Threshold Concepts in Problem-based Learning

Threshold Concepts in Problem-based Learning



Threshold Concepts in Problem-based Learning provides a critical discussion and guidance for educational researchers, teachers, innovators and policy makers wanting to explore the interrelationship of PBL and threshold concepts. Beginning with an introduction to both areas and offering an overview of the current issues, this volume delivers 11 innovative, research-based chapters from around the world. It outlines the major threshold concepts faced by those disciplines that have adopted PBL, and then examines the impact of threshold concepts on student learning. What is unique about this text is the way it examines PBL as a pedagogy in which students get stuck in the learning process and the thresholds they encounter as they learn to adapt.

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Publication date: 06/28/2018
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Maggi Savin-Baden is Professor of Higher Education Research, University of Worcester and has researched and evaluated staff and student experience of learning for over 20 years. Maggi has a strong publication record of over 50 research publications and 15 books which reflect her research interests in digital fluency, pedagogical agents, qualitative research synthesis, arts-based inquiry, digital tethering and problem-based learning.

Gemma Tombs has experience researching and evaluating pedagogical practices on a wide variety of topics, including multi-disciplinary problem-based learning, networked learning, and conservation pedagogy. She has published research on innovative pedagogical and evaluative practices in virtual worlds, pedagogical agents, and open education across a number of disciplines.

Table of Contents


 Ray Land


 Maggi Savin-Baden and Gemma Tombs

Part 1: Threshold Concepts in PBL Curricula

1. Threshold Concepts and Problem-based Learning

 Maggi Savin-Baden and Gemma Tombs

2. The Liminal Tunnel

 Angelica Fredholm and Charlotte Silén

3. Critical Thinking Threshold Concepts in PBL

 Wdai-Ling Chen and Julie Rattray

4. PBL as Learning Vehicle, Threshold Concept or Capability? Audio-Diary Research in Medical Education

 Hilary Neve, Kerry Gilbert and Helen Lloyd

Part 2: Threshold Concepts in the Professions

5. Defined and Enacted Threshold Concepts in Engineering Education: Applied Competencies within Multi-Level Systems

 Andrea Gomoll, Krista Glazewski, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Thomas Brush and Jiyoon Jung

6. Threshold Concepts in Chemical Engineering Design

 Ashleigh Fletcher and Stuart Boon

7. Helping University Teachers Embrace Threshold Concepts in Scholarly Teaching Using a Problem-based Learning Approach

 Sarah L. Bunnell and Daniel J. Bernstein

8. PBL Revisited – Expectations and Experiences: A Threshold Concept Perspective on the Facilitator Role in PBL

 Leif M. Hokstad and Børge Lillebo

Part 3: Exploring and Conceptualizing Threshold Concepts in PBL

9. Empathy and Problem-based Learning

 Jayne Lewis

10. Threshold Concepts in Leadership Development

 Ruth Pearce

11. Troublesome and Transformative: Exploring Conceptual Threshold Crossings in Doctoral Projects Engaged with Real World Problems in Professional Practice

 Gina Wisker


 Maggi Savin-Baden and Gemma Tombs

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