There's a Dream I've Been Saving: 1966-1971

There's a Dream I've Been Saving: 1966-1971

by Lee HazlewoodLee Hazlewood

CD(Bonus DVD / Includes book)

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Lee Hazlewood fans have seen a bounty of reissues and compilations issued over the past decade with anthologies of his MGM and Reprise singles, and albums appearing with some regularity. Light in the Attic has always gone deeper. It has released comps and catalog items from his LHI label, his work with Duane Eddy, and more. But they've outdone themselves with There's a Dream I've Been Saving: 1966-1971, a box set seven years in the making documenting the complete history of LHI (Lee Hazlewood Industries). Two of its four audio discs provide Hazlewood's complete recordings for the label, many equal to those he cut earlier in his career. The other two offer highlights from his artist roster: there are tracks by the International Submarine Band (w/ Gram Parsons), Suzi Jane Hokom (while a recording artist, she was also was one of the first notable female record producers; the Beatles wanted to work with her but Hazlewood nixed it), Kitchen Cinq, Honey Ltd., Ann-Margret, Virgil Warner, the Aggregation, Hamilton Streetcar, Lynn Castle, and more. Fans may be familiar with most of his recordings, but there is much that will be new to many. One thing his artists had in common was, no matter how different from one another stylistically, all benefitted from top-flight production -- from Hazlewood, Hokom, or staff producers -- assistance from in-demand arrangers like Jack Nietszche, and session players who included Earl Palmer, Carol Kaye, and other members of the Wrecking Crew. Ninety-five percent of this material was painstakingly remastered from original analog masters, the rest from pristine vinyl sources. Also included is a region-free DVD of director Torbjörn Axelman's strange 1970 Hazlewood film, Cowboy in Sweden, transferred from the 16mm negative into HD with remastered sound and available for the first time. The included book is stellar: 172 hardbound pages in a beautiful 12x12 presentation that offers a complete history of LHI, with input from various artists and staff -- not all of it flattering -- interviews with Hazlewood and Hokom, profiles of 27 artists, an album-by-album breakdown, a timeline, and loads of rare color photos. While this is for hardcore Hazlewood fans, it's more than that, too: Hazlewood, a wildly successful producer, songwriter, and recording artist, took his money and became his own boss. That he eventually failed had as much to do with the stakes LHI was competing against as its naive business model. There's a Dream I've Been Saving is a prime cultural artifact documenting a high point in an independent era in pop recording, production, and D.I.Y. aesthetics. It deserves a Grammy for content and design.

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Release Date: 11/26/2013
Label: Light In The Attic
UPC: 0826853010993
catalogNumber: 109
Rank: 35251


Disc 1

  1. Pray Them Bars Away
  2. Leather and Lace
  3. Forget Marie
  4. Cold Hard Times
  5. The Night Before
  6. Hey Cowboy
  7. No Train To Stockholm
  8. For a Day Like Today
  9. Easy and Me
  10. What's More I Don't Need Her
  11. Vem Kan Segla
  12. Trouble Maker
  13. Califia
  14. Alone
  15. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  16. No Body Like You
  17. First Street Blues
  18. I'm Glad I Never...
  19. If It's Monday Morning
  20. L.A. Lady
  21. Won't You Tell Your Dreams?
  22. I'll Live Yesterdays
  23. Little Miss Sunshine
  24. Stoned Lost Child
  25. Come On Home To Me
  26. Must Have Been Something I Loved
  27. I'd Rather Be Your Enemy

Disc 2

  1. Sleep In the Grass
  2. Chico
  3. Am I That Easy To Forget?
  4. Only Mama That'll Walk the Line
  5. Greyhound Bus Depot
  6. Walk On Out of My Mind
  7. Hangin' On
  8. Victims of the Night
  9. Break My Mind
  10. You Can't Imagine
  11. Sweet Thing
  12. No Regrets
  13. Dark End of the Street
  14. It Was a Very Good Year
  15. The Bed
  16. Paris Bells
  17. Wait till Next Year
  18. September Song
  19. Let's Burn Down the Cornfield
  20. Bye Babe
  21. Mary
  22. For Once In My Life
  23. I Just Learned To Run
  24. Me and the Wine and the City Lights
  25. Nothin's Gonna Blow My Mind

Disc 3

  1. Rose Colored Corner
  2. Need All the Help I Can Get
  3. You Better Go
  4. I Can't Help the Way I Feel
  5. Tomorrow Your Heart
  6. Come On Sunshine
  7. Little War
  8. If You Climb On the Tiger's Back
  9. The Street Song (New York's My Home)
  10. I Want You
  11. Puppetry
  12. Pastel Dreams
  13. And They Are Changing
  14. Does Anybody Know
  15. Wasn't It You
  16. Silk 'N' Honey
  17. Invisible People
  18. Flash
  19. Maharishi
  20. Flying Free
  21. Something's Happening
  22. You Turned My Head Around
  23. It's a Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)
  24. Sam
  25. New Way Home
  26. The Lady Barber
  27. When We're Talked About Tomorrow
  28. Sunshine Soldier

Disc 4

  1. The Black Widow Spider
  2. Dying Daffodil Incident
  3. Lady Bird
  4. Summer Wine
  5. Emmy
  6. Luxury Liner
  7. California Sunshine Girl
  8. It's My Time
  9. Hands
  10. Same Old Songs
  11. Reason To Believe
  12. The Man I Was Yesterday
  13. Dusty Roads
  14. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
  15. Warm Miami Sunshine
  16. Lonesome Wheels
  17. Cold Hard Times
  18. Peppermint Morning
  19. Goin' On
  20. Friday's Child
  21. I Feel Love Coming On
  22. Ten or Eleven Towns Ago
  23. Miracle On 19th Street
  24. Cheap Lovin'
  25. Chain of Fools
  26. Angry Generation
  27. The Start

Disc 5

  1. Cowboy In Sweden

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lee Hazlewood   Primary Artist,cast,Interviewee
Clarence White   Guitar
Glen Campbell   Guitar
Ray Kelley   Strings
Ry Cooder   Bass,Guitar
Dr. John   Keyboards
Duane Eddy   Guitar
Gram Parsons   Guitar
Curtis Amy   Flute,Brass,Woodwind
Plas Johnson   Brass
Don Randi   Conductor,Keyboards
Don Bagley   Bass
Lawrence Brown   Brass
Paul Humphrey   Drums
Lee Katzman   Brass
Jerry Cole   Bass,Guitar
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Julius Wechter   Percussion
James Burton   Guitar
Larry Collins   Guitar
Sonny Curtis   Guitar
Nicky Hopkins   Musician
Carol Hunter   Guitar
Jack Nitzsche   Keyboards
Jim Gordon   Drums
Murray Adler   Strings
Victor Arno   Strings
Israel Baker   Strings
Hal Blaine   Drums
Earl Ball   Piano,Keyboards
Robert Barene   Strings
Greg Beck   Guitar
Arnold Belnick   Strings
Harold Bemko   Strings
Chuck Berghofer   Bass
Herb Bernstein   Conductor
Allan Beutler   Brass
Harry Bluestone   Strings
Norman Botnick   Strings
Dennis Budimir   Guitar
Roy Caton   Brass,Woodwind
Marion Childers   Brass,Woodwind
John Clauder   Percussion,Drums
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Mike Condello   Guitar
Jon Corneal   Drums
Mark Creamer   Guitar
Glen D. Hardin   Keyboards
Douglas Davis   Strings
Craig Doerge   Keyboards
Chuck Domanico   Bass
Assa Drori   Strings
Jesse Ehrlich   Strings
Alan Estes   Percussion
Virgil Evans   Brass
Henry Ferber   Strings
Donald Frost   Drums
Nathan Gershman   Strings
James Getzoff   Strings
Sam Goldstein   Drums
William Green   Brass,Woodwind
John Guerin   Drums
Suzi Jane Hokom   Interviewee
Jim Horn   Brass,Woodwind
William Hymanson   Strings
Gary Illingsworth   Keyboards
Norm Jeffries   Bass,Percussion,Drums
George Kast   Strings
Carol Kaye   Bass,Guitar
Glenn Keener   Guitar
Jerome Kessler   Strings
Lou Klass   Strings
Larry Knechtel   Bass,Keyboards
Carl LaMagna   Strings
Michael Lang   Keyboards
Don Lanier   Guitar
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Marvin Limonick   Strings
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Arthur Maebe   Brass
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Larry McGuire   Brass
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Harvey Newmark   Bass
John Nuese   Guitar
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Jim Parker   Guitar
Gene Pello   Drums
Bill Pitman   Bass,Guitar
Stanley Plummer   Strings
John Raines   Drums
Jerome Reisler   Strings
Michel Rubini   Keyboards
Ralph Schaeffer   Strings
Sid Sharp   Strings
Henry Sigismonti   Brass
Dalton Smith   Brass
Marshall Sosson   Strings
Jack Sperling   Drums
Robert Sushel   Strings
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Tony Terran   Brass
Darrel Terwilliger   Strings
Russ Titelman   Guitar
Arthur Wright   Guitar
Fred Zeufeldt   Drums
Bob Zimitti   Percussion
Vincent DeRosa   Brass
Jimmy Bond   Bass
Joseph DiFiore   Strings
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Greg Hart   Drums
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Randy Cierley   Guitar
Sidney Miller   Brass,Woodwind
Casey   Guitar
Joe Osborn   Bass
Joe Cannon   Guitar,Harmonica
Jim Helms   Guitar
George Bohanon   Trombone
Nina Lizell   cast
Dirt Lanier   Guitar
Bob West   Bass
Armand Kaproff   Strings
William Kurasch   Strings
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Technical Credits

Larry Cansler   Arranger
Gram Parsons   Composer
Don Randi   Arranger
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Keith Barbour   Instrumentation
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Jack Nitzsche   Arranger
Gene Page   Arranger
Jimmy Webb   Composer
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Jack Robinson   Producer
Clark Gassman   Arranger
Carl Belew   Composer
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Chuck Britz   Engineer
Capps   Arranger
Hank Cicalo   Engineer
Roy Durkee   Engineer
Bernard Estardy   Engineer
Jimmie Haskell   Arranger
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Traditional   Composer
Garth Johnson   Photo Restoration
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Sandusky   Producer
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Aggregation   Producer
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Torbjörn Axelman   Director,Producer,Writer
Mike Lietz   Engineer
Michael Gram   Producer
Bennet Perez   Photo Courtesy
Reb Foster   Producer
Neil Reisinger   Composer
Jean Peloquin   Composer

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