Translations into Greek and Latin Verse

Translations into Greek and Latin Verse

by Richard Claverhouse Jebb


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Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb (1841–1905) was an influential Greek scholar and politician. First published in 1907, as the second edition of an 1873 original, this book contains a series of Jebb's translations from English poetry into Greek and Latin verse. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Greek, Latin and English literature.

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ISBN-13: 9781107686526
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 05/08/2014
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.71(d)

Table of Contents

1. Abt Vogler Browning; 2. Tithonus Tennyson; 3. 'Home the brought her warrior dead' Tennyson; 4. From 'Henry IV' Part I. Act I Scene III Shakespeare; 5. The Dying Swan Tennyson; 6. Silence Lord Houghton; 7. From 'The Spanish Gypsy' George Eliot; 8. In Memoriam, Stanza LXIII Tennyson; 9. From Timon of Athens' Act IV Scene III Shakespeare; 10. 'Tears, idle tears' Tennyson; 11. Stanzas Keats; 12. Darkness Lord Byron; 13. 'Many a year is in its grave' Longfellow; 14. From 'Julius Caesar' Act II Scene I Shakespeare; 15. Song from 'The Arcades' Milton; 16. Ode Prior; 17. From 'Prometheus Unbound' Shelley; 18. On an Early Death Lord Byron; 19. From 'The Progress of Poesy' Gray; 20. From 'King John' Act IV Scene I Shakespeare; 21. To a Lady's Girdle Waller; 22. Iphigenia Tennyson; 23. From 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' Act V Scene I Beaumont and Fletcher; 24. The Praise of Virtue Marshall; 25. From 'The Virgin Martyr' Act IV Scene III Massinger; 26. Mycerinus Matthew Arnold; 27. Diaphenia Constable; 28. From 'Hamlet' Act III Scene III Shakespeare; 29. The Last Man Campbell; 30. From 'Enoch Arden' Tennyson; 31. From 'Paradise Lost' Book I 105-124 Milton; 32. The Progress of Poesy Matthew Arnold; 33. The Coming of Arthur Tennyson; 34. From 'Atalanta in Calydon' Swinburne; 35. 'Her sufferings ended with the day' James Aldrich; 36. From 'Romeo and Juliet' Act V Scene III Shakespeare; 37. In Memoriam, Stanza LXXXVIII Tennyson; 38. From 'Twelfth Night', Act II Scene IV Shakespeare; 39. From 'Guinevere' Tennyson; 40. From 'The Giaour' Lord Byron; 41. The Dream Lord Byron; 42. Hymn on the Morning of Christ's Nativity Milton; 43. Ode. Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood Wordsworth; Index of authors; Index of first lines.

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