To Sleep Gently

To Sleep Gently

by Trent Zelazny


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When career criminal Jack Dempster gets caught and put away for five years in prison, he finds time to seriously reconsider his chosen line of work. Before he can make any serious decision, some old acquaintances track him down with a proposal. They want him to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico. With the help of an inside man, he's to lead a small group of professionals on a daring robbery of the El Dorado Hotel, one of the finest, and most secure establishments in the Southwest.

Double-crosses, love triangles, and immersion in his own self-destructive past conspire to lead him to ruin. It's not easy to sleep when searching for normalcy in the heart of a brutal past.

"Some people write from the heart, but Trent Zelazny leaves his blood on the page." -Underwords

"Trent Zelazny's work is pure Punk Classicism, with a spirit and heart and ferocious inquiry that dance across multiple genres and forever change their landscape... He never disappoints." -Edward Morris, author of Fathers and Sons: Blackguard

"Trent Zelazny is the best hard-boiled noir writer of this generation!" -Sarah L. Covert, Editor of She Never Slept

"I have someone new to admire." -Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Award winner and eight-time Bram Stoker Award winner

"Trent Zelazny has already begun to carve out his own genre niche. He's got the right stuff to make fiction both engrossing and literate." -Tom Piccirilli, winner of two International Thriller Awards and four Bram Stoker Awards

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ISBN-13: 9781617207914
Publisher: Wilder Publications
Publication date: 05/07/2012
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 946,433
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

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To Sleep Gently 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
JessedrowninginWaters More than 1 year ago
To Sleep Gently is a fantastic Noir/Mystery that compels you to keep turning the pages, even when it's way past bedtime. Jack Dempster is a an awesome anti-hero who, in spite of several flaws, you can't help relating to. I loved this book. When I read it again (not IF, WHEN) I hope to treat it more like a fine wine, savoring the prose and the characters. I can't recommend this one enough.
Kiltinshire More than 1 year ago
I've enjoyed a number of Trent Zelazny's works (Fractal Despondency, Shadowboxer), but in my estimation, To Sleep Gently is by far the best. Zelazny jumps right into the story. With snappy dialogue, surprising action, and a hint of the bittersweet, Zelazny paints a picture of a criminal taking a final chance at life and love. Zelazny keeps a fine balance between Jack Dempster's personal life and the heist, managing to keep me interested in both, deftly weaving a story from the past into the present narrative, heightening suspense until the very last moment. Fresh out of prison, Dempster takes on another job to knock off the El Dorado Hotel, hoping to set himself up for the straight life with Sandra, his love at first sight. His partners in crime are young and immature. They're criminals who make you nervous. Not because they're stereotypically scary, but because they don't inspire Jack's confidence in their ability to pull off a significant job. Can they all pull together to handle the task? After all, there are guns involved. Lots of guns. When things don't go as planned, Zelazny ups the tension, and all I can say here is that things get VERY SERIOUS. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. To Sleep Gently wields philosophy and grit, hope and despair, romance and action. I truly enjoyed this book, and I recommend it highly for lovers of noir crime.
nle1 More than 1 year ago
Jack Dempster grew up in a small place with friends and, of course, a "best" friend. He did all right until he got caught after robbing a bank and went away for five years to pay for his sin. You'd think that reading as many books as he did for those five years, thinking about becoming a priest, really wanting to change it would have worked for him. Fate had other plans. The first thing Jack does upon release is go visit some old friends. They talk him into one more heist in New Mexico. He gets three "assistants" who can barely assist themselves to the john but, you take what you can get. They plan on robbing a hotel/casino in Santa Fe. Meanwhile, Jack has met his old friend and also a young woman whom he is attracted to but has serious conscious issues about. She doesn't have - much of a conscious, I mean! As always happens his past comes back in spades and life suddenly isn't as simple as it was yesterday. This was my first Zelanzy book, but I doubt it will be the last. The character of Jack pulled me and I found myself feeling bad for him. Try it out. If you haven't read and of the prior books by this author, I suggest you try them as well. Enjoy!
Servante More than 1 year ago
Jack Dempster throws away second chances like burnt cigarette butts. As usual, Fate has dealt our hero Dempster another blow just as he is about to go straight, and the past is catching up faster than he can handle. His flawed choices have Jack struggling to stay the course to try Fate’s hand, but unexpected love, double-crosses, and a search for quick fixes, has our hero fighting for one more chance. Trent Zelazny has brought 40s Mystery Noir into the New Millennium with a pinch of psychological horror all his own, making not just To Sleep Gently but all his work a pleasure and a thrill to read. The spirits of Chandler and Cain are applauding Zelazny from the Great Noir beyond.
Deckard123 More than 1 year ago
Jack Dempster is criminal who has just been released from an Ohio State penitentiary after a five-year stretch, where he has spent the last half decade reading just about anything he could get his hands on. Wanting to go straight, he meets up with old friends, who want him to do a job. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it might seem. If not for a few things like cell phones, I would almost believe this story took place sometime in the 40s or 50s. True noir. I loved it. Smart and filled with action and good characters. Pick this one up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great Noir Thriller Jack Dempster is a great character. He's done a lot of bad things in his life (some possibly unspeakable) but he wants to be good. He's trying hard to be good now. But just like in life there are obstacles, and Jack finds several obstacles trying to keep him from simply being a good person. This is a heist book. And a very good one. There really is an El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe. It reminded me a bit of some of the classic noir movies like Asphalt Jungle, or High Sierra. Having read and listened to interviews with Zelazny he is clearly a big fan of film noir and it shows clearly in this one. Interesting love triangle created here, one that seems very real to me, love vs. lust. And by the time the heist takes place, strap yourself in tight because you won't be putting it down until you've finished. I felt like I'd had a Red Bull after all the action. Great characters, intense action, smart and well thought out, check out To Sleep Gently. you will have a great time and I don't think you will find another character quite like Jack Dempster.
justsaranoh More than 1 year ago
In this review I’m not going to tell about the storyline of “To Sleep Gently”. I’m not going to talk about what moves its characters or influences their choices. Instead, I’m going to tell you about Trent Zelazny’s writing. Mr. Zelazny has an excellent, addictive writing style. He has a gift for telling the story and making you feel a part of it. His descriptions of the areas where the tale takes place will transport you there. You will be able to see them in your mind’s eye – the layout of the cities, the emptiness of the surrounding countryside, the architecture of the buildings. The characters come to life. You can feel their nervousness, false bravado, anger, confusion, and joy as well. You are reminded that the bad guys are first and foremost human, with the accompanying uncertainties and hopes we all carry within us. I found myself not only fearing what could happen, but also rooting for them as well. Well, most of them anyway. This is all done in such a way as to not overwhelm the gloriously dark storyline with unnecessary verbage. You don’t get bogged down in minute particulars, the book flows nicely. You are given just enough to spark your own imagination in a way that lets you, the reader, best relate. After all, isn’t that part of why we read – to bring our own imagination to life?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago