Theme Time Radio Hour: Season 2

Theme Time Radio Hour: Season 2


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Ace's two-CD collection of records played on the second season of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour series has 50 tracks that -- like the series itself -- cover an astonishingly wide range of high-quality music. True, although the chronology spans 1927 to 2004, it's definitely dominated by pre-1970 releases. It's also true that though it touches upon a lot of styles, there's definitely a pronounced leaning toward the more down-to-earth and rootsy sectors of American 20th century popular music. But while this particular goulash might not be to every radio listener's taste (let alone every CD collector's), it does offer quite an eclectic assortment of high-quality and, for the most part, not very well-known cuts. Indeed, the expanse surveyed is so wide it kind of defies summarization in a mere one- or two-paragraph review. After all, how many other compilations out there include material by James Brown, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Los Lobos, Nilsson, Loretta Lynn, Dionne Warwick, Porter Wagoner, Swamp Dogg, Lucinda Williams, Billie Holiday, Mose Allison, Miriam Makeba, Edith Piaf, and Desmond Dekker? Or genres encompassing mambo, free jazz, rockabilly, old-time folk, soul, Cajun, and numerous others? Although a few hits and classics sneak in (Warwick's "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," Wanda Jackson's rockabilly stormer "Let's Have a Party," Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday," Mose Allison's "Young Man's Blues"), usually these cuts are items that even collectors with big libraries don't likely own yet. Picking out highlights is a bit hopelessly daunting with such a diverse set. But certainly the hot jazz of Baron Lee & the Mills Blue Rhythm Band's "Reefer Man," Miriam Makeba's buoyant pre-exile bopper "Make Us One," and Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames' infectious calypso-jazz-R&B hybrid "I Come from Jamaica" (on which Clifford Brown made his recording debut) are, as just a few examples, top-rank items you're very unlikely to have heard unless you tuned in to one of Dylan's radio broadcasts during this series. They're also indicative of a tendency -- and hardly an objectionable one -- of Dylan to play pretty upbeat and witty stuff that is, on the whole, considerably more consistently effervescent than what he offers on his own recordings. You also have to wonder if he actually heard and/or selected all of the esoteric items here prior to the broadcasts -- had he ever, for instance, really listened to something like the moody mod of French singer Jacqueline Taïeb's 1968 single "7 Heures du Matin" before it was part of his radio series? Serious Dylan fanatics might be disappointed that these discs don't include his often witty spoken introductions. And while this is as wide-ranging and excitingly unpredictable as radio should be (and rarely is), its range is so wide that even some listeners with extremely catholic tastes might not find it too conducive for repeated listening. Those qualifications aside, however, this collection does undoubtedly contain a wealth of fine music, albeit often of the sort you wouldn't suspect Dylan to have in his private collection. Ace's customarily fine liner notes also add to the anthology's excellent balance between highly entertaining music and highly educational introductions to records of which you most likely weren't previously aware.

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Release Date: 09/22/2009
Label: Ace Records Uk
UPC: 0029667036221
catalogNumber: 1225
Rank: 32178


Disc 1

  1. Hello
  2. Open the Door (Ouvre La Porte)
  3. Let's Have a Party
  4. Three Hearts in a Tangle
  5. Changed the Locks
  6. There's a Fire
  7. Walkin' with Frankie
  8. 7 Heures du Matin
  9. A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac and Some Money)
  10. Jake Walk Blues
  11. Aged and Mellow (Blues)
  12. Sam Stone
  13. Danger Zone aka Crepe on Your Door
  14. The Cold Hard Facts of Life
  15. The Chicken
  16. Goodbye California
  17. My Walking Stick
  18. Do You Know the Way to San Jose
  19. Hunting Tigers out in Indiah (Yah)
  20. Fist City
  21. Walkin' Dr Bill aka Gotta Find My Baby
  22. Jump into the Fire
  23. One Hand Loose
  24. I Want Two Wings
  25. One Time, One Night

Disc 2

  1. First I Look at the Purse
  2. Rhode Island Is Famous for You
  3. Reefer Man
  4. Diamond Joe
  5. Make Us One
  6. She's Scattered Everywhere
  7. Cigareets, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women
  8. Tear-Stained Letter
  9. Sous le Ciel de Paris
  10. The Glory of Love
  11. Separation Line
  12. Gloomy Sunday
  13. Young Man's Blues
  14. Would You Believe It (I Have a Cold)
  15. I Come from Jamaica
  16. 007 (Shanty Town)
  17. Go Ahead and Burn
  18. Mambo del Pachuco
  19. Your Love Belongs Under a Rock
  20. One Bad Stud
  21. Rocket Nine Takes off for the Planet Venus
  22. Ice Cream for Crow
  23. Just One More Time
  24. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud Loud Music)
  25. With Arms Outstretched

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ricky Harper   Vocals
Red Ingle   Vocals
Raul Diaz   Vocals
Main Street Choral Society   Vocals
Teddy Wilson   Accordion

Technical Credits

Peter J. Clayton   Composer
Mississippi John Hurt   Composer
Johnny Otis   Composer
Bill Anderson   Composer
Loretta Lynn   Composer
Joe Maphis   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Lee Allen   Composer
Billy Bragg   Introduction
Bob Dylan   Contributor
Charlie Feathers   Composer
Kooper   Liner Notes
Harry Nilsson   Composer
John Prine   Composer
Lucinda Williams   Composer
Mose Allison   Composer
Buddy Johnson   Composer
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Jim Dawson   Liner Notes
Neil Innes   Liner Notes
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Preston Love   Composer
Mercy Dee Walton   Composer
Sonny Thompson   Composer
Andy Razaf   Composer
Roger Armstrong   Producer,Liner Notes,Label Design,Contribution
Homer Banks   Composer
Ralph Bass   Composer
Jerry Dammers   Liner Notes
Hal David   Composer
Max Decharne   Liner Notes
Howard Dietz   Composer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes
Eddie Gorodetsky   Producer
Adam Hebert   Composer
David Hidalgo   Composer
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Leslie Kong   Composer
Ben Mandelson   Label Design
Sun Ra   Composer
Jeff Rosen   Producer
Tony Russell   Liner Notes
Arthur Schwartz   Composer
Frankie Lee Sims   Composer
Huey "Piano" Smith   Composer
Susan Steward   Liner Notes
Mike Stoller   Composer
Don Van Vliet   Composer
Billy Vera   Liner Notes,Author
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Traditional   Composer
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Philippe Korpar Migrenne   Contribution
Steve Perrigo   Sheet Music
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