Time Crystal : Delsaron's World

Time Crystal : Delsaron's World

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On their return to Eridon, Heathcliff and the half-castes fall through a mysterious wormhole and land on an alternate Earth where the Nazis achieved world domination. Separated by misfortune, Heath and Con are sent to a forced-labour camp while Kirsty and Katarine end up specimens in a genetic laboratory. Only Aidan and Charlotte manage to flee into a grim fascist world, where they encounter Omega-class outcasts condemned tp death by their own impure genes. While helping the rebels plan a glorious revolution, Aidan and Charlotte are reunited with Heath, Con and an American Airman named John Land. With their superior psionic powers, Heath and his friends assume it will be easy to help the Omega rebels overthrow their evil oppressors. But the mysterious Great Leader has dark powers of his own, numerous machines to aid him, and his own army of genetically modified clones at his beck and call. He even has a trans-dimensional gate-machine which he uses to pirate alien technology from other dimension.

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ISBN-13: 9781447635253
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication date: 07/10/2011
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

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