Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust

Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust

by Scott MorganScott Morgan


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In some quarters, Scott Morgan is an unquestionable rock & roll hero, a lifer who survived any number of slings and arrows hurled his way, always operating on the fringe but as a matter of choice as much as necessity. Morgan made his bones in the Rationals, the pivotal Ann Arbor garage rockers who laid the groundwork for the Stooges and the MC5, and cut Otis Redding's "Respect" long before Aretha Franklin (thereby inspiring speculation the Detroit native may have been inspired to record her iconic version by these rockers), and Morgan remained a fixture in Southeastern Michigan, playing with Sonic's Rendezvous Band in the '70s, the Scott Morgan Band in the '80s, and Scots Pirates in the '90s, along with a bunch of other bands as he piled up a pretty confusing discography. Even if it samples from every era of his career, Easy Action's 2013 box set Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust doesn't attempt to sort out this byzantine catalog, but rather offers a rousing testament to Morgan's passion, a tremendous trawl through the vaults (as well as the private cassette stashes of collectors) that gets at the heart of why Morgan is beloved by a dedicated guitar army Sequenced chronologically, the three-disc set illustrates that Morgan was remarkably adaptable for a true believer, embracing the various trends of the day before he settled into a rock & soul torch bearer in the new millennium. By piecing together the hits, high points, singles, live performances, and unheard gems, Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust follows all the peaks and valleys of Morgan's career, but in this context it all seems like peaks. Maybe the money never started rolling in, maybe there aren't so many people who know the name Scott Morgan, but this box -- produced by Carlton Sandercock and Geoff Ginsberg and annotated by the latter -- is constructed so it seems like the rocker never had a slip, that he was always cranking out high-octane rock & roll no matter how large or small his audience may be. This passion has a way of generating passion, but even those who don't count themselves among his cult will be knocked out by the consistency of Three Chords. Throughout, Morgan's dedication to old-fashioned rock & roll and R&B is apparent; it's still there in the late '70s and early '80s, when his signatures were amped up and streamlined in the chance they could crossover to a mainstream AOR audience. That they never did is a bit mystifying in terms of quality, but Ginsberg's notes illustrate the knotty path of Morgan's career, how bands simply faded away and some records never materialized, and that does make Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust all the more valuable because despite his prolific output, Morgan was never fully part of his time due entirely to business reasons. Isolated from music, as he is here, he sounds almost undeniable, a powerhouse singer and skilled writer who never lost sight of his strengths. Whether he's singing originals, covering classics, or interpreting the words of other writers, Morgan always performs with conviction and soul, pushing soul into rock & roll and vice-versa. Sometimes, the performances here are so molten you'll be surprised that they were recorded long after Morgan's supposed peak -- his '90s recordings with Scots Pirates, Motor Jam, the Hellacopters, and Hydromatics burn furiously bright, suggesting a band that's 20 years younger -- but that's the wonderful thing about this necessary box set: the only detectable shifts are through the inevitable passing of eras, and Scott Morgan remains the impassioned constant, a true believer to the very end. Three discs may seem like a lot to the uninitiated -- to the converted, it's too brief -- but Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust is a blazing, brilliant monument to Scott Morgan and all of the pure rock & soul he loves. It has everything you need but will leave you wanting more.

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Release Date: 04/30/2013
Label: Easy Action
UPC: 5060174954818
catalogNumber: 44
Rank: 122155

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Scott Morgan   Primary Artist,Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Jack Endino   Guitar
Wayne Kramer   Guitar
Ron Asheton   Guitar
Scott Asheton   Drums
Brock Avery   Drums
W.R. Cooke   Bass,Vocals
Brandon Cooper   Brass
Billy Csernits   Keyboards
Brian Delaney   Guitar
Kathy Deschaine   Vocals
Jim Diamond   Bass,Vocals
Bill Figg   Drums
Jeff Jones   Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Todd McKinney   Keyboards
Harry Phillips   Keyboards
Gary Rasmussen   Bass,Vocals,Acoustic Bass
Daniel Rey   Guitar
Fred "Sonic" Smith   Guitar
Matthew Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Deniz Tek   Guitar
Terry Trabandt   Bass,Vocals
Jacquez   Guitar,Vocals
Kent Steedman   Guitar
Johnny Morgan   Drums
Dan McKinney   Organ
Robert Gillespie   Guitar,Vocals
Manny Alvarez   Guitar
Steve Dansby   Guitar
Bobby East   Guitar
Erik Alderink   Bass
Andrew Frost   Drums
John Burke   Drums
Chris "Box" Taylor   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Freddy Fortune   Vocals
Nat Cromlech   Guitar,Vocals
Dusty Sexton   Drums
Michael Maltese   Organ,Vocals
Nicke Royale   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Theo Brouwer   Bass,Vocals
John Robinson   Background Vocals
Paul Ill   Bass
Linnea Sporre   Background Vocals
Scott Peterson   Brass
Victor Brobacke   Brass
Clarisse Muvemba   Background Vocals
Ries Doms   Drums
Tim McCoy   Keyboards
Linn Segolson   Background Vocals
Alex King   Drums
Gustav Bendt   Brass
Steve Correll   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Slug   Guitar,Vocals
Pippo Pasquini   Drums
Romano Pasquini   Bass
David Morgan   Drums,Vocals
J.C. Graves   Bass
Goran Kajfeš   Brass
Laurent Ciron   Bass
Johnny "Arizona" Eppinga   Drums
Henrick Widen   Keyboards
Suburban Netherlands   Guitar,Vocals
Stephano Constantini   Guitar
James Heneghan   Bass
Dave Shelter   Drums,Vocals
Chuck Pounder   Guitar
Chuck Knowles   Brass
Peter Olsson   Keyboards
Mike Katon   Guitar
Jubei Hughes   Bass
Cecelia Garding   Background Vocals
Mathias Hellborg   Guitar

Technical Credits

Nina Simone   Composer
Sam Cooke   Composer
Eddie Floyd   Composer
Robert Parker   Composer
Otis Redding   Composer
Nolan Strong   Composer
Wilbert Harrison   Composer
Jack Endino   Producer
Rob Tyner   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Wayne Kramer   Producer
Jim Diamond   Producer
Lamont Dozier   Composer
Bobbie Gentry   Composer
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer
Jeff Jones   Producer,Engineer
Scott Morgan   Producer
Gary Rasmussen   Producer
Daniel Rey   Producer
Bob Seger   Composer
Fred "Sonic" Smith   Composer
Matthew Smith   Producer
Deniz Tek   Producer
Terry Trabandt   Producer
Willy Wilson   Producer
Scots Pirates   Producer
Stooges   Composer
Kent Steedman   Producer
Nicke Andersson   Producer
Robert Gillespie   Producer
Hydromatics   Producer
Carlton P. Sandercock   Producer
Chris "Box" Taylor   Producer
Jeep Holland   Producer
Hurley Brothers   Producer
Geoff Ginsberg   Producer,Liner Notes
Tony Slug   Producer
Ken Shimamoto   Liner Notes
Clark   Photo Restoration
Evert Katee   Producer
Don Pushies   Remixing
Dave Shelter   Producer
Brim Stone   Producer

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