Traveling with Alzheimer's: Year Two

Traveling with Alzheimer's: Year Two

by Brian Scott Edwards MD FNLA

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I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in December 2017. I published Waiting For When I forget I have Alzheimer’s YEAR ONE in February 2019. This new book: Traveling With Alzheimer’s YEAR TW0 was finished in December 2019. I am presently working on the YEAR THREE BOOK and should finish it in December 2020. I believe the reader will be surprised by my disease progression over the first two years. I clearly document how the diagnosis was made in the YEAR ONE book In this second I wanted to demonstrate that people with Alzheimer’s can travel. I encourage people to have fun in the early stages of their disease rather than struggle trying to find a cure. I myself am in a non-treatment trial. I write about getting my second round of scans in YEAR TWO. I am not told the results of these tests. I am donating my brain to the trail. It’s all about paying it forward. I review the recent major drug trial failure and articles and books about Alzheimer’s. I try to break up the sober information with fun information about my trips. I have 5 cruises planned for YEAR THREE so stay tuned. You can read about it in real time on my blog. Or follow me on twitter on @brianedwardsMD

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ISBN-13: 9781796085983
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 01/31/2020
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About the Author

Brian Edwards MD has passed boards in Obesity, Lipidology, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He retired from the practice of medicine in 2009 to travel with his wife. He has written books on Cholesterol treatment, Diet while traveling, and Obesity treatment. I am waiting till I forget I have Alzheimer's disease is his fifth book. He went to Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn College in NYC. He graduated from the Autonomous Universidad de Guadalajara and did his Internal Medicine Residency at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. Later he did a fellowship at Kansas University Medical Center in Infectious Disease.

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