals
Bobby Thompson   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Vocals,Background Vocals
John Tichy   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Rev. Timothy Wright   Vocals
Ron Tutt   Drums
Mike Utley   Organ
Dan Walsh   Background Vocals
David Walshaw   Drums
Florence Warner   Background Vocals
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Merle Watson   Guitar
Belinda West   Background Vocals
Jerry Wexler   Background Vocals
Larry Whitmore   Guitar
John "Bucky" Wilkin   Guitar
Hank Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Jon Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Wright   Vocals
Reese Wynans   Harmonica
Monte Yoho   Drums
Reggie Young   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Dan Beck   Background Vocals
James K. Brown   Organ
Harry Hess   Steel Guitar
Charlie McCoy   Flute,Harmonica,Piano,Vocals
Orville Rhodes   Steel Guitar
Bobbie Nelson   Piano
Michael Granda   Percussion,Autoharp,Vocals
Billy Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Hal Rugg   Dobro,Steel Guitar
N.D. Smart   Drums
Michael Utley   Piano,Keyboards
Richard Betts   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro,Electric Guitar,Vocals
John Hartman   Drums
Charlie Hayward   Bass
Fred Carter   Dobro,Guitar
Larrie Londin   Drums
John McDowell   Bass,Vocals
Leland Sklar   Bass
Buck Rambo   Background Vocals
Rex Thomas   Vocals
Julia Tillman   Background Vocals
Beegie Cruzer   Keyboards
John Dillion   Acoustic Guitar,Fiddle,Mandolin,Percussion,Autoharp,Electric Guitar
Richard Friedman   Vocals
Willie Fong Young   Background Vocals
Joe Allen   Bass
Bob Livingston   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Steven Walker   Vocals
"Uncle" Mickey Moody   Rhythm Guitar
Joel Green   Bass
Kenneth Bell   Acoustic Guitar
Gary Boggs   Steel Guitar
David Briggs   Piano
Ronnie Tutt   Drums
Donnie Lowell   Harmonica
John Christopher   Acoustic Guitar
Taz Di Gregorio   Keyboards,Vocals
Bobbe Seymour   Steel Guitar
James Colvard   Guitar
John Wilkin   Guitar
Paul Harris   Flute,Keyboards
Michael Price   Background Vocals
Gary B. White   Background Vocals
Billy English   Drums
Janet Helm   Background Vocals
Ronald L. Perry   Vocals

Technical Credits

Peter Rowan   Composer
Hoyt Axton   Composer,Producer
Guy Clark   Composer
Emmylou Harris   Composer
Waylon Jennings   Composer,Producer
Kris Kristofferson   Producer
Willie Nelson   Composer,Producer
Jimmie Rodgers   Composer
J.J. Cale   Composer
Gene Clark   Composer
Steve Cropper   Producer
Gram Parsons   Composer,Producer
John Prine   Composer
Doug Sahm   Composer
Jesse Winchester   Composer,Producer
Robert Hunter   Composer
Gene Parsons   Composer
Donnie Fritts   Composer
Rob Galbraith   Producer
Richard Greene   Producer
Thomas Jefferson Kaye   Producer
Henry Paul   Composer
Patrick Simmons   Composer
Billy Swan   Composer
Barefoot Jerry   Producer
Troy Seals   Composer
Dan Penn   Composer
Brian Ahern   Producer
David Anderle   Producer
Audie Ashworth   Producer
Steve Barri   Producer
Joe Boyd   Producer
John Boylan   Producer
Michael Brovsky   Producer
Steve Cash   Composer
Charlie Daniels   Composer
Chip Young   Producer
Jack Clement   Producer
Bill Danoff   Composer
Nick DeCaro   String Arrangements
Bruce Dees   Producer
James Luther Dickinson   Composer
Tom Dowd   Producer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes
Ed Freeman   Producer
Glyn Johns   Producer
Russ Hicks   Producer
Paul Hornsby   Producer
Jimmy Ibbotson   Composer
John Inmon   Composer
Bob Johnston   Producer
Allan McDougall   Producer
William McEuen   Producer
Huey P. Meaux   Producer
Wayne Moss   Composer,Producer
David Nelson   Composer
Herb Pedersen   Composer
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Johnny Rivers   Producer
Fred Rose   Composer
Paul Rothchild   Producer
Johnny Sandlin   Producer
J.D. Souther   Composer
Glen Spreen   Producer
Ted Templeman   Producer
Hughie Thomasson   Composer
Bobby Thompson   Composer
Jerry Wexler   Producer
Bergen White   Arranger
L.E. White   Composer
Neil Wilburn   Producer
Hank Williams   Composer
Larry Jon Wilson   Composer
Monte Yoho   Composer
James T. Roberts   Composer
Richard Betts   Composer,Producer
John Rigby   String Arrangements
Richard Friedman   Composer
Tom Brown   Composer
John Christopher   Composer
Bob Montgomery   Producer
Nikki Pedersen   Composer
Danny Finley   Composer
Mark M. Dawson   Composer
Ronald L. Perry   Producer

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