Tombstone: The Guns & Gear

Tombstone: The Guns & Gear

by Peter Sherayko


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Tombstone: The Guns and Gear, is a book about the guns, gear and other "neat stuff" used in the film Tombstone or appropriate to Tombstone Arizona Territory (AT). This book was written by Peter Sherayko to answer the questions that gun enthusiasts have asked since the film's release, and is designed to be a guide to functional originals and quality reproductions for moviemakers, re-enactors, and collectors alike. Those who have commented speak highly of the degree of authenticity captured by the film. So, sit down by a warm fire with a fine cigar and a glass of bourbon in hand, your dog curled at your feet and learn about the guns and gear used in the movie Tombstone. Make yourself comfortable, sit back, and reflect about the history and movies of the Old West. For the collector and researcher, a bibliography and price list is provided at the end of the book to help you evaluate the results and create your own characters in the future. Author's Biography Peter Sherayko, the actor who portrayed Texas Jack in the film Tombstone, also provided the firearms and the Buckaroos who made up many of the Cowboys in the film through his company, Caravan West. Researching the numerous firearms that were invented during the 1870s and 1880s, with their unique variations, in order to bring the period to life in an accurate way was a fulfilling and exciting challenge. Peter received the Buffalo Bill Award for family entertainment from the State of Nebraska, and he and the Buckaroos can be seen in numerous films and commercials, continuing their dedication to historical accuracy.

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