Top Gear: The Ultimate Driving Experience

Top Gear: The Ultimate Driving Experience


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Harking back to the days of homemade mixtapes, BBC's television program Top Gear released its own version of a road-trip album in a two-disc, 38-song compilation they call The Ultimate Driving Experience. According to the label, Family Recordings, the first disc is a selection of "recent" hits (though if the Stone Roses song "Love Spreads" from their 1994 album, Second Coming, really qualifies as recent is debatable), while the second focuses more on atmosphere (aka electronica, techno, and house music). What this basically means is that there is a disc for day and then one for night, though, perhaps because of the incessant rain in Britain and the lack of sun in the winter months, there are some songs on the first that seem to better apply to low-light situations (DJ Shadow's "You Can't Go Home Again," UNKLE's "Panic Attack," and Snow Patrol's "Run," for example). That being said, all the tracks do possess the absolutely most essential characteristic needed for the road: a simple, repetitive hook or chorus to which one can easily sing along or tap the steering wheel. Everything else is just secondary. Encouraging movement, either lyrically or rhythmically, is also a big plus, as is seen in "Somewhere Else" by Razorlight, "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane, or "Oh" by Underworld. There aren't a lot of great American open-road songs here (anything by the Allman Brothers for example, or even Kings of Leon), but to be fair, this is a British album and reflects British society/driving conditions and should be treated as such. Ignoring the two movie theme songs ("Any Other Name" from American Beauty and "Adagio for Strings" from Platoon), which are gentle enough to put any tired driver to sleep, The Ultimate Driving Experience can be comfortably slid up in the sun visor disc holder, right next to that "Summer '98 Road-Trip" CD-R.

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Release Date: 02/21/2006
Label: Universal Uk
UPC: 0602498354827
catalogNumber: 9835482

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Samuel Barber   Composer
Richard Pinhas   Composer
Jack Bruce   Composer
Pete Brown   Composer
Eric Clapton   Composer
Ian Curtis   Composer
Martin Fisher   Composer
David Holmes   Composer
Peter Hook   Composer
Richard Hughes   Composer
Thomas Newman   Composer
Rick Nowels   Composer
Richard Rudolph   Composer
Charles Stepney   Composer
Noel Gallagher   Composer
Stephen Morris   Composer
Bernard Sumner   Composer
John Squire   Composer
James Lavelle   Composer
Peter Svensson   Composer
Damon Baxter   Composer
Mark Blackburn   Composer
Steve Boon   Composer
Dylan Burns   Composer
Jacques Lu Cont   Composer
Rob Dougan   Composer
Mark Bates   Composer
Richard File   Composer
Gary Lightbody   Composer
Mark McClelland   Composer
Martin Desai   Composer
Sébastien Tellier   Composer
Jonny Quinn   Composer
Rollo Armstrong   Composer
James Skelly   Composer
Randy Fitzsimmons   Composer
Johnny Borrell   Composer
Killers   Composer
Nathan Connolly   Composer
Tom Chaplin   Composer
Brandon Flowers   Composer
Ronnie Vannucci   Composer
Myles Macinnes   Composer
Lou Rhodes   Composer
Greg Alexander   Composer
Simon Green   Composer
Kaz James   Composer

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