Totally Krossed Out

Totally Krossed Out

by Kris KrossKris Kross


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Totally Krossed Out, the debut album by kiddie-rap sensations Kris Kross, is so tailored to a particular audience in a particular time period that it's nearly impossible to judge by any objective standard. So let's try anyway. Producer Jermaine Dupri -- still a teenager himself -- wrote all the songs here, and he delivers a catchy, pop-friendly batch of tracks that manage to stay pretty consistently engaging (perhaps in part because they are short). The album's interview intro disses playground rivals Another Bad Creation (that would have been a great hip-hop feud) before segueing into the irresistible smash "Jump" (oh, just try and listen to it without smiling, you heartless grinch). Actually, the miggeda-miggeda-mack bit proves they're not bad rappers, if they're able to borrow technique from Das EFX -- though they don't keep it up, if for no other reason than that kids want to understand the words to songs they like. And "Warm It Up" is nearly as good. Some of the album tracks are lyrically generic, but the story song "Party" finds Chris and Chris trying to sneak into a club to meet girlies. There are some surprisingly serious notes struck on "Lil' Boys in da Hood" and "A Real Bad Dream," which paint the duo as knowing street kids who are all too aware of the dangers they could easily fall into. There's nothing terribly frightening, but it's more realistic than the innocent bubblegum you might expect. Of course, then there's the self-explanatory "I Missed the Bus." But overall, Totally Krossed Out isn't nearly as obnoxious or cutesy as adults might fear -- even if the lads' MC boasts just make you want to pat them on the head.

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Release Date: 03/31/1992
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074644871029
catalogNumber: 48710
Rank: 8658

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kris Kross   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Silk Tymes Leather   Background Music
Curtis Dowd   Keyboards
Jermaine Dupri   Bass,Background Vocals,Voices
Charlene Holloway   Background Vocals
Seldon "Big Wally" Henderson   Keyboards
Frank Hogan   Background Vocals
Paula Holloway   Background Vocals
Andy Kravitz   Percussion
Rose Mann   Background Vocals
Jim Salamone   Drums,Keyboards
Terry Shelton   Voices
X-Man   Background Vocals,Voices
Mark Schulz   Background Vocals
Lady G   Background Vocals
Manuel Lecuona   Background Vocals
Stacey Blackmore   Background Vocals
Jim "Jiff" Ninger   Background Vocals
Eddie Weather   Background Vocals
Dave Johnson   Background Vocals
Walt Bass   Background Vocals
Kris Kelly   Vocals

Technical Credits

Silk Tymes Leather   Contributor
Jermaine Dupri   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Contributor,Executive Producer
John Hodian   Engineer
Joe Nicolo   Programming,Engineer,Executive Producer
Phil Nicolo   Engineer
Terry Shelton   Contributor
X-Man   Contributor
Eddie Weather   Interviewer

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