Ticket To Ride: Inside The Beatles' 1964 Tour that Changed The World

Ticket To Ride: Inside The Beatles' 1964 Tour that Changed The World

by Larry Kane

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From Publishers Weekly
John Lennon once said that the Beatles on tour were as debauched as the ancient Romans in Fellini's Satyricon. Outside of a description of a "happy" Lennon urging his band mates to "take your pick" from a group of hookers provided by an Atlantic City concert promoter, this highly entertaining account by broadcast journalist Kane, who covered the tour at the time, is as discreet about the Fab Four's sexual adventures as they were, although Kane notes that "women came and went from the Beatles' floor in most hotels." But in all other respects, from fiery airplanes and rioting fans to encounters with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Jayne Mansfield (the latter two seem to spend "quality" time with Lennon), this is a fantastic insider's look at the cultural explosion that was Beatlemania. It helps that Kane was only 21 at the time (the same age as Paul McCartney); unlike "dull-witted" reporters whom the Beatles came to disdain, Kane quickly noted "their indisputable naturalness and, to varying degrees, the depth of their humanity and their lack of phoniness." In turn, the Beatles rewarded Kane with many in-depth interviews through the tour, which Kane skillfully uses throughout provide the Beatles' own insightful view of the ongoing craziness surrounding them, as they travel from one chaotic hotel and concert scene to another. This is the most detailed description yet of the Beatles' American tours, and one of the few books on the band written in the past decade that can be considered indispensable.

From Booklist
Tell-all books by Beatles insiders have become as numerous and indistinguishable as hairs on a Beatle wig. But Kane's journalist's eye--he was the only American reporter to travel with the group for every stop of their 1964 and 1965 tours--sets this one apart. There had never been a cultural phenomenon to match Beatlemania--and nothing has quite equaled it since--and Kane vividly portrays its familiar trappings, from riotous fans whose screaming drowned out the music to chaotic postconcert escapes. More fascinating are Kane's behind-the-scenes views of "the boys," extracted from many interviews , that disclose, for example, that Kane managed to insult John Lennon during their initial meeting--and wound up eliciting eloquent criticism of the war in Vietnam. Kane gradually fell for the music, and he provides valuable perspective on the performances, which are often neglected in other Beatles tour accounts. Less successful are Kane's attempted pontifications on the band as a harbinger of '60s dissent. Terrific fly-on-the-wall stuff about a unique pop-cultural event. Gordon Flagg

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ISBN-13: 9781617922718
Publisher: Dynamic Images Inc. - Larry Kane
Publication date: 11/20/2003
Series: Ticket to Ride Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Larry Kane is the “dean of Philadelphia television news anchors,” having had a 45-year career covering domestic and world events. He previously wrote an account of his tour experiences with the Beatles in his book Ticket to Ride. Kane lives in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Prologue: If That Was Fabx
Part 11964
Chapter 1A Ticket to Ride3
Chapter 2A Stranger in the Bedroom11
Chapter 3Seventy-two Hours of Madness17
Chapter 4Fishing for Trouble27
Chapter 5A Hollywood Fantasy39
Chapter 6Beatle Frights and Beatle Nights49
Chapter 7A Juicy Piece of the Apple55
Chapter 8Surf and Sex at the Jersey Shore61
Chapter 9Rockin' at the Birthplace of Freedom69
Chapter 10High-Speed Beatlemania75
Chapter 11Guns, Palm Trees, and a Rock-and-Roll Hurricane85
Chapter 12North to Boston: Does Anyone Have a Compass?101
Chapter 13Memories from the Fans105
Chapter 14Catfight in Cleveland, Wild Horses in New Orleans109
Chapter 15Word War in Kansas City, Fear in Dallas115
Chapter 16A Rolling Stone on the Beatles' Doorstep123
Part 2Life on Tour
Chapter 17A Plane Life129
Chapter 18Flirtatious Mothers and Candy Kisses135
Chapter 19What Were They Really Like?141
Chapter 20The Late Show: Free Love and Free Parking151
Chapter 21The Beatles' Inner Circle155
Part 31965
Chapter 22Help! In the Bahamas165
Chapter 23The Beatles Have Landed!171
Chapter 24Mugs and Drugs in Maple Leaf Country185
Chapter 25A Few Hours of Heaven189
Chapter 26Mayhem and Music in Texas195
Chapter 27Air Wars and the Beatles' Radio Daze201
Chapter 28Engine on Fire: John! Don't Jump!207
Chapter 29Back to Hollywood: Famous Faces in the Bedroom213
Chapter 30"We Are the Beatles, That's What We Are"225
Epilogue: Beyond the Tours231
AppendixComplete 1964 and 1965 Tour Schedules241

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