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Captain Mark Stephens was overseeing the change of shifts at the state of Illinois' maximum-security prison when the world outside was suddenly ripped. They thought it was an earthquake until they found that the Mississippi river had disappeared, along with all signs of civilization. Then the sun came up — in the wrong direction. And a dinosaur came by and scratched its hide against the wall of the prison...

Something had thrown the prison back in time millions of years. And they were not alone. Other humans from periods centuries, even millennia apart had also been dropped into the same time. Including a band of murderous conquistadores. But the prison had its own large population of murderers. They couldn't be turned loose, but what else could be done with them? Death walked outside the walls, human savagery was planning to break loose inside, and Stephens and the other men and women of the prison's staff were trapped in the middle.

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ISBN-13: 9781439133125
Publisher: Baen
Publication date: 12/29/2009
Series: Assiti Shards Series
Pages: 688
Sales rank: 796,429
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Eric Flint
's impressive first novel, Mother of Demons (Baen), was selected by SF Chronicle as one of the best novels of 1997. With David Drake he has written six popular novels in the Belisarius series, including the new novel The Dance of Time, and with David Weber collaborated on 1633, a novel in the Ring of Fire series, and on Crown of Slaves, a best of the year pick by Publishers Weekly. Flint received his masters degree in history from UCLA and was for many years a labor union activist. He lives in East Chicago, IL, with his wife and is working on more books in the best-selling Ring ofFire series.Marilyn Kosmatka writes fiction. Some believe her stories come from a childhood littered with hookers, drug dealers, murderers, ex-mob members and a lone CIA agent. Others believe the stories come from her experiences as a nurse. She cared for the cast-off babies of drug addicts. She bandaged the elderly, beaten by their own children. Then she went to work on death row. Years have passed since she entered the maximum security prison system with its bars, concertina wire, and midnight executions. But when pressed, she will admit these are years that can haunt the pages of a writer’s stories.

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Time Spike 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
dswaddell on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A time spike reaches out ad sucks various folks from different parts of history along the Mississippi into the prehistoric past. Primary amog them is a federal high security priso
readinggeek451 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Set in--or at least starting in--the same universe as Flint's 1632 series, seven years after Grantville disappeared. A maximum-security prison, a group of Cherokee on the Trail of Tears, a city of Mound Builders, primitive Mississippian Indians, and Hernando de Soto's expedition all wind up back in the remote past. Now rampaging dinosaurs are the least of anyone's worries. Can the stranded people build a new society. What about those 2000 violent prisoners? Meanwhile, in the "present," scientists studying the recent time spikes are making new discoveries.This stands alone quite well, but there's also room for sequels, if wanted. Well worth reading.
bibliojim on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Time Spike is a "fun" action book with plenty of good information thrown in for good measure, as with many alternate history books. It's not deep, but there are many thought-provoking ideas and "how would you respond" sorts of situations scattered through the pages, and many stereotype shredders as well.In the opening pages, a maximum security prison from southern Illinois is taken back to the Cretaceous, with its guards and inmates. It turns out that most of the groups of people who played a part in the history of that area were also taken back, all strewn about the area. The conquistador De Soto, Mounds Builders, Cherokee on the Trail of Tears and their guarding soldiers, and pre-Mississippian culture Indians, all thrown together to find a way to survive in the Age of Dinosaurs. And a prison full of 2400 hardened criminals, with a whole world to make their own - what will they do with it?Much of the book relates how the prison's people fare in the situation, but it also places weight on the interactions between cultures.I was surprised at the author's facility in infusing the story with large amounts of information, without ever seeming to cause the plotline to stumble because of it.But lest the review put the emphasis on the wrong side of the book, the plot is constantly entertaining. At every point, the reader is wanting to find out what will happen next - there is always some situation brewing with potential for disaster. It's an "easy read" because the pages fly by effortlessly, with few if any dead spots you have to force yourself through.The characters are pretty interesting. Some may be too idealized or too stereotypical, but a few stand out as complex people with plenty to offer the plot. The only significant problem I found was the "resident scientist." A guy working as a prison guard, but who was trained as a geologist, and it turns out knows the science behind nearly everything. Not very likely! Well, it's a relatively small point.The book is certainly on the feel-good side. Events are depicted as one might wish they would occur, rather than the way one suspects they might occur if the situation really existed. As I said, idealism is afoot on these pages. But that is part of what makes 'Time Spike' an easy, fun read - very few difficult situations to deal with.The author's political leanings are obviously to the left, and a died-in-the-wool conservative would probably think the book full of poppycock. Those folks should probably not invest themselves in Time Spike. Feminists unhappy with any but a strong female protagonist might not entirely approve, either. There are strong women in the book, but men ultimately run the show in all but the medical arena. But looking beyond that, everyone else from mid-teenage on up should enjoy this. It's the perfect book for the person who wants to read a book that's pure pleasure, but wants also to feel they improved their understanding of the world by reading it, as though it's not fair to read a book for pleasure unless you get something useful out of it. It's also the perfect book for the reader who just wants light entertainment - the information input is pretty gentle and easily disregarded in favor of the excitement of the plot if you prefer.Overall, I give the book four stars. I personally value more my time with a book with greater emotional challenges to the characters - but that's just me! Despite the lack of the fifth star, the book is a winner for reading pleasure. Buy it and enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
good read please write more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ankhenaton More than 1 year ago
Now we see the other side of the Grantville translocation by aliens (Assiti) who make a hobby of playing with various time lines and crossing them into various entertaining combination of various eras and peoples. This time we are given a more diverse group of moderns sent back into prehistory, along with peoples from various eras. Unlike his previous Grantville based novels; one is able to keep the various characters straight without having to reread a passage or chapter to figure out exactly who we are reading about. Though I thoroughly enjoy the 1632 Series of books; there are far too many major and minor characters to keep track of which detracts from the enjoyment of those books. Hopefully Mr. Flint will revisit the world of Timespike, as there are many rich plot lines to discover.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Supervisor Captain Mark Stephens was observing the guard mount shift changing at Illinois' maximum security prison when the ground rumbled. He and others assumed an earthquake occurred. However, looking outside, the geography has changed radically The Mississippi river vanished and all evidence of human activity outside the prison like roads are gone. Instead they see strange looking flora and shockingly a dinosaur that uses the prison wall to scratch its skin.====================== Mark quickly concludes somehow they have been transported back in time to a pre-human era when dinosaurs ruled the planet. They are not alone as other people from various millennia have also gone back perhaps a million years. Some of those locked up are cold blooded killers and some from the other groups like conquistadores quickly prove human life is expendable. Mark and his staff know they have their backs against the wall as they deal with human killers and dinosaurs, but enforcing the law of thou shall not kill is critical for their survival.========================= The Assiti who relocated Grantville, West Virginia into seventeenth century Europe have stirred earth chronology again this time moving several periods into the dinosaur era although the displaced Illinois crowd is the prime focus. The story line will remind the audience of the first Ring of Fire tale as the story line is fast-paced and filled with action, but has not quite become overly complex with time paradoxes as later tales begin to have. Fans will appreciate this strong opening act of a new Assiti time experiment as humans continue to be their guinea pigs, but for Mark and his staff survival of the fittest means containing the violent prisoners and some as vicious other era travelers.============== Harriet Klausner