To Whom It May Concern: The Book of Letters

To Whom It May Concern: The Book of Letters

by Lou Conboye Taylor


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Mattie Barton lives an idyllic life in a small village with her husband and two children. She bakes cakes for local community groups and school fairs, or fancy desserts for her friends at a moments notice. Life runs smoothly in Mattie's world, and since she got married there have been no upsets or dramas to shake things up.

One day, after a little persuasion from her husband she decides that the loft is long overdue a good clear out. She's been putting it off for sometime but her husband Jake sets the challenge that she gladly accepts.

It seemed such an easy task sorting out the junk. Until she finds something that she never expected to find. A jewellery box that she thought lost many years ago.

Back in her bedroom with the wooden box that once belonged to her mother, Mattie rummages through the contents. Apart from memories that surge back at her Mattie makes a further discovery that threatens to turns her idyllic life up-side-down.

It is a book - one that details her deepest emotional thoughts and feelings from a previous troubled life. A book that she never shared with anyone other than her therapist. Not even her husband read a single written word.

Mattie is torn between throwing it away and shutting off to the hurtful things she wrote about or opening up one more time in order to truly let go of the deep rooted feelings she has so far successfully kept buried.

Deciding that the latter is the only way to get back to that idyllic mind-set is to read the book of letters.

On a cold Autumn evening, Mattie embarks on an emotional journey. But can she come out the other end as the same person she thought she was and will the process change her for the better or worse?

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ISBN-13: 9781519668431
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2016
Pages: 342
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