Total Atonement: Trinitarian Participation in the Reconciliation of Humanity and Creation

Total Atonement: Trinitarian Participation in the Reconciliation of Humanity and Creation

by W. Ross Hastings


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Total Atonement re-imagines the “apprehended mystery” of the atonement in light of the triune nature of God and the person and work of the incarnate Christ. W. Ross Hastings proposes participation as a theory or framework of atonement that holds all other models within it. He argues that God’s participation in humanity in order that humans might participate in God invites a total approach to the mystery of the atonement, that is, one that involves the whole Trinity, the whole person and history of Christ, and all the biblical motifs and theological models of atonement–– including penal substitution (properly nuanced to overcome its caricatures), Christus victor, satisfaction, vicarious life, and moral exemplar. Hastings re-examines the scope of the atonement in light of these Trinitarian, incarnational realities.

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ISBN-13: 9781978702134
Publisher: Fortress Academic
Publication date: 10/09/2019
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

W. Ross Hastings is the Sangwoo Youtong Chee professor of theology at Regent College.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Christological Foundation of Total Atonement
1. Redemption and Creation
2. The Work of Atonement in the Totality of the Son’s Person
3. The Being and Act of the Persons of the Trinity in Atonement
Part II: The Participatory Framework
4. Nomenclature in Atonement Theology
5. The Son’s Participation in Humanity and Human Participation in the Son through the Spirit
Part III: The Dialectical Fullness of the Atonement: Metaphors, Motifs, and Models
6. The Wealth of Biblical Metaphors
7. Historico-Theological Metaphors: Moral Influence
8. Historico-Theological Models: Vicarious Humanity
9. Historico-Theological Models: Ransom and Satisfaction as Recapitulation or Theosis
10. Historico-Theological Models: Christus Victor
11. Historico-Theological Models: The Origins of the Penal Substitution Model
12. Historico-Theological Models: Proponents of the Penal Substitution Model
13. Historico-Theological Models: Prominence of the Penal Substitution Model
14. Historico-Theological Models: Participation and the Penal Substitution Model
15. Applying the Atonement as Sufficient for All

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