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To the Death

To the Death

by M.O.P. M.O.P.
To the Death

To the Death

by M.O.P. M.O.P.


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On the success of their first single "How About Some Hardcore," the duo of Lil Fame and Billy Danzenie followed up with their first full-length album, which may as well be called "How About a Lot More Hardcore." The Mash Out Posse bring a level of intensity and energy to the microphone that truly has to be heard to appreciate. Of course, if you're not into that whole guns, thugs, and killing people kind of thing, this isn't for you; as they say on one of the skits on the album, where an interviewer asks them "Can you truly say your music promotes positive outlooks among its listeners?," "Next question!" But, for the gangsta rap aficionado, this album is not to be missed.

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Release Date: 04/13/1999
UPC: 0010912164820
Rank: 57876


  1. Crimetime 1-718
  2. Rugged Neva Smoove
  3. Ring Ding
  4. Heistmasters
  5. Blue Steel
  6. Who Is M.O.P.?
  7. To The Death
  8. Big Mal
  9. Top Of The Line
  10. This Is Your Brain
  11. Drama Lord
  12. F.A.G. (Fake Ass Gangsta)
  13. How About Some Hardcore
  14. Positive Influences
  15. Guns N Roses

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