The Wisdom of Wolves: How Wolves Can Teach Us to Be More Human

The Wisdom of Wolves: How Wolves Can Teach Us to Be More Human

by Elli H. Radinger


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In this unforgettable book, wolf expert and naturalist Elli Radinger draws on her 25 years of first-hand experience among the wolves of Yellowstone National Park to tell us their remarkable stories. Wolves aren't wolfish. They can die of broken hearts, show tenderness to their young and elderly, and their packs are led by couples, with the key decisions made by females. They play, they pretend and they predate. They are more complex than we ever knew and more like us than we ever imagined. You'll meet Oh-Six, the she-wolf whose bold hunting technique astounded the most experienced biologists, Casanova who succeeded in luring his love away from her pack, and Druid alpha male 21, the magnanimous and compassionate leader. Ultimately, Radinger shows how much we can learn from these beautiful and mysterious creatures, and how much there is to gain from emulating the wisdom of wolves.

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ISBN-13: 9780241346730
Publisher: Penguin Random House UK
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Edition description: None
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 771,642
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About the Author

Elli H. Radinger is Germany's best-known expert on wolves. For 25 years she has spent a large part of every year observing wild wolves in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The Wisdom of Wolves is her first book.

Table of Contents

Introduction: How I Kissed a Wolf and Became Addicted 1

The Importance of Family: Why It's Important to Look After Those Entrusted to Us 11

Leadership on the Alpha Principle: You Don't Always Have to be the Boss 33

The Strength of Women: What Connects Women and Wolves 47

The Wisdom of Old Age: Why We Can't Do Without the Elderly 59

The Art of Communication: How a Shared Song Can Establish Trust 67

The Longing for Home: Why We Need a Place Where We Belong 77

I'm Off Then: On Going Away and Arriving 89

Almost Best Friends: How in Spite of All Your Differences You Can be a Perfect Team 101

Planning for Success - the Wolf Method: Why It's Important to Have a Plan 113

The Right Moment: Why Waiting Sometimes Brings Us Forward 131

The Game of Life: Why We Should Never Stop Playing 139

When Bad Things Happen to Good Wolves: Overcoming Fears of Loss and Surviving Bad Times 149

Let's Just Save the World: The Secret of an Intact Ecosystem 163

Wolf Medicine: How the Magic of Wolves Can Heal Us 173

Of Men and Wolves: A Difficult Relationship Between Love and Hate 189

Welcome Wolf: Living with Wolves in Germany 203

Epilogue: WWWD 219

Appendix: Tips for Wolf Tours in Yellowstone and Germany 225

Thanks 237

Sources 239

Picture Credits 244

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