Tribute To Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life [Bonus Tracks]

Tribute To Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life [Bonus Tracks]


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A diminutive yet larger than life and remarkably stalwart knight of the heavy metal round table who could silence a sold-out arena with a single note and then elicit a thunderous roar with the flash of a horned hand, the late Ronnie James Dio is as worthy of veneration as any metal god, and this 2014 tribute album, which was organized by his wife Wendy and raises money for his own Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, offers up 14 reasons why. Tribute albums can prove problematic, especially when they forgo emotional narrative for name recognition, or when participating artists spend too much time trying (too hard) to subvert the songs, but Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life succeeds by remaining true to its source material. This approach can also backfire by descending into karaoke, but each cut here is delivered via the full-blooded ferocity of friends, family, and (famous) fans, so it never feels phoned in. In fact, some of the performances, like Anthrax's ferocious take on Black Sabbath's "Neon Knights" and Metallica's ambitious medley of "A Light in the Black," "Tarot Woman," "Stargazer," and "Kill the Kingare" are so dialed in that they induce whiplash -- even Tenacious D, who built a career (albeit a comedy one) out of unabashed Dio worship, spend less energy debasing "Last in Line" with a "Stairway to Heaven"-inspired recorder arrangement and more time delivering the meat of it like it was the closing song of a last chance battle of the bands set. Sure, there are some limp moments (Rob Halford and a cast of past and present Dio members, despite their best efforts, just can't seem to locate the power source on "Man on the Silver Mountain"), but for the most part, This Is Your Life rocks the fu#k out, and it's a testament to RJD's talents as a molten metal scribe that instead of sticking their necks out and screaming "hey, look at me!," everybody pretty much sticks with the program. [Tribute was also released with two bonus tracks.]

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Release Date: 04/08/2014
Label: Imports
UPC: 4943674169283
catalogNumber: 1047079


  1. Neon Knights
  2. The Last In Line
  3. The Mob Rules
  4. Rainbow In the Dark
  5. Straight Through the Heart
  6. Starstruck
  7. The Temple of the King
  8. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
  9. Holy Diver
  10. Catch the Rainbow
  11. I
  12. Man on the Silver Mountain
  13. Ronnie Rising Medley: A Light in the Black/Tarot Woman/Stargazer/Kill t
  14. This is Your Life
  15. Heaven and Hell
  16. Stand Up and Shot

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doro   Vocals
Craig Goldy   Guitar
Vinny Appice   Drums
Jimmy Bain   Bass
Joey Belladonna   Vocals
Frank Bello   Bass
Charlie Benante   Drums
Jack Black   Vocals
Ronnie James Dio   Vocals
Oz Fox   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Gaines   Bass,Vocals
Rob Halford   Vocals
Kirk Hammett   Guitar
James Hetfield   Guitar,Vocals
Scott Ian   Guitar
Matthias Jabs   Guitar
Klaus Meine   Vocals
Jeff Pilson   Bass
Mike Portnoy   Drums
Rudy Sarzo   Bass
Michael Sweet   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Sweet   Drums
Corey Taylor   Vocals
Lars Ulrich   Drums
Doug Aldrich   Guitar
Biff Byford   Vocals
Russ Parrish   Guitar
Robert Trujillo   Bass
Brooks Wackerman   Drums
James LoMenzo   Bass
Brian Tichy   Drums
Mikkey Dee   Drums
Oni Logan   Vocals
Phil Campbell   Guitar
Johnny Dee   Drums
Roy Mayorga   Drums
Rowan Robertson   Guitar
Nick Douglas   Bass
Lemmy Kilmister   Vocals
Toby Jepson   Vocals
Rob Caggiano   Guitar
Adam Dutkiewicz   Guitar,Vocals
Mike D'Antonio   Bass
Joel Stroetzel   Guitar
Tim "Ripper" Owens   Vocals
Russell Allen   Vocals
Kyle Gass   Recorder,Vocals
Mike Orlando   Bass,Guitar
Bas Maas   Guitar
Justin Foley   Drums
John Spiker   Bass
Lzzy Hale   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Hottinger   Guitar
Josh Smith   Bass
John Konesky   Guitar
Glen Hughes   Vocals
Luca Princiotta   Guitar
Simon Wright   Drums
Rudolf Schenker   Guitar
Jason Christopher   Bass
Arejay Hale   Drums
Howard Jones   Vocals
Scott Warren   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Christian Martucci   Guitar

Technical Credits

Dio   Composer
Robert John   Band Photo
Ritchie Blackmore   Composer
Vinny Appice   Composer
Jimmy Bain   Composer
Howard Benson   Producer
Geezer Butler   Composer
Vivian Campbell   Composer
Wyn Davis   Producer,Engineer
Paul DeCarli   Engineer
Ronnie James Dio   Composer,Producer
Wendy Dio   Executive Producer,Management,Band Photo
Tony Iommi   Composer
Bob Kulick   Producer
Klaus Meine   Band Photo
Jeff Pilson   Producer,Band Photo
Mike Portnoy   Band Photo
Cozy Powell   Composer
Rudy Sarzo   Band Photo
Michael Sweet   Producer
Corey Taylor   Producer
Stephanie Taylor   Management
Mike Plotnikoff   Producer,Engineer
Brian Tichy   Band Photo
Kent Matcke   Engineer
Bill Ward   Composer
Neil Zlozower   Band Photo
Mark Weiss   Band Photo
Greg Fidelman   Producer,Creative Producer
Danny Bernini   Engineer
Alex Solca   Band Photo
Gene Kirkland   Band Photo
Roy Mayorga   Engineer
Sergio Chavez   Engineer
Mike Gillies   Engineer
Larry Mazer   Management
Andy Sneap   Engineer
Cameron Webb   Producer,Engineer
Malcolm Dome   Liner Notes
Halestorm   Producer
Rudy Kronenberger   Producer
Adam Dutkiewicz   Producer
Mike Orlando   Engineer
Koh Sakai   Liner Notes
Hatsukazu "Hatch" Inagaki   Engineer
Gary Jay   Publicity
Tracy Grijalva   Composer
Dan Monti   Engineer
Stephanie Cabral   Band Photo
Jay Ruston   Engineer
Kenny Gabor   Band Photo
Martin Hansen   Producer
Brett Chassen   Producer,Engineer
John Spiker   Producer
Bill McGathy   Management
Eddie Trunk   Liner Notes
Kai Swillus   Band Photo
Vincent Hartong   Management,Band Photo
Marc Theis   Band Photo
Thomas Jensen   Management
Matthew Rodgers   Band Photo
Sara Lyn Killion   Engineer
Jochen Rolfes   Band Photo
Mikael Nord Andersson   Producer
Jeff Yeager   Band Photo
Munsey Ricci   Publicity
Ute Kromrey   Publicity
Shelly Berggren   Management
Todd Singerman   Management
Scott Warren   String Arrangements
Adrenaline Mob   Producer
Maria Ferraro   Publicity
Holger Koch   Management
Marc Sasso   Cover Art
Peter F. Amend   Management
Iana Lipnik   Band Photo
Giulio Arman-Roaldi   Band Photo
Alex Kirzhnert   Band Photo
Kirsten Sprinks   Publicity
Mary Arman-Roaldi   Band Photo
Trudy Vandenbrink   Band Photo
Sharon Weiss   Publicity
Renato Nunes   Band Photo
Patricia Kibby   Band Photo
Michele Fleischli   Band Photo
Tim Maher   Management

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