Three South Seas Novels

Three South Seas Novels


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Three early novels from legendary pulp writer, J. Allan Dunn, all South Seas sagas published in ADVENTURE magazine in 1915-16. These are the stories that made Dunn one of the magazine's marquee names.

They are stories of modern-day buccaneers-who behave a lot like their olden-day counterparts-smoothly-plotted tales, with plenty of high adventure, exotic locations, perilous predicaments, motley collections of characters, understated violence and heavy romance-the epitome of pulp adventure of the era.

THE ISLAND OF THE DEAD (April 1915) is Dunn's rousing first novel. THE GOLD LUST (November 1915) follows a treasure from the Sierras to an uncharted island hideaway. Its sequel, BEYOND THE RIM (July 1916), cemented Dunn as one of Adventure readers' favorite authors.

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