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Tibetan Medicine: Ancient Chinese Healing To Rejuvenate Mind, Body, And Soul

Tibetan Medicine: Ancient Chinese Healing To Rejuvenate Mind, Body, And Soul

by The Healthy Reader


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Discover All You Need To Know About Ancient Chinese Healing To Rejuvenate Mind, Body, And Soul

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Tibetan medicine is mysterious to many people, but this book is meant to enlighten people about Tibetan medicine. It'll even teach you some of the formulas you're able to use at home through Tibetan medicine. There are many practices, medicinal formulas, and medicinal herbs that are used in Tibetan medicine, and there are even therapies that are unique to treating various ailments.

Tibetan medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and it has been perfected as a holistic treatment for many illnesses. The only way to really understand Tibetan medicine is to experience it firsthand, but you first need to understand at least a basic concept of what it is and how to start. This book can help.

7 Reasons to Buy This Book:

1. In this book you'll learn exactly what Tibetan medicine is.
2. In this book you'll learn some common Tibetan formulas and what they can treat.
3. In this book you'll learn a little bit about Tibetan tantric yoga and how it helps.
4. This book will teach you some common Tibetan herbs and the importance of pre-blended teas.
5. This book will teach you about the golden needle Tibetan medicinal practice as a form of acupuncture.
6. In this book you'll learn about Tibetan moxibustion, and how it can help treat many ailments.
7. In this book you'll learn some of the answers to common questions about Tibetan medicine.

What you will learn after purchasing "Tibetan Medicine"

• What Tibetan Medicine Is All About
• Tibetan Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment
• Tibetan Medicinal Practices
• Common Combinations in Tibetan Medicine
• Indigenous Herbs to Do the Trick
• A Few More Thoughts on Tibetan Medicine

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ISBN-13: 9781507587454
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/15/2015
Series: Chinese Medicine - Chinese Herbs - Herbal Remedies - Natural Healing
Pages: 24
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