SmartLab Indoor/Outdoor Microscope

SmartLab Indoor/Outdoor Microscope

by becker&mayer! booksShar Levine



Look closer! The hidden world of the teeny-tiny can be at your fingertips. Kids and adults alike will be hooked after peering through this superpowered microscope! Commonly found items such as newspapers, flower petals, bugs, clothing fibers, and even pencil strokes look amazingly detailed when magnified 40 times their normal size.

Read all about it! Award-winning author Shar Levine exposes the secret world of the supersmall in Up Close and Personal! and shows you how to set up the amazingly powerful microscope either on its stand or hooked up to the lanyard, so you can get outdoors and explore.

• 40x microscope
• Removable stand
• 4 prepared slides
• 3 blank slides
• 2 vials with lids
• Carrying case
• Eyedropper
• Tweezers
• Lanyard
• 32-page fully illustrated book

Product Details

UPC: 9781932855791
Manufacturer: becker&mayer! books
Publication date: 10/18/2007
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

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