Train Your Brain: Achieve the Green Beret Way

Train Your Brain: Achieve the Green Beret Way

by Michael Martel


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Learn how you can harness your brain for optimal results.

It is the same old story. Tom makes a New Year's resolution with the best of intentions. He decides that he is going to get back into the physical condition that he was back in college. Or...Susan decides that she is going to stop smoking. Or...Judi says she wants to start a side business. Even simpler, Don's wife has asked him over and over again to clean up the garage. Steve is going to take out the garbage. Yet none of these things ever get accomplished.

Most of the time the idea of not accomplishing what we say we are going to do is attributed to lack of willpower. We say, "They just didn't want it enough." People take numerous courses in time management. They go to seminars to increase their motivation. They hire coaches to nag them to complete their goals. Yet, for a lot of people at the end the goals remain not accomplished.

As a former Green Beret who took his experience into the corporate world, Michael has seen over and over again a lack of being able to set goals, make plans and follow through. His military training gave him a lot of insight into motivation, leadership and personal inter-dynamics. He took this and started working with people both in the corporate environment and one on one. Diving in the personal development scene also gave him some new insight about goal setting and motivation from a different viewpoint. He started noticing what was working for people and what didn't.

This book lays out his success formula to start feeling better about yourself and start getting things done.

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ISBN-13: 9781478257097
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/10/2012
Pages: 52
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About the Author

Michael (Mike) Martel helps people get organized, set goals, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Michael is a retired Special Forces Green Beret. What is a Green Beret? A Green Beret is a member of the United States Special Forces, a special section of the U.S. Army that focuses on Unconventional Warfare. The Green Berets are usually the first ones sent into an area to gather intelligence, help citizens or organize rescue missions. One of the slogans of the Green Berets is "improvise, adapt, and overcome." Mike excelled as a Green Beret because of his ability to think creatively about situations and because of the value he puts on personal productivity.

After retiring from the Special Forces, Michael joined the business world in IT Security and Telecommunications. In business, he excelled and noticed that there were several areas of his business that could be improved by applying some of the tactics he learned in Special Forces. Mike restructured work groups and applied many of his lessons of productivity. Since then, Mike has managed business units with budgets of upwards of $70 to $100 million, and they all used many of his Special Forces techniques.

Michael has a hands on approach to productivity, which will allow anyone to change their habits, get rid of busy work, and become strategic about the way they accomplish whatever they want!

Michael found his military training and skills in getting things done were very relevant and useful in helping people get the results they want in all areas of their business and personal lives. His books, reports, and hot-to guides cover many different areas. He lives with his wife in Washington State, south of Seattle.

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