Title: Evolution Unraveled: How Science Disproves Evolution

Title: Evolution Unraveled: How Science Disproves Evolution


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Evolution is the cause of everything in the universe, or so we are taught. But is this based in scientific truth? Could much of what we have learned at school, and what the media and evolutionists suggest about the origins of life and the universe, be contrary to the real scientific facts?

After 15 years of research, and written in everyday language, Evolution Unraveled is the only place on earth where Evolutionary Theory is explained from the very beginning of the universe to the present day, where every major evolutionary step is dissected and compared with the facts that science already knows.

In this book, you will discover that the science of evolution is not what you thought it was:

• Does science confirm the big bang?
• Why can't scientists create life from inanimate matter?
• What did Charles Darwin really say about evolution?
• What does the fossil record say about the origins of humankind?
• Why is Evolutionary Theory still a theory and not a fact?
• Can any creature change itself into something else, and has this ever actually happened?

This comprehensive analysis of evolutionary theory presents the scientific facts that are not generally known to the public. It is a journey of wonder, reflection and revelation that will challenge many of the fundamental beliefs on which our lives are based.

With over 500 pages of astounding scientific facts, you will discover that science really does have all the answers - and now you can too.

ebook and webinar series at www.evolutionunraveled.com

About the Author:
Randall Harris was born in Adelaide, South Australia and has tertiary qualifications in Business Management. Researching over a period of fifteen years he has uncovered a staggering array of wonderful and amazing revelations that are presented in this book, Evolution Unraveled. Randall hopes that the vast range of information presented will challenge your current understanding on accepted science.

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