Thinking Clearly: Cases in Journalistic Decision-Making

Thinking Clearly: Cases in Journalistic Decision-Making


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Written by professional journalists and classroom-tested at schools of journalism, these case studies are designed to provoke conversation about the issues that shape the production and presentation of the news in the new media age of the twenty-first century. This is no abstract ethics manual for reporters but rather a survey of real-life moments when people working in the news had to make critical decisions. In these episodes, questions of craft, ethics, competition, and commerce intertwine, affecting the way we, the consumers of news, understand the world around us. The case studies cover a range of topics -the commercial imperatives of newsroom culture, standards of verification, the competition of public and private interests, including the question of privacy -in a variety of settings: Watergate, the Richard Jewell case, John McCain´s 2000 presidential campaign, and the Columbine shooting, among others.

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ISBN-13: 9780231125888
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Publication date: 08/13/2003
Pages: 265
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About the Author

Tom Rosentiel serves as director of The Project for Excellence in Journalism, and as vice chairman for the Committee of Concerned Journalists. He has also been a media critic for the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, and a chief congressional correspondent for Newsweek. His other published works include Warpspeed: America in the Age of Mixed Media, Strange Bedfellows: How Television and the Presidential Candidates Changed American Politics, The Road to Here, and The Beat Goes On: President Clinton's First Year with the Media. Amy S. Mitchell is the associate director of The Project for Excellence in Journalism, where she heads research and educational initiatives.

Table of Contents

Editors' Noteix
1McCarthyism, 1950-19546
2Internet Journalism and the Starr Investigation23
3Columbine School Shooting: Live Television Coverage57
4Minnesota Basketball Cheating Case82
5The Massacre in El Mozote110
7New Orleans Times-Picayune Series on Racism183
8John McCain's 2000 Presidential Campaign: Political Reporting220
About the Authors263

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Robert Brune

I warmly commend this book to students and teachers, novices and expert hands, writers and their managers, professionals who interact with the news media, and any life-long learner.

Todd Gitlin

Exploring a number of key journalistic episodes, in detail, the authors... have done indispensable work. Teachers and students of reporting and ethics will benefit for years to come.

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