Too Many Lovers: Uncovering the Deception of Idolatry

Too Many Lovers: Uncovering the Deception of Idolatry

by Paul Taylor

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This book is a wake-up call for Christians who are suffering from the rampant - yet unrecognized - effects caused by the deception of idolatry. Idolatry is not an outdated practice of extinct religions; it is very much alive and flourishing today. Most Christians who practice idolatry aren’t even aware of it. They are suffering spiritually, emotionally, and even physically but can’t connect the dots between their misery and their practice of idolatry. How does this happen? Instead of giving the best of our love to the God who deserves it, many Christians have gradually fallen more and more in love with what God created, instead of the Creator Himself. With our lips we tell God we love Him, but our everyday thoughts and actions may be revealing that we have other “lovers.” These so called lovers seem innocent enough because they offer to give us what we want. But in the end, they betray us by taking the best of what God has given, only to leave us poor, empty, and dead inside. Now for the Good News: Our God isn’t afraid of idols or idolaters! He is a compassionate and merciful God who may be saying to you today, “Do you know why I stopped you from running after your other lovers?” We may even sense His anger, but it is really the passion of a loving God who hates to see His children damaged by the sin of serving false gods. Like any good father, He wants His children to have the best, and it just so happens, HE IS THE BEST! Even though you are a Christian, do you find yourself battling emptiness, hopelessness, loneliness, or despair? It may be that you are suffering from “Too Many Lovers.”

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